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President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg

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Title: President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg  
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Subject: Jean Spautz, Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourg), Jean Asselborn, Joseph Bech, Victor Bodson, Victor de Tornaco, Emmanuel Servais, Émile Reuter, German occupation of Luxembourg in World War I
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President of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg

The President of the Chamber of Deputies (Luxembourgish: Chamberpresidenten, French: Président de la Chambre des Députés, German: Präsident der Abgeordnetenkammer) is the presiding officer in Luxembourg's unicameral national legislature, the Chamber of Deputies.

Note that, during recess, the chamber does not have a president. However, for continuity purposes, unless the president changes between one parliamentary session and another, the presidency is treated as though it is held continuously.

Name Party Start date End date
Charles Metz 1848 1853
Théodore Pescatore (first time) 1853 1855
Baron de Tornaco (first time) 1855 1856
Jean-Mathias Wellenstein 1857 1858
Jean-Pierre Toutsch (first time) 1858 1859
Baron de Tornaco (second time) 1859 1860
Norbert Metz 1860 1861
Théodore Pescatore (second time) 1861 1866
Michel Witry 1866 1867
Jean-Pierre Toutsch (second time) 1867 1869
Paul de Scherff 1869 1872
Baron de Blochausen / Jean-Pierre Foehr 1872 1873
Baron de Blochausen / Jean-Pierre Foehr 1873 1874
Baron de Blochausen / Jean-Pierre Foehr 1874 1875
Jacques Gustave Lessel 1875 1886
Zénon de Muyser 1886 1887
Emmanuel Servais 1887 1890
Théodore Willibrord de Wacquant 1890 1896
Charles-Jean Simons 1896 1905
Auguste Laval 1905 1915
Edouard Hemmer 1915 1917
François Altwies PD 1917 1925
René Blum PS 1925 1926
Émile Reuter (first time) PD 1926 20 October 1944[1]
Nicolas Wirtgen[2] CSV 6 December 1944 1945
Émile Reuter (second time) CSV 1945 1958
Joseph Bech CSV 1959 1964
Victor Bodson LSAP 1964 1967
Romain Fandel LSAP 1967 1969
Pierre Grégoire CSV 1969 1974
Antoine Wehenkel LSAP 1974 1975
René Van Den Bulcke LSAP 1975 1979
Léon Bollendorff CSV 1979 1989
Erna Hennicot-Schoepges CSV 1989 1995
Jean Spautz CSV 1995 2004
Jean Asselborn (extraordinary session) LSAP 13 July 2004 30 July 2004
Lucien Weiler CSV 30 July 2004 7 June 2009
Laurent Mosar CSV 28 July 2009 Present day

In addition, there were four extraordinary sessions, for which the Presidents were selected by virtue of being the oldest members. In these cases, the Presidents were:

  • 11 January 1858: Mathias Ulrich
  • 24 June 1872 – 27 June 1872 Michel Witry
  • 6 July 1979: Jean-Pierre Urwald
  • 16 July 1984: Jean-Pierre Urwald

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