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NASDAQ OMX Vilnius headquarters.

The NASDAQ OMX Vilnius is a stock exchange established in 1993 (Vilnius Stock Exchange, VSE) operating in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group, which also operates Helsinki Stock Exchange and Stockholm Stock Exchange.

VSE, together with Riga Stock Exchange and Tallinn Stock Exchange is part of the joint Baltic market that was established to minimize investing barriers between Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets. It has a pre-market session from 08:45am to 10:00am, a normal trading session from 10:00am to 04:00pm and post-market session from 04:00pm to 04:30pm.[1] As of August 8, 2013, Market capitalization of Vilnius stock exchange equities was 2.8 billion euro, and 1.9 billion euro of bonds list [2].


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Company Ticker P/E Volume in
Jan-Oct 2010,
Market cap
31 Oct 2010,
Alita AGP1L 70,163 4,325,355
Amber Grid AMG1L 30.83
Anykščių vynas ANK1L 85.25 73,674 5,117,294
Apranga APG1L 12.65 11,433,422 89,676,488
Agrowill Group AVG1L 22.95
City Service CTS1L 7.41 14,502,886 86,513,699
Dvarčionių keramika DKR1L neg. 4,259 4,590,111
Grigiškės GRG1L 12.16 3,041,366 46,918,443
Gubernija GUB1L neg. 60,172 3,199,009
INVL Baltic Farmland INL1L
INVL Baltic Real Estate INR1L
INVL Technology INC1L
Invalda LT IVL1L 10.76 4,955,506 94,258,711
Kauno energija KNR1L neg. 48,000 14,098,038
Klaipėdos baldai KBL1L 15.32 155,132 8,277,946
Klaipėdos nafta KNF1L 12.72 4,531,154 192,157,091
Lietuvos dujos LDJ1L 10.83 4,336,191 311,100,066
Lietuvos jūrų laivininkystė LJL1L neg. 2,556,926 17,455,511
Limarko laivininkystės kompanija LLK1L neg. 1,091,543 17,059,804
Linas LNS1L neg. 614,502 2,645,626
Linas Agro Group LNA1L 8.33 10,722,344 87,461,410
Lietuvos energija gamyba LNR1L 12.30
Panevėžio statybos trestas PTR1L 16.87 6,122,845 25,617,904
Pieno žvaigždės PZV1L 57.22 3,082,852 79,279,254
Rokiškio sūris RSU1L 6.70 3,724,010 58,678,346
Šiaulių bankas SAB1L 10.20 3,414,311 67,043,852
Snaigė SNG1L neg. 8,017,242 8,990,695
TEO LT TEO1L 14.65 35,463,671 524,207,839
Utenos trikotažas UTR1L neg. 216,111 7,582,676
Vilkiškių pieninė VLP1L 5.79 1,331,648 14,458,335
Vilniaus baldai VBL1L 11.79 810,297 34,767,953
Vilniaus degtinė VDG1L 104.21 41,405 10,886,522
Žemaitijos pienas ZMP1L 5.50 2,743,477 26,759,804

Companies formerly listed on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius


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