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Netherlands national baseball team

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Title: Netherlands national baseball team  
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Subject: European Baseball Championship, 2009 World Baseball Classic, 2011 Baseball World Cup, Haarlem Baseball Week, 2009 Baseball World Cup
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Netherlands national baseball team

Netherlands national baseball team
Country Kingdom of the Netherlands
Federation KNBSB
Confederation CEB
Manager Hensley Meulens
IBAF World Rank 5th
Netherlands' national baseball uniform
World Baseball Classic
Appearances 3 (First in 2006)
Best result 4th (1 time, in 2013)
Olympic Games
Appearances 4 (First in 1996)
Best result 5th (2 times, most recent in 2000)
World Cup
Appearances 17 (First in 1970)
Best result 1st (1 time, in 2011)
Intercontinental Cup
Appearances 5 (First in 1983)
Best result 2nd (2 times, most recent in 2010)
European Championship
Appearances 30 (First in 1956)
Best result 1st (21 times, most recent in 2014)

The Netherlands national baseball team is the national baseball team of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, representing the country in international men's baseball. They are currently ranked as the best team in the European Union, and the team is also ranked fifth place in the IBAF World Rankings.

The Netherlands participated in the Summer Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. The team has also participated in both of the other major international baseball tournaments recognised by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF): the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the Baseball World Cup. In 2011, the team won the World Cup after beating 25-time champion Cuba in the finals.

The team is controlled by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond, which is represented in the Confederation of European Baseball. The Netherlands competed in the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

The team is most often made up from players not from the Netherlands in Europe but of foreigners of Dutch descent or of residents of Dutch territories in the Caribbean such as the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, where baseball is extremely popular. Although a number of players have come from the Netherlands proper, the sport only commands a niche following in that region.

Tournament record

World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic
Tournament Results
Puerto Rico 2006 11th
Puerto Rico / United States 2009 7th
Taiwan / Japan / United States 2013 4th
Medal Tally

The Netherlands has competed in all three of the World Baseball Classic tournaments held. All sixteen teams that played in the 2006 edition were invited to compete in the second in 2009. The team was an automatic qualifier for the 2013 tournament.

The Netherlands has progressed to the second round of competition in 2009, and achieved its highest finish, 4th, in the 2013 tournament. Unusual for international competition in baseball, the squads selected in the World Baseball Classic tournaments featured players active in Major League Baseball in addition to Minor League, Nippon Professional Baseball and local players. Generally players in the Major Leagues are unavailable due to their contracts with the respective clubs.

The Netherlands team in the World Baseball Classic has featured Major Leaguers Andruw Jones (2006, 2013), Sidney Ponson (2009 only), and Randall Simon (both), as well as then-future Major Leaguers Jair Jurrjens (2006 only) and Kenley Jansen (2009, 2013).

World Baseball Classic record Qualification record
Year Host(s) Round Position W L RS RA Host W L RS RA
2006 Puerto Rico Round 1 11th 1 2 15 19 No qualifiers held
2009 Puerto Rico United States Round 2 7th 2 4 10 23 No qualifiers held
2013 Taiwan Japan United States Semifinals 4th 4 4 36 47 Top 12, 2009 World Baseball Classic
2017 Top 12, 2013 World Baseball Classic
Total 3/3 7 10 61 89 0/1 - - - -
Classic Record by Opponent
Opponent Tournaments
Largest victory Largest defeat Current
Score Tournament Score Tournament
 Australia 1 1–0 4–1 Taiwan 2013 W1
 Chinese Taipei 1 0–1 3–8 Taiwan 2013 L1
 Cuba 2 2–1 6–2 Japan 2013 2–11 Puerto Rico 2006 W2
 Dominican Republic 2 2–1 3–2 Puerto Rico 2009 1–4 United States 2013 L1
 Japan 1 0–2 4–16 (F/7) Japan 2013 L2
 Panama 1 1–0 10–0 (F/7) Puerto Rico 2006 W1
 Puerto Rico 2 0–3 3–8 Puerto Rico 2006 L3
 South Korea 1 1–0 5–0 Taiwan 2013 W1
 United States 1 0–1 3–9 United States 2009 L1
 Venezuela 1 0–1 1–3 United States 2009 L1
Overall 3 7–10 Against  PAN Against  JPN L2
10–0 (F/7) Puerto Rico 2006 4–16 (F/7) Japan 2013


Prior to the 2006 World Baseball Classic, the Netherlands played four exhibition games. They lost two games, against a college team from the University of Tampa and an Atlanta Braves squad at Cracker Jack Stadium in Kissimmee.

