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Montanan (magazine)

Editor-in-Chief John Heaney '02
Categories Alumni Magazine
Frequency Tri-yearly
Circulation 80,000
Publisher University of Montana
First issue 1983
Country United States
Language English
Website Montanan

The Montanan is the University of Montana's alumni magazine with a circulation of over 80,000, making it the largest circulating magazine from Montana. It is one of eleven publications of the University of Montana's University Relations published in its current state since 1983 though Montanan as a magazine has been published at the university since at least 1920.[1]

The magazine's goals are to inform its readers about accomplishments and advances at the University, as well as inspire loyalty that will keep alumni connected to UM throughout their lives.

Each issue is divided into four main sections:

  1. Features
  2. Around the Oval
  3. About Alumni
  4. Artifacts


  • Awards 1
  • Past Issues 2
    • 2010 2.1
    • 2009 2.2
    • 2008 2.3
    • 2007 2.4
    • 2006 2.5
    • 2005 2.6
    • 2004 2.7
    • 2003 2.8
    • 2002 2.9
    • 2001 2.10
    • 2000 2.11
    • 1999 2.12
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  • It is the University’s institutional magazine and won a Silver Award in the magazine category of the CASE District VIII competition. The magazine is edited by Joan Melcher of University Relations. A Montanan feature story on John Craighead, an internationally known scientist who spent 25 years in research at UM, won a CASE Bronze Award. Melcher also won a Merit Award in the Admissions Marketing Advertising Awards competition for copy writing in a Montanan ad.[2]
  • The Montanan won the 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award in the Most Improved Magazine category in the Association of Educational Publishers competition. Editor Joan Melcher led a year-long redesign effort that premiered with the fall 2004 issue of the magazine.In addition, the Montanan was named a finalist in two similar categories in competition sponsored by the Association of Western Publishers.[3]
  • Twenty-Fifth Annual Educational Advertising Awards
    • Merit Award for External Publication[4]

Other publications of the University of Montana's University relations include:

  • Main Hall to Main Street

Connecting Campus and Community

  • The President's Report

UM's annual report

  • Research View

Newsletter about UM research

  • Vision

Annual magazine dedicated to research and innovation

  • Montana's Agenda

Issues Shaping Our State

Past Issues


[Winter '10]

[Spring '10]

[Fall '10]


Winter '09

  • The State of Higher Education

by Jacob Baynham As the economy dips, more people of all ages are making the decision to return to higher education.

  • A Band for the Ages

by Ashley Zuelke In September 2008 the Alumni Band reunited to perform in UM’s annual Homecoming Parade for the twentieth time.

  • The Making of Meloy

by Nate Schweber The Decemberists’ frontman Colin Meloy ’98 shares his story of success, memories of Montana, and hopes to return to Big Sky Country—one day.

  • Learning Later

by Sharon Barrett In only its third year, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UM is enrolling a record number of students. As a result, it may receive $1 million in March 2009.

  • Artifacts

[Spring '09]

[Fall '09]


Winter '08

  • The State's Hidden Treasure

by Ginny Merriam More than 10,000 pieces of art valued at $17 million will soon find a permanent home at UM.

  • Young and Restless at UM

by Ginny Merriam More than 10,000 pieces of art valued at $17 million will soon find a permanent home at UM.

  • From Campus to Combat

by Alex Strickland A tale of three UM soldiers, including one man who has been to Iraq, one who is there now, and another who is about to leave for war.

  • Artifacts

Spring '08

  • Leaders in the Field

by Jim Robbins UM’s Wildlife Biology Program presents students with the opportunity to study the wild, in the wild.

  • Montana on Her Mind

by Patia Stephens Alum Susan Gibson penned the Dixie Chick’s smash hit single “Wide Open Spaces” while a student at UM.

  • Four Decades of Drama

by Ginny Merriam The history of The Montana Repertory Theatre is filled with stories from struggle to stardom, and of course, drama.

  • Artifacts

Fall '08

  • Guardians Of History

by Cary Shimek UM’s Archives and Special Collections houses many of UM’s most valuable treasures, including a leaf from a 1207 Koran, a book once owned by Adolf Hitler, and the Mike Mansfield and Frank Bird Linderman collections.

