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President of the Maryland Senate

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Title: President of the Maryland Senate  
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Subject: Maryland General Assembly, Government of Maryland, George Peter (politician, died 1893), George Dent, MD Gov branches
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President of the Maryland Senate

The President of the Maryland Senate is elected by the Senate annually on the first day of the legislative session. [1]

List of Senate Presidents

Name Sessions
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer 1777–1780
Matthew Tilghman 1780
Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer 1780
George Plater 1780–1782
Matthew Tilghman 1782–1783
Charles Carroll of Carrollton 1783
Daniel Carroll 1783
Charles Carroll of Carrollton 1783
George Plater 1784
John Smith 1784
George Plater 1785
Daniel Carroll 1785
George Plater 1786
John Smith 1786
Daniel Carroll 1787
George Plater 1787–1788
Daniel Carroll 1788–1789
John Smith 1789
George Plater 1790
William Smallwood 1791
George Dent 1792
William Perry 1792–1798
John Thomas 1797–1800
Richard Harwood 1801–1805
William Thomas 1806–1807
Stephen Lowrey 1807
William Thomas 1807–1809
Stephen Lowrey 1809
William Thomas 1809–1813
Elijah Davis 1813–1815
William Spencer 1816–1820
William R. Stuart 1821–1825
Edward Lloyd 1826
William H. Marriott 1827–1830
Benjamin S. Forrest 1831–1834
Thomas Sappington 1834
John G. Chapman 1834–1836
Richard Thomas 1836–1843
William Williams 1844–1847
William Lingan Gaither 1849
Edward Lloyd 1852–1853
William Lingan Gaither 1854
George Wells 1856
Edwin H. Webster 1858
John B. Brooke 1860–1861
Henry Hollyday Goldsborough 1861–1862
John S. Sellman 1864
Christopher C. Cox 1865–1867
Barnes Compton 1868–1870
Henry Snyder 1872
John Lee Carroll 1874
Daniel Fields 1876
Edward Lloyd 1878
Herman Stump, Jr. 1880
George Hawkins Williams 1882
Henry Lloyd 1884
Edwin Warfield 1886
George Peter 1888
Robert F. Bratton 1890
Edward Lloyd VII 1892
John Walter Smith 1894
William Cabell Bruce 1896
John Wirt Randall 1898
John Hubner 1900–1902
Spencer Cone Jones 1904
Joseph B. Seth 1906–1908
Arthur Pue Gorman, Jr. 1910
Jesse D. Price 1912–1914
Peter J. Campbell 1916–1918
William I. Norris 1920–1922
David G. McIntosh, Jr. 1924–1929
Walter J. Mitchell 1931–1933
Lansdale G. Sasscer 1935–1937
Arthur H. Brice 1939–1943
James J. Lindsay, Jr. 1944–1946
Joseph R. Byrnes 1947–1950
L. Harold Sothoron 1950
George W. Della 1951–1954
Louis L. Goldstein 1955–1958
George W. Della 1959–1962
William S. James 1963–1974
Steny Hoyer 1975–1978
James Clark, Jr. 1979–1982
Melvin A. Steinberg 1983–1986
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. 1987–


  • List of Presidents of the State Senate from the Maryland Archives
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