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San Francisco mayoral election, 1999


San Francisco mayoral election, 1999

San Francisco mayoral election, 1999

November 2, 1999 (1999-11-02)
December 14, 1999 (1999-12-14)

Nominee Willie Brown Tom Ammiano
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 75,732 (Nov. 2)
131,983 (Dec. 14)
49,384 (Nov. 2)
89,428 (Dec. 14)
Percentage 37.18% (Nov. 2)
57.82% (Dec. 14)
24.25% (Nov. 2)
39.18% (Dec. 14)

Electoral results by supervisorial district

  Willie Brown   Tom Ammiano

Mayor before election

Willie Brown

Reelected mayor

Willie Brown

The 1999 San Francisco mayoral election was held on November 2, 1999, with a runoff election held on December 14, 1999. Incumbent mayor Willie Brown won reelection against supervisor and current Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and nine other candidates for a second term as Mayor of San Francisco.

There is a documentary about the election titled See How They Run.[1][2]


San Francisco mayoral election, 1999[3][4][5]
Candidate Votes Percentage
Willie Brown (incumbent) 75,732 38.90%
Tom Ammiano (write-in) 49,384 25.37%
Frank Jordan 32,893 16.90%
Clint Reilly 24,322 12.49%
Martin Lee Eng 2,232 1.15%
Lucrecia Bermudez 1,709 0.88%
Cesar Ascarrunz 1,578 0.81%
Jim Reid 1,502 0.77%
Joel Ventresca 1,379 0.71%
David J. Martz 949 0.49%
Mark "Superbooty" O'Hara 919 0.47%
A. D. Wyatt Norton 765 0.39%
Max Wood 511 0.26%
William Felzer 494 0.25%
J. R. Manuel 277 0.14%
Steve Shyte (write-in) 8 0.00%
Larry J. Edmund (write-in) 7 0.00%
Anatole Ghio (write-in) 4 0.00%
Total votes 194,665 100.00%
Voter turnout 44.9%
Runoff election
Willie Brown (incumbent) 131,983 57.82%
Tom Ammiano 89,428 39.18%
Invalid or blank votes 6,836 3.00%
Total votes 228,247 100.00%
Voter turnout 48.8%


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