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Title: Lortalamine  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Broxaterol, Mivazerol, Mabuterol, Zinterol, Cimaterol
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
Legal status
Routes Oral
Pharmacokinetic data
Half-life 5 hours
Excretion Renal (98%)
CAS number
ATC code None
Chemical data
Formula C15H17ClN2O2 
Mol. mass 292.76 g/mol

Lortalamine (LM-1404) is an antidepressant which was synthesized in the early 1980s.[1][2] It acts as a potent and highly selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.[3][4] Lortalamine was under development for clinical use but was shelved, likely due to the finding that it produced ocular toxicity in animals.[5][6] It has been used to label the norepinephrine transporter in positron emission tomography studies.[4][7][8]

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