The Netherlands competed in Pool C—along with world champion Cuba, Panama and Puerto Rico—in the first round at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Having failed to win against Cuba and Puerto Rico in their round-robin pool games, they finished third in their pool, and were eliminated along with Panama.


Prior to the 2009 World Baseball Classic, the Netherlands played seven exhibition games, including three games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds and Minnesota Twins. The Netherlands team lost all three games against these MLB opponents.

The Netherlands competed in Pool D, along with 2006 WBC semi-finalist Dominican Republic, Panama, and Puerto Rico, in the first round at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The team impressed many, winning both games against the strong Dominican Republic team. As result, the team made it through the first double-elimination round along with Puerto Rico.

In the second round the Dutch lost both their games against Venezuela and the United States. Therefore, the team was eliminated and finished 7th in the final standings.


The Netherlands competed in Pool B against Chinese Taipei, South Korea and Australia at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taichung, Taiwan. The Dutch team won their first game against South Korea 5-0, but lost to the Chinese Taipei 8-3. However, the Netherlands win against Australia 4-1, thus securing their position for Round 1 in Tokyo Dome to face off Japan and Cuba.

The Dutch team single-handedly win against the Cuban team 6-2 before facing off against two-time defending champions Japan and earned a humiliating loss 16-4 at the end of 7th inning due to mercy rule as they face off against Cuba once again. They narrowly clinched their win against the Cuban team 7-6 to secure their position to the semi-finals when they lose against the Japanese team again 10-6 for the Dutch team to face off against the Dominican Republic where they lose 4-1. The Netherlands, having significant improvement from two previous World Baseball Classic games, finished 4th overall, despite missing out its ever first WBC medal.


Baseball at the Olympics
Seoul, 1988 5th
Medal Event
Barcelona, 1992 DNQ
Atlanta, 1996 5th
Sydney, 2000 5th
Athens, 2004 6th
Beijing, 2008 7th
Summer Olympics record Qualification
Year Host Round Position W L RS RA
1988 South Korea Preliminary 5th (tied) [1] 1 2 11 14 1987 European Baseball Championship
1992 Spain Did not qualify 1991 European Baseball Championship
1996 United States Preliminary 5th 2 5 32 76 1995 European Baseball Championship
2000 Australia Preliminary 5th 3 4 18 30 1999 European Baseball Championship
2004 Greece Preliminary 6th 2 5 29 55 2003 European Baseball Championship
2008 People's Republic of China Preliminary 7th 1 6 9 50 2007 European Baseball Championship
Total [2] 4/5 11 20 88 211
  1. ^ No medals awarded; baseball was a demonstration sport in 1988
  2. ^ Totals only include years 1992 to 2008, during which baseball was an official medal sport.

The Dutch best finish in an Olympics is fifth place, which they did in both 1996 & 2000. The first time the Netherlands participated in the baseball tournament at the Summer Olympics was in 1988. Netherlands finished with a 1-2 record, with its only victory coming against Chinese Taipei. There was no official placing as Baseball at the 1988 Summer Olympics was a demonstration sport.

