Missouri's at-large congressional district

From the state's creation August 10, 1821 until the end of the 29th United States Congress (in 1847), and also for the 73rd Congress (1933-1935), Missouri elected its members of the United States House of Representatives at-large state-wide on a general ticket.

List of representatives

1821-1843: One seat, then two

Years Seat A Seat B
Representative Party Electoral history Representative Party Electoral history
August 10, 1821–
March 3, 1823
John Scott Democratic-
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
March 4, 1823–
March 3, 1825
March 4, 1825–
March 3, 1827
March 4, 1827–
March 3, 1829
Edward Bates Adams [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
March 4, 1829–
August 28, 1831
Spencer D. Pettis rowspan=2 style="background:" | Jacksonian Died
August 28. 1831–
October 31, 1831
October 31, 1831–
March 3, 1833
William H. Ashley rowspan=3 style="background:" | Jacksonian [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
March 4, 1833–
March 3, 1835
John Bull Anti-Jacksonian [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
March 4, 1835–
March 3, 1837
Albert G. Harrison style="background:" | Jacksonian Died
March 4, 1837–
September 7, 1839
John Miller Democratic [Data unknown/missing. You can help!] Democratic
September 7, 1839–
December 12, 1839
December 12, 1839–
March 3, 1841
John Jameson Democratic [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
March 4, 1841–
March 3, 1843
John C. Edwards Democratic [Data unknown/missing. You can help!]

1843-1847: Five seats

Congress All seats elected at-large on a general ticket
James B. Bowlin (D) John Jameson (D) James Hugh Relfe (D) Gustavus Miller Bower (D) James Madison Hughes (D)
Sterling Price (D) Leonard Henly Sims (D) John Smith Phelps (D)
William McDaniel (D)

1933-1935: Thirteen seats

Congress All seats elected at-large on a general ticket
1st seat 2nd seat 3rd seat 4th seat 5th seat 6th seat 7th seat 8th seat 9th seat 10th seat 11th seat 12th seat 13th seat
Milton A. Romjue (D) Ralph F. Lozier (D) Richard M. Duncan (D) Jacob L. Milligan (D) Joseph B. Shannon (D) Reuben T. Wood (D) Clement C. Dickinson (D) Clyde Williams (D) Clarence Cannon (D) Frank H. Lee (D) James Edward Ruffin (D) James Robert Claiborne (D) John J. Cochran (D)


  • Clerk of the House of Representatives
  • Congressional Biographical Directory of the United States 1774–present

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