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Los Angeles mayoral election, 1993

Los Angeles mayoral election, 1993

April 20, 1993 (1993-04-20) and June 8, 1993 (1993-06-08)

Candidate Richard Riordan Michael Woo
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 314,559 268,637
Percentage 53.94% 46.06%

Mayor before election

Tom Bradley

Elected Mayor

Richard Riordan

The 1993 election for Mayor of Los Angeles took place on April 20, 1993, with a run-off election on June 8, 1993. This was the first race in 64 years that an incumbent was not on the ballot. It marked the first time in 24 years that retiring Mayor Tom Bradley was not on the ballot, after five consecutive victories starting in 1973 (following a losing 1969 contest). Richard Riordan became the first Republican mayor in 36 years.


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Primary election

Los Angeles mayoral primary election, April 20, 1993[1][2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Richard Riordan 158,527 33.42%
Democratic Michael Woo 113,913 24.01%
Democratic Joel Wachs 52,221 11.01%
Democratic Richard Katz 46,163 9.73%
Independent Linda Griego 34,227 7.22%
Independent J. Stanley Sanders 20,077 4.23%
Democratic Nate Holden 16,166 3.41%
Independent Nick Patsaouras 8,352 1.76%
Democratic Julian Nava 6,705 1.41%
Independent Ernani Bernardi 4,735 1.00%
Independent Tom Houston 3,538 0.75%
Republican Ted Hayes 2,966 0.63%
Independent John Borunda 1,118 0.24%
Democratic Oscar Valdes 811 0.17%
Democratic Eileen Anderson 794 0.17%
Independent "Melrose" Larry Green 676 0.14%
Independent Adam Bregman 643 0.14%
Independent Randy Pavelko 638 0.13%
Independent Leonard Shapiro 554 0.12%
Independent Kim Allen 479 0.10%
Independent Michael A. Leptuch 335 0.07%
Independent Frank Teran 335 0.07%
Independent Douglas Carlton 201 0.04%
Independent Philip Ashamallah 192 0.04%
Total votes 474,366 100.00

General election

Los Angeles mayoral general election, June 8, 1993[2][3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Richard Riordan 314,559 53.94%
Democratic Michael Woo 268,137 46.06%
Total votes 582,696 100.00
Republican gain from Democratic Swing

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External links

  • Office of the City Clerk, City of Los Angeles
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