Olympics Record by Opponent
Opponent Tournaments
Largest victory Largest defeat Current
Score Tournament Score Tournament
 Australia 3 2–1 16–6 (F/8) United States 1996 22–2 (F/7) Greece 2004 L1
 Canada 2 0–2 7–0 Greece 2004 L2
 China 1 1–0 6–4 People's Republic of China 2008 W1
 Chinese Taipei 3 1–2 6–1 Korea 1988 16–0 People's Republic of China 2008 L2
 Cuba 4 1–3 4–2 Australia 2000 18–2 (F/7) United States 1996 L2
 Greece 1 1–0 11–0 Greece 2004 W1
 Italy 3 3–0 10–4 Greece 2004 W3
 Japan 5 0–5 12–2 (F/7) United States 1996 L5
 Nicaragua 1 0–1 5–0 United States 1996 L1
 Puerto Rico 1 0–1 7–4 Korea 1988 L1
 South Africa 1 0–1 3–2 Australia 2000 L1
 South Korea 3 0–3 10–0 People's Republic of China 2008 L3
 United States 3 0–3 17–1 (F/7) United States 1996 L3
Overall 5 9–22 Against  AUS Against  AUS L3
16–6 (F/8) United States 1996 22–2 (F/7) Greece 2004

Baseball World Cup

The Dutch best finish in the International Baseball Federation's (IBAF) World Cup has been the first place, which they did in 2011. Netherlands also hosted the games twice, in 1986 and in 2005. In 2009, the Netherlands was one of the 8 European nations to host the 2009 Baseball World Cup. It marked the first time in history the World Cup was not be hosted by a certain country, but rather a whole continent.

Baseball World Cup
Amateur World Series
Colombia, 1970 12th
Cuba, 1973 7th
Colombia, 1976 11th
Italy, 1978 7th
Japan, 1980 12th
South Korea, 1982 6th
Cuba, 1984 13th
Netherlands, 1986 9th
World Cup
Italy, 1988 10th
Canada, 1990 9th
Nicaragua, 1994 10th
Italy, 1998 6th
Taiwan, 2001 7th
Cuba, 2003 9th
Netherlands, 2005 4th
Taiwan, 2007 4th
Europe, 2009 6th
Panama, 2011 1st
World Cup record by opponent(since 1998)[1]
Opponent Tournaments
Largest victory Largest defeat Current
Score Tournament Score Tournament
 Australia 5 2–4 6–0 Taiwan 2001 4–1 Italy 2009 W1
 Brazil 2 1–1 7–0 Netherlands 2005 2–1 Cuba 2003 W1
 Canada 6 3–3 7–3 Netherlands 2005 11–5 Italy 2009 L3
 China 2 2–0 13–3 (F/8) Netherlands 2005 W2
 Chinese Taipei 5 3–2 11–2 Italy 2009 12–6 Italy 1998 W3
 Cuba 6 3–4 4–1 (F/7) Panama 2011 12–1 (F/7) Italy 1998 W2
 Dominican Republic 2 2–0 7–3 Taiwan 2001 W2
 Germany 1 1–0 15–5 (F/8) Taiwan 2007 W1
 Great Britain 1 1–0 6–0 Netherlands 2009 W1
 Greece 1 1–0 19–0 (F/5) Panama 2011 W1
 France 1 1–0 12–0 (F/7) Cuba 2003 W1
 Japan 5 1–4 5–2 Panama 2011 12–2 (F/7) Cuba 2003 W1
 Mexico 1 1–0 6–3 Cuba 2003 W1
 Nicaragua 2 1–1 8–4 Netherlands 2009 13–2 Italy 1998 W1
 Panama 4 2–4 9–5 Netherlands 2005 5–0 Taiwan 2001 W1
 Philippines 1 1–0 6–0 Taiwan 2001 W1
 Puerto Rico 3 3–0 10–0 (F/8) Netherlands 2005 W3
 Russia 2 2–0 18–0 (F/7) Taiwan 2001 W2
 South Africa 1 1–0 20–2 (F/7) Netherlands 2005 W1
 South Korea 5 4–2 6–2 Netherlands 2005 7–0 Netherlands 2005 W3
 Spain 1 1–0 10–5 Netherlands 2009 W1
 Sweden 1 1–0 18–0 (F/8) Netherlands 2005 W1
 Thailand 1 1–0 16–0 (F/7) Taiwan 2007 W1
 United States 4 2–2 7–5 Panama 2011 8–2 Italy 2009 W1
 Venezuela 3 3–0 12–2 (F/7) Panama 2011 W3
Overall 7 44 – 27 Against  GRE Against  CUB W6
19 – 0 (F/5) Panama 2011 12 – 1 (F/7) Italy 1998