  • Stand By Your Fan

by Amy Joyner Amy Joyner—wife to one of Griz Nation’s most recognized “Superfans,” Jim Joyner—shares what it’s like to be married to an obsessed Grizman.

  • ‘Montana Mafia’ Makes Its Mark With Big Names And Bigger Plans

by Sherry Jones Multiple UM alums now work representing some of the biggest names in the music industry, making the self-proclaimed “Montana Mafia” a network to be reckoned with.

  • A Monumental Man

by Patia Stephens A new book by art Professor Hipólito Rafael Chacón discusses the legacy and impact of Missoula architect A.J. Gibson.

  • Artifacts


Winter '07

  • The Path to a Native American Center

by Jodi Rave UM looks to build a center for its Native American students and programs.

  • Start 'Em Up

by Joan Melcher The Rolling Stones take Missoula by storm.

  • That Guy

by Paddy MacDonald The writer trails actor J.K. Simmons on The Closer set.

  • Artifacts

Spring '07

  • In a New York Minute

by Patia Stephens Broadcast alum Meg Oliver shines in a national news anchor spot on CBS' Up To The Minute.

  • The Cutting Edge

by Ginny Merriam How UM, St. Patrick Hospital, and Dr. Carlos Duran forged a path to create the world-renowned International Heart Institute

  • UM's Edifice Complex

by Alex Strickland A new home for the School of Journalism and an addition to the Skaggs Building provide a change of landscape on campu

  • Artifacts

Fall '07

  • Coming Home

by Michael Moore College years are not enough for some grads who return to raise families, establish careers.

  • Finding Faustus

by Brianne Burrowes Honors college dean grabs international acclaim for discovering lost Coleridge work.

  • Runaway Bees

by Ginny Merriam UM bee scientists pursue mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder.


[Winter '06]

Spring '06

  • In Without Knocking

by Simone Ellis The legendary Mission Mountain Wood Band lives on.

  • Dig This

by Vince Devlin A UM anthropologist digs her way into the spotlight-without really trying.

  • Alumnus Profile

by James E. "Butch" Larcombe The story of a financial empire that had its beginnings in a master's thesis.

  • Artifacts

Fall '06

  • Here's the Beef
  • Where Challenge Meets the Road
  • When Speech Wasn't Free
  • Artifacts


Winter '05

  • Fifty Griz Greats

by Joan Melcher In Service to UM, Their State, Their Country, And The World

  • Giving Back

by Vince Devlin What personal giving does for the University

  • Artifacts

Spring '05

  • An Extraordinary Life

by Vince Devlin John J. Craighead's stories of research and life are woven into a tale of environmental greatness.

  • The Griz Lost, Not All at Once

by Tom Lutey If losing can be fun, this writer is the one to take you on the ride.

  • Tribal Power

by Beth Britton Three UM alumnae bring American Indian issues to the forefront in the Montana Legislature.

  • Artifacts

Fall '05

  • Nancy and her Wild Kingdom

by Megan McNamer A profile of a woman and her art: a life where the two are not easily separated

  • Pharmacy Rising: A Science to Success Story

by Chad Dundas Research is fueling a surprising resurgence at UM's pharmacy school.

  • Gone With the Road: Confessions of a Montana Travel Writer

by Caroline Patterson Traveling Montana is full of surprises; this writer takes you on a few of her wild rides.

  • Artifacts


Winter '04

  • Yellowstone in Winter

by William Kittredge Winter in the park is one of Montana's best-kept secrets. This noted Montana writer tells wh

  • Marc Racicot

by Erin P. Billings A UM alumnus talks about his friendship with a U.S. President and where it's taken him.

  • Volunteers in Time

by Louise Krumm A Peace Corps country director paints a picture of life de la campagne and the work of volunteers in Togo, Africa.

  • Friends of the Flying Fox

by Paddy MacDonald Two UM forestry students make a life in the forests of the Philippines, putting their knowledge and skills toward saving the flying fox.

  • Artifacts

Spring '04


by Patia Stephens Rising tuition, decreasing state funding, students graduating thousands of dollars in debt, deteriorating infrastructure on campuses nationwide: Something’s got to give. Or does it?

