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RBD discography

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Title: RBD discography  
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Subject: RBD, RBD discography, ¿Que Hay Detrás de RBD?, Un poco de tu amor, No pares
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RBD discography

RBD discography
Studio albums 6
Live albums 3
Compilation albums 2
Singles 16
Soundtrack albums 1

This page includes the discography of RBD.


  • Albums 1
    • Studio albums 1.1
    • Live albums 1.2
    • Compilations and soundtracks 1.3
  • Singles 2
    • Other singles 2.1
  • DVDs 3
  • Music videos 4
  • Others songs 5
  • References 6


All regularly released albums and their chart peak position: the U.S. Billboard 200 (U.S. 200), U.S. Top Latin Albums (U.S. TLA), Mexico (MEX), Spain (SPA) and European Top 100 Albums (EU).

Studio albums

Year Album Chart positions Certifications
U.S.[1] U.S. Latin MEX[2] SPA[3] EU
2004 Rebelde 95 2 1 1 37
2005 Nuestro Amor 88 1 1 3 50
2006 Celestial 15 1 9 2 44
2006 Rebels
  • Fourth studio album and first English album
  • Released: 19 December 2006
  • Label: Virgin Records
40 74 1 30
2007 Empezar Desde Cero
  • Fifth studio album
  • Released: 20 November 2007
  • Label: EMI Music
60 1 4 3 52
2009 Para Olvidarte De Mí
  • Sixth studio album
  • Released: 10 March 2009
  • Label: EMI Music
192 6 3 17

Live albums

Year Album Chart positions Certifications
U.S. U.S. Latin MEX SPA EU
2005 Tour Generación RBD En Vivo
  • 1st live CD/DVD
  • Released: 19 July 2005
106 22 2 13 98
2006 Live In Hollywood
  • 2nd live CD/DVD
  • Released: 4 April 2006
120 [6] 6 14 34 91
2007 Hecho en España
  • 3rd live CD/DVD
  • Released: 2 October 2007
39 21 47

Compilations and soundtracks

Year Album Chart positions
2007 RBD: Greatest Hits
  • 1st compilation CD
  • Released: 2007
2007 La Familia
  • 1st soundtrack
  • Released: 14 March 2007
2008 Best Of
  • 1st compilation CD/DVD
  • Released: 23 September 2008
24 49 7
2008 Hits Em Português
  • 1st compilation CD/DVD
  • Released: 22 October 2008
2008 Greatest Hits
  • 1st compilation CD/DVD
  • Released: 25 November 2008
2009 Best Of Remixes
  • 1st compilation CD
  • Released: 4 December 2009
Year Album Certifications
2004 Rebelde 2× Platinum Diamond + Gold[4] Diamond* 3× Platinum
2005 Tour Generación RBD En Vivo Gold Platinum[4] Gold Gold
2005 Nuestro Amor Platinum 3× Platinum + Gold[4] 2× Diamond 2× Platinum
2006 Live In Hollywood Platinum Gold[4] Platinum Gold
2006 Celestial Platinum + Gold[4] 2× Platinum Platinum
2006 Rebels Gold[4] 2× Platinum Gold
2007 Empezar Desde Cero 4× Platinum[4] Gold Gold

* Certification for both Brazilian and Spanish versions of the album together.


  • An empty space indicates peak position unknown.

All regularly released singles and their chart peak position in the United States Billboard Hot 100 (U.S. Hot 100) ),[8] United States Hot Latin Songs (U.S. HLS),[8] United States Latin Pop Airplay (U.S. LPA),[8] Romania (ROM) [9]

Year Single Chart positions Album
2004 "Rebelde" 37 21 Rebelde
2005 "Solo Quédate en Silencio" 2 1
"Sálvame" 27
"Un Poco de Tu Amor" 1
"Nuestro Amor" 6 2 Nuestro Amor
"Aún Hay Algo" 24 9
2006 "Tras de Mí"
"Este Corazón" 10 3
"No Pares" 1 Live in Hollywood
"Ser o Parecer" 7 1 1 Celestial
"Tu Amor" 39 36 Rebels
2007 "Celestial" 18 Celestial
"Bésame Sin Miedo" 30 8
"Inalcanzable" 6 1 Empezar Desde Cero
2008 "Empezar Desde Cero" 42 15
"Y No Puedo Olvidarte"
2009 "Para Olvidarte De Mí" Para Olvidarte De Mí

Other singles

  • These are promotional, minor releases, or single releases from albums they were included which have managed to chart in these categories.
Year Song Chart positions Album
2005 "Otro Día Que Va" 1,4 Rebelde
"Enséñame" 1,4
2006 "México, México" 1,2,3 México, México
"Lento" Mas Flow: Los Benjamins
2007 "Algún Día" 6 14 Celestial
"Dame" 38 14


  • 1 - Only released in Mexico.
  • 2 - "México, México" was released in Mexico as a radio only single (along with a music video) and even though it was a hit on the radio, the song did not manage to enter the Mexican Airplay Charts.
  • 3 - RBD was chosen to interpret the official theme song for the Mexico national football team titled "México, México" for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The song was not released on single, only for digital download in the U.S. and appeared on the collection of the same name.
  • 4 - Even though both songs weren't officially released as singles, both of them received major airplay in different cities from Mexico. The songs were played on radio stations, but did not chart on any of Mexican Airplay Charts.
  • 5 - "Ser o Parecer" peaked at #4 nationwide in Mexico's Top 100, but the song managed to peak at #1 in several radiostations.[10]


DVD Content Certifications
Tour Generación RBD en Vivo


  • MEX: 26 August 2005
  • U.S.: 8 November 2005
  • SPA: 18 October 2006
  • Live performances
  • Biography documentary
  • Photo gallery
  • Brazil: platinum
  • Spain: 2x platinum
  • Mexico: 2x platinum+gold[7]
  • United States: platinum
Live in Hollywood


  • MEX: U.S.: 4 April 2006
  • BZL: 14 June 2006
  • SPA: 11 December 2006
  • Live performances
  • Brazil: platinum
  • Spain: platinum
  • Mexico: platinum+gold[7]
¿Que Hay Detrás de RBD?