Other tournament results

Intercontinental Cup
Haarlemse Honkbalweek
World Port Tournament
European Baseball Championship
World Junior Baseball Championship
European Junior Baseball Championship
World Youth Baseball Championship
European Youth Baseball Championship


The Dutch Caribbean has very strong baseball traditions. A team from Willemstad, Curaçao called the "Curaçao Yankees" won the 2004 Little League World Series and was runner-up in 2005. Each territory has its own baseball federation and in the past, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba have fielded its own team in international competitions. In recent years, however, players from the Dutch Caribbean have played on the national team of the Netherlands itself, alongside players from continental Europe and a handful of Americans of Dutch descent, resulting in a team with a stronger concentration of talent. Since 2013 World Baseball Classic the Netherlands participating as Kingdom of the Netherlands because of the big influence of the Dutch Caribbean.

The following is the Netherlands 2013 World Baseball Classic squad.

2013 World Baseball Classic

Hensley Meulens
Bert Blyleven, Brian Farley, Steve Janssen, Wim Martinus, Tjerk Smeets, Ben Thijssen
Player No. Pos. DOB and age Team League
Balentina, JohnnyJohnny Balentina 29 P (1971-08-08)August 8, 1971 (aged 41)
Bergman, DavidDavid Bergman 47 P (1981-08-16)August 16, 1981 (aged 31) Kinheim Haarlem Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Boyd, LeonLeon Boyd 55 P (1983-08-30)August 30, 1983 (aged 29) DOOR Neptunus Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Cordemans, RobbieRobbie Cordemans 19 P (1974-10-31)October 31, 1974 (aged 38) Washington Nationals (minors) Major League Baseball
Driel, Berry vanBerry van Driel 3 P (1984-12-26)December 26, 1984 (aged 28) DOOR Neptunus Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Heijstek, KevinKevin Heijstek 13 P (1988-04-19)April 19, 1988 (aged 24) DOOR Neptunus Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Isenia, JonatanJonatan Isenia 7 P (1993-03-31)March 31, 1993 (aged 19) Baltimore Orioles (minors) Major League Baseball
Markwell, DiegomarDiegomar Markwell 36 P (1980-08-07)August 7, 1980 (aged 32) DOOR Neptunus Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Martis, ShaironShairon Martis 39 P (1987-03-30)March 30, 1987 (aged 25) Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball
Mil, Loek vanLoek van Mil 51 P (1984-09-15)September 15, 1984 (aged 28) Cincinnati Reds (minors) Major League Baseball
Pawelek, MarkMark Pawelek 96 P (1986-08-18)August 18, 1986 (aged 26)
Stuifbergen, TomTom Stuifbergen 26 P (1988-09-26)September 26, 1988 (aged 24) Minnesota Twins (minors) Major League Baseball
Yntema, OrlandoOrlando Yntema 40 P (1986-02-21)February 21, 1986 (aged 27) UVV Utrecht Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Nooij, SebastiaanSebastiaan Nooij 5 C (1987-11-26)November 26, 1987 (aged 25) L&D Amsterdam Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Ricardo, DashenkoDashenko Ricardo 21 C (1990-03-01)March 1, 1990 (aged 23)
Bogaerts, XanderXander Bogaerts 1 IF (1992-10-01)October 1, 1992 (aged 20) Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball
DeCaster, YurendellYurendell DeCaster 22 IF (1979-09-26)September 26, 1979 (aged 33) Winnipeg Goldeyes American Association
Cuba, Quintin deQuintin de Cuba 23 IF (1987-09-09)September 9, 1987 (aged 25) Kinheim Haarlem Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Schoop, JonathanJonathan Schoop 46 IF (1991-10-16)October 16, 1991 (aged 21) Baltimore Orioles (minors) Major League Baseball
Simmons, AndreltonAndrelton Simmons 9 IF (1989-09-04)September 4, 1989 (aged 23) Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball
Smith, CurtCurt Smith 18 IF (1986-09-09)September 9, 1986 (aged 26)
Statia, HainleyHainley Statia 16 IF (1986-01-19)January 19, 1986 (aged 27) Milwaukee Brewers (minors) Major League Baseball
Balentien, WladimirWladimir Balentien 4 OF (1984-07-02)July 2, 1984 (aged 28) Tokyo Yakult Swallows Nippon Professional Baseball
Bernadina, RogerRoger Bernadina 2 OF (1984-06-12)June 12, 1984 (aged 28) Washington Nationals Major League Baseball
Duursma, MichaelMichael Duursma 8 OF (1978-02-26)February 26, 1978 (aged 35) L&D Amsterdam Honkbal Hoofdklasse
Jones, AndruwAndruw Jones 25 OF (1977-04-23)April 23, 1977 (aged 35) Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Nippon Professional Baseball
Oduber, RandolphRandolph Oduber 14 OF (1989-03-18)March 18, 1989 (aged 23) Washington Nationals (minors) Major League Baseball
Sams, KalianKalian Sams 12 OF (1986-08-25)August 25, 1986 (aged 26) Seattle Mariners (minors) Major League Baseball