  • A Native Journey

by Ryan Newhouse A journalistic journey into the heart of UM's native plant garden.

  • A Moveable Montana

by Sanjay Talwani In a pair of pieces, two writers discover that a priority at Griz/Cat satellite parties is finding a Big Sky state of mind.

  • Hold the Lamé

by Paddy MacDonald

  • Beltway Bonding

by Sanjay Talwani

Fall '04

  • Jumping Out of Perfectly Good Airplanes

by Vince Devlin A smokejumpers’ reunion is replete with handshaking, storytelling, and Mann Gulch memories

  • Greenough

by Paddy MacDonald and contributors Readers share their memories of a park that grew up along with the University.

  • Emma, Bravo!

by Betsy Holmquist A profile of a remarkable woman who has been a role model for countless students as well as UM faculty and staff members.

  • Artifacts


Winter '03

  • Home Fires

by Paddy Macdonald A fire commander and UM forestry grad rallies Missoulians in the path of the Black Mountain fire with ‘Go Griz.’

  • How The West Was Scripted

by Bryan Di Salvatore The author takes a new look at The Virginian and finds the origins of many myths of the We

  • Saving 'Nocksum'

by Dan Oko UM alumna Christina Willis immerses herself in a culture in India's Darma Valley to help save an endangered language.

Spring '03

  • Being the Bear

by Tom Lutey Insights into the life of the best college mascot on the face of the earth.

  • In the Blood

by Paddy O’Connell MacDonald Talent, fun, and tenacity are central to three generations: A.B. Guthrie and offspring.

  • Home, Heart, and Education

by Joan Melcher A mother instills values and a search for excellence in her children and they in their

  • Family Tradition

by Gary Jahrig Playing football for the Grizzlies runs in their blood.

  • A Primary Source of Strength

by Patia Stephens UM and Montana are central to this wide-ranging family.

  • Blazing Trails

by Betsy Holmquist An energetic and successful woman provides inspiration for her children and grandchildren.

  • [Artifacts]

Fall '03

  • Politics as Unusual

by Joan Melcher Garry South, a UM student body president in the '70's, tells how he's used his education to become one of the nation's top political strategists.

  • Breathless Dreaming

by Tom Lutey A true adventure story, complete with near misses and high drama, that peaks with a UM freshman becoming the youngest American to scale Mount Everest.

  • Clearing the Air

by Daniel Berger A reporter and photographer visit Libby, Montana, to learn how its residents are coping with the fallout of a corporate coverup and how UM is helping in the recovery.


Winter '02

  • Swallowing Dreams Whole

by Jodi Werner Alumna Kellie Wells is racking up writing awards for her Midwestern magical-realism.

  • Jazz Moves

by Megan McNamer UM's Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival spurs this writer to muse about music in our lives.

  • Exploring the Explorers

by Daniel Botkin A naturalist's view of important contributions of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark-not only in what they did, but how they did it.

  • The Core of Discovery

by Harry Fritz Could the Missoula Valley really be the center of the Lewis and Clark expedition? Professor Fritz tries to convince you of that in this entertaining article.

Summer '02

  • Doing it

by Courtney Lowery UM takes a giant leap from the Schreiber Gym to a new recreation center.

  • Man on the Move

by Paddy O'Connell MacDonald A day in the life of the ubiquitous Umberto Benedetti, one of the University's most ardent and interesting supporter

  • The Griz & the Glory

Notes from a reporter who followed the Grizzlies to their second national championship.

  • Into the Horizon: Theodore Waddell, 1960-2000

A look at the mind, motivations, and work of a Montana artist.

Fall '02

  • A Teacher They'll Never Forget

Betsy Holmquist Helena's Judy Harding hones her history and teaching skills for Frontier House students and brings families together in the process.

  • On the Banks of the River of Awe

by Caroline Patterson This writer's great-grandfather described Missoula in 1900 as a "place for the whole crowd to come and cut out all worrying." Is it still? Caroline Patterson takes readers through decades of growth and change.