  • MEX: BZL: 13 April 2006
  • Live performances
  • Documentary
  • The Making Of's
Live In Rio


  • BZL: 2 February 2007
  • U.S.: 20 March 2007
  • Live performances
  • The Making of the DVD
  • Biography documentary
  • Photo gallery
  • Brazil: Platinum
  • Mexico: platinum[7]
  • Spain: 2xplatinum
Hecho en España


  • MEX: 1 October 2007
  • SPA: 2 October 2007
  • BZL: 20 November 2007
  • Live performances
  • Spain: Gold[11]
  • Mexico: Platinum
Live In Brasília


  • BZL: 24 March 2009
  • MEX: 9 June 2009
  • Live performances
Tournée do Adeus


  • BZL: 2 December 2009
  • Live performances

Music videos

Year Song Album Director Source DVD/Home video
2004 "Rebelde" Rebelde Pedro Damián Rebelde: Primera Temporada
RBD and some cast members from Rebelde arrive at an exclusive party in a castle. They go and are shown partying and are also featured singing on stage.
2004 "Solo quédate en silencio" Rebelde Pedro Damián Rebelde: Primera Temporada
RBD sings the song on stage, pretending to play some of the instruments. Video also features footage from live concerts.
2005 "Sálvame" Rebelde Pedro Damián Rebelde: Primera Temporada
Features footage from RBD and the Rebelde cast while shooting scenes from the Telenovela on Canada. Also features Anahí singing with the rest of RBD in the back, in the snow.
2005 "Nuestro Amor" Nuestro Amor Amin Azali Rebelde: Segunda Temporada
RBD gets ready for a special evening. The girls and boys are shown having a shower, and getting dressed. Later, they are shown eating sushi and in the end drinking milk, while most of them are shown kissing.
2005 "Aún hay algo" Nuestro Amor Pedro Damián ¿Que Hay Detrás de RBD? RBD is in the backstage of a concert, and experience paranormal experiences.
2006 "Mexico, Mexico" Mexico, Mexico Pedro Damián
Scenes of the girls singing, and the whole group plays soccer in a beach and in a pirate ship.
2006 "No Pares" Live in Hollywood Pedro Damián Live in Hollywood
Dulce sings the song in the Live in Hollywood concert, live in Pantages Theater, in Los Angeles. This is the fourth live video by RBD.
2006 "Tu Amor" Rebels Diane Martell Celestial (Fan Edition)
The group sings in a Los Angeles beach. They are shown in activities such as riding scooters and getting personal in front of the fire. It's their first video to receive international release (the others were shown primarily in Latin America).
2006 "Ser o Parecer" Celestial Esteban Madrazo Celestial (Fan Edition)
The group sings "Ser o Parecer" in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, dressed in trashy, post-grunge attire. The video illustrates how the members changed from virtual unknowns to international superstars, featuring CGI monster-like creatures on the streets along with the group.
2007 "Celestial" Celestial Esteban Madrazo Celestial (Fan Edition)
The group members drive to an open field, wearing hippie outfits and cuddle together.
2007 "Besame Sin Miedo" Celestial Pedro Damián Celestial (Fan Edition)
The video starts off with RBD in a bus on the way to Dracula's Castle. On the way, the guys pick up some girls and take them with them. In the Castle, the group sits around playing "spin the bottle", and then begin kissing their romantic partners one by one around the fire. It ends with Anahi getting bit by a vampire.
2007 "Inalcanzable" Empezar Desde Cero Esteban Madrazo Empezar Desde Cero (Fan Edition)
The video shows the RBD members going through a tough time, where very special people (the fans) come to give them courage and support.
2008 "Empezar Desde Cero" Empezar Desde Cero Esteban Madrazo Empezar Desde Cero (Fan Edition)
2009 "Para Olvidarte de Mí" Para Olvidarte De Mí

Others songs

Song Album Sung by:
"A Rabiar" Big Brother theme song / Tour Generación RBD en Vivo
"Amiga Gaviota" Tribute la Virgen de Guadalupe
"Campana Sobre Campana" Navidad con Amigos
"The Family" RBD: La Familia theme song / Celestial (Special Edition)
"Gone" Rebels (Bonus Track Japan Edition)
"Lento" Mas Flow: Los Benjamins
"Los Cinco Magnificos" -
"Los Peces en el Río" Navidad Con Amigos (bonus track on re-release)
"Let The Music Play" Rebels (Bonus Track Japan Edition)
"México, México" México, México
"Quiero Poder" RBD: La Familia Dulce María
"Sinceridad" La Música de los Valores
"Tal Vez Mañana" Empezar Desde Cero (Fan Edition) Maite
"Te Daria Todo" Empezar Desde Cero (Fan Edition) Dulce María
"Una Pequeña Voz" Plaza Sésamo


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