The following players made up the Dutch team for the 2011 Baseball World Cup, held in October 2011.[2]

Team members are mostly from the Netherlands or overseas territories with a few non-Dutch players:

  • Boyd is from Canada and has Dutch ancestry
  • Yntema is from the Dominican Republic and has Dutch citizenship

Coaches Farley (USA) and Janssen (Belgium) have some involvement with baseball teams in the Netherlands.

2011 Baseball World Cup

World ranking

In January 2009 the International Baseball Federation created a ranking system so that the nations involved in international competition could be compared independently. Teams receive points based on the position they finish at the end of tournaments. The system takes into account results not only of the senior men's teams but also of junior teams. Weightings that emphasise the importance of certain tournaments are based on the number of teams competing, the number of continents represented (or eligible to be represented), and in the case of continental tournaments such as the European Baseball Championship the relative strength of teams eligible. Only results within the previous four years are used, so points are added and removed over time. Since the system began, the rankings have been adjusted after the completion of tournaments qualifying for the ranking process; the most recent was the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

Since September 18, 2012 the Netherlands are listed at 6th position.

Tournament Tournament
Ranking Points Position Above Position Below
Rank Team Points Difference Rank Team Points Difference
13 January 2009[3] 2008 Summer Olympics* 7th 6th 336.57 5th  Chinese Taipei +121.93 7th  Canada -74.38
24 March 2009[4] 2009 World Baseball Classic 7th 6th 382.57 5th  Chinese Taipei +89.25 7th  Mexico -102.32
12 August 2009**[5] 2009 World Port Tournament 2nd 6th 412.57 5th  Chinese Taipei +179.25 7th  Mexico -109.82
19 October 2009**[6] 2009 World Youth Baseball Championship 8th 6th 405.33 5th  Chinese Taipei +156.30 7th  Canada -45.14
2009 Baseball World Cup 6th
6 December 2010**[7] 2010 Haarlem Baseball Week 1st 6th 374.51 5th  Chinese Taipei +149.85 7th  Venezuela -22.20
2010 European Baseball Championship 2nd
2010 World Junior Baseball Championship 6th
2010 Intercontinental Cup 2nd
31 October 2011** 2011 World Port Tournament 3rd 5th 483.51 4th  Japan +172.91 6th  Canada -24.68
2011 Baseball World Cup 1st
18 September 2012** 2012 Haarlem Baseball Week 4th 6th 476.76 5th  Canada +8.24 7th  Venezuela -17.13
2012 18U Baseball World Championship 11th
2012 European Baseball Championship 2nd
20 March 2013** 2013 World Port Tournament 2nd 5th 497.76 4th  Chinese Taipei +44.03 6th  Canada -5.74
2013 World Baseball Classic 4th
* When the rankings were first released, the 2008 Summer Olympics was the most recent tournament completed by the Netherlands that had any bearing on the rankings themselves.
** Multiple tournaments were held since the previous release of the rankings.

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