  • Missoula Now and Then

by Bryan di Salvatore The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bryan di Salvatore does a little meditation on the forest and the trees, the now and then of Missoula, and finds he can see the forest and the trees from his vantage point of thirty years.


Winter '01

  • John Kuglin: Hi-Tech Guru

by Gary Jahrig From a grade school classroom to national recognition, UM's John Kuglin is blazing Internet trails.

  • Managing The Mountain

by Kerry Thomson There's a method to the madness of those trying to rid Mount Sentinel of noxious weeds.

  • Teachers Who Change Lives

Illustrations by Mike Egeler UM alumni laud their favorite professors.

Spring '01

  • Political Prodigy

by Lynn Solomon UM sophomore Jesse Laslovich decides a 20-year-old's place is in the Montana Legislature

  • Championship Game

by Todd Goodrich and Cary Shimek UM photographers paint a picture of a game with operatic highs and lows.

  • Back Roads Fever

by Patia Stephens Take a walk on the wild side with Backroads of Montana.

  • Your Average Joe

by Cary Shimek The Grizzlies' coach is a master at using the "average" to achieve the extraordinary.

  • I've Seen Fire And I've Seen Rain

by Gary Jahrig EOS researchers are mapping the world with software developed at UM.

Fall '01

  • Leaving Life in the Parking Lot

by Tom Lutey A Griz fan explores the depths of his fanaticism.

  • Where is the Parking Lot?

by Megan McNamer A would-be fan discovers sports-types speak a different language.

  • Fighting the World's Fight

by Caroline Lupfer-Kurtz UM's Rhodes scholars bring the University honor while using their talents to better the world.

  • Diva in Her Own Right

by Patia Stephens A serious accident and illness have barely slowed down UM's master voice teacher, Esther England.


Winter '00

  • A Shiny New Den For The Grizzlies

by Cary Shimek The renovated Adams Center has something for everyone.

  • UM Researchers, Global Problems

by Caroline Lupfer Kurtz and Kim Anderson From HIV to global warming—UM researchers seek answers to problems of the next millennium.

  • In The Beginning

A photo essay portrays the partnership of UM and Missoula through a century.

  • Of Politics, Presidents And Bulldozers

by Harry Fritz The first hundred years: Universities can be funny places

Spring '00

  • Smokin'

by Jodi Allison-Bunnell You probably never knew that UM once had a forestry lookout tower.

  • The Last Best Good Story

by Joyce Brusin Irene Evers' last good story was told after her death and UM is the beneficiary

  • Not Your Father's Generation

by Kevin Van Valkenburg Roll over, Bob Dylan: A new generation finds its voi

  • Hooked On Teaching

by Jocelyn Siler Good teachers don't just happen; they're called to the professio

  • Bucking Trends

by Terry Brenner UM students dare to be different

  • Dreams

by Daniel Vichorek A group of Montanans pursue knowledge and adventure in another world.

  • C'est Missoula Vie

by Patia Stephens Missoula's February is jazzed up with music, readings and a French connection.

Fall '00

  • Notes From Wall Street

by James "Butch" Larcombe A prize-winning journalist talks about his move from ink to cyberspace.

  • Start-Up Savvy

by Ken Picard Montana has been slow out of the gate in high-tech endeavors, but a few UM alumni are trying to reverse that trend.

  • Campus Clues

UM's campus holds many architectural delights: Can you identify them?

  • Saving Virginia City

by Joan Melcher The past and the present share the stage in Virginia City.

  • [Artifacts]


Fall '99

  • Keeping the Student Body Fit

by Dan Oko UM students commit to a more physical life with a vote for a new recreation center.

  • Harvest Moon

by Patia Stephens Troubled teens learn life's lessons while tending livestock on Montana's Hi-Line

  • Corridors of the Mind

by Caroline Lupfer Kurtz Like the central nervous system, neuroscience research at UM branches out in many directions and includes many disciplines

  • The Human Side of Medicine

by Cary Shimek The Institute for Medicine and Humanities finds the human face of health care.

  • Divine Women

by Kim Anderson Professor Paul Dietrich discusses the writings of women mystics of the Middle Ages.

  • Yearning for Something More

by Patrick Hutchins Diversity of religious practice is a key theme among today's students.



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