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Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference


Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference

Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference
Established 1990
Dissolved July 1, 1999
Association NCAA
Division Division II
Members 11 (original), 14 (final)
Sports fielded 1 (football) (men's: 1; women's: 0)
Region Great Lakes Region

The Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference (MIFC) was a football-only NCAA Division II Conference formed for the 1990 football season. The conference was formed as the result of a merger of the football only Heartland Football Conference and the football playing members of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC). The membership in the MIFC was a somewhat unstable occurrence with membership ranging from 11 members when it formed in 1990 to 14 members in the final 1998 season.

Membership history

The MIFC formed as a result of the merger of the Heartland Conference with the GLIAC football playing members prior to the 1990 football season. The conference started play in 1990 with the following members.

From the Heartland Conference: Saint Joseph's College, Ashland University, Valparaiso University, University of Indianapolis and Butler University.

From the GLIAC: Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Hillsdale College, Northern Michigan University, Saginaw Valley State University and Wayne State University.

Membership changes came quickly and often to the MIFC. The first change occurred after 1992 season when Butler and Valparaiso left and were replaced by Northwood University and the University of St. Francis for the 1993 season. The next change came in the 1994 season when Michigan Technological University joined the conference. The next change occurred after the 1995 season when St. Joseph's left the conference. The final membership change occurred in 1998 when the University of Findlay, Mercyhurst College, and Westminster College all joined the conference. St. Francis left the conference following the 1998 season and the MIFC was merged with the GLIAC and the GLIAC resumed sponsoring football starting with the 1999 season. When the MIFC ceased membership all members of the MIFC were all sports members of the GLIAC except Indianapolis who joined the GLIAC as a football only member of the GLIAC starting in 1999.

Membership timeline

DateFormat = yyyy ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:27 Period = from:1989 till:2001 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal PlotArea = right:30 left:0 bottom:50 top:12

Colors = id:barcolor value:rgb(0.99,0.7,0.7)

        id:line     value:black
        id:bg       value:white


 width:20 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:m
 bar:1 color:tan1 from:1989 till:1990 text:Heartland
 bar:1 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1993 text:Butler University (1990–1993)
 bar:1 color:dullyellow from:1993 till:end shift: (20,-5) text:Pioneer Football League (Division I-AA)
 bar:2 color:tan1 from:1989 till:1990 text:Heartland
 bar:2 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1993 text:Valparaiso University (1990–1993)
 bar:2 color:dullyellow from:1993 till:end shift: (20,-5) text:Pioneer Football League (Division I-AA)
 bar:3 color:tan1 from:1989 till:1990 text:Heartland
 bar:3 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1996 text:Saint Joseph's College (1990–1996)
 bar:3 color:limegreen from:1996 till:end text:Division II Independent
 bar:4 color:tan1 from:1989 till:1990 text:Heartland
 bar:4 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Ashland University (1990–1999)
 bar:4 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:5 color:tan1 from:1989 till:1990 text:Heartland
 bar:5 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:University of Indianapolis (1990–1999)
 bar:5 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:6 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:6 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Ferris State University (1990–1999)
 bar:6 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:7 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:7 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Grand Valley State University (1990–1999)
 bar:7 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:8 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:8 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Hillsdale College (1990–1999)
 bar:8 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:9 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:9 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Northern Michigan University (1990–1999)
 bar:9 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:10 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:10 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Saginaw Valley State University (1990–1999)
 bar:10 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:11 color:tan2 from:1989 till:1990 text:GLIAC
 bar:11 color:powderblue  from:1990 till:1999 text:Wayne State University (1990–1999)
 bar:11 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:12 color:drabgreen from:1989 till:1993 text:NAIA Independent
 bar:12 color:powderblue  from:1993 till:1999 text:University of St. Francis (1993–1999)
 bar:12 color:pink from:1999 till:end text:MSFA (NAIA)
 bar:13 color:limegreen from:1989 till:1993 text:Division II Independent
 bar:13 color:powderblue  from:1993 till:1999 text:Northwood University (1993–1999)
 bar:13 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:14 color:limegreen from:1989 till:1994 text:Division II Independent
 bar:14 color:powderblue  from:1994 till:1999 text:Michigan Technological University (1994–1999)
 bar:14 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:15 color:drabgreen from:1989 till:1993 text:Division III Independent
 bar:15 color:limegreen from:1993 till:1998 text:Division II Independent
 bar:15 color:powderblue  from:1998 till:1999 shift:(-132,-5) text:Mercyhurst College (1998–1999)
 bar:15 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:16 color:drabgreen from:1989 till:1994 text:NAIA Independent
 bar:16 color:pink from:1994 till:1998 text:MSFA (NAIA)
 bar:16 color:powderblue  from:1998 till:1999 shift:(-139,-5) text:University of Findlay (1998–1999)
 bar:16 color:tan2 from:1999 till:end text:GLIAC
 bar:17 color:drabgreen from:1989 till:1994 text:NAIA Independent
 bar:17 color:pink from:1994 till:1998 text:MSFA (NAIA)
 bar:17 color:powderblue  from:1998 till:1999 shift:(-140,-5) text:Westminster College (1998–1999)
 bar:17 color:tan2 from:1999 till:2000 text:GLIAC
 bar:17 color:drabgreen from:2000 till:end text:PAC (D-III)

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:1 start:1990

TextData =

  pos:(150,30) # tabs:(0-center)
  text:"Midwest Intercollegiate Football Conference Membership History"

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