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Sansoen Phra Barami

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Title: Sansoen Phra Barami  
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Subject: Thailand, List of historical national anthems, Thai songs, Thai cultural mandates, Thai monarchy
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Sansoen Phra Barami

Sansoen Phra Barami
Sheet music of Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami in postcard, early 20th century.

Royal anthem of  Thailand
Lyrics Narisaranuvadtivongs, 1913
Music ????
Adopted 1913
Music sample

Sansoen Phra Barami or Sanrasoen Phra Barami (Thai: สรรเสริญพระบารมี, lit: glorify his prestige) is the royal anthem of Thailand. The lyrics were composed by Prince Narisaranuvadtivongs, around 1913, and were later revised by King Rama VI.

There is no certainty about the identity of the song's composer. The music may have been composed by a Russian composer named Pyotr Shchurovsky,[1] while other sources mention several Thai musicians and the Dutch musician Heutzen as the authors.

Phleng Sansoen Phra Barami was the national anthem of Siam until 1932, when it was replaced by Phleng Chat. The royal anthem is performed during state occasions, as well as when a high-ranking member of the royal family is present for a function. In addition, the royal anthem is still played before the beginning of each film in movie theatres, as well as before the commencement of the first act in plays, musicals, concerts, and most other live performances of music or theatre in Thailand. The anthem is also played at the sign-on and closedown of television and radio programming, For example, Channel 7 airs a video of the anthem, with pictures of King Bhumibol Adulyadej from his birth to the present day shown.

In April, 2008, it was reported that a Thai citizen was facing criminal charges of lèse majesté for failing to stand for the playing of the Royal Anthem at a movie theatre in Bangkok.[2]


  • Lyrics 1
  • English translation 2
  • Lyrics during World War II 3
    • Thai Latin words 3.1
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Siamese theater group which performed in Berlin, Germany in 1900.
Recording in phonograph cylinder, performed by the Boosra Mahin theater group who visited Berlin, Germany in 1900

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Thai lyrics Thai transliteration (RTGS)
ข้าวรพุทธเจ้า Kha Wora Phuttha Chao
เอามโนและศิระกราน Ao Mano Lae Sira Kran
นบพระภูมิบาล บุญดิเรก Nop Phra Phummi Ban Bunya Direk
เอกบรมจักริน Ek Boromma Chakkrin
พระสยามินทร์ Phra Sayamin
พระยศยิ่งยง Phra Yotsa Ying Yong
เย็นศิระเพราะพระบริบาล Yen Sira Phro Phra Bori Ban
ผลพระคุณ ธ รักษา Phon Phra Khun Tha Raksa
ปวงประชาเป็นศุขสานต์ Puang Pracha Pen Sukkha San
ขอบันดาล Kho Bandan
ธ ประสงค์ใด Tha Prasong Dai
จงสฤษดิ์ดัง Chong Sarit Dang
หวังวรหฤทัย Wang Wora Haruethai
ดุจถวายชัย ชโย Dutcha Thawai Chai Chayo
  1. ^ Formerly pronounced suk.

English translation

We, servants of His great Majesty,
prostrate our heart and head,
to pay respect to the ruler, whose merits are boundless,
outstanding in the great Chakri dynasty,
the greatest of Siam,
with great and lasting honor,
(We are) secure and peaceful because of your royal rule,
the result of royal protection
(is) people in happiness and in peace,
May it be that
whatever you will,
be done
according to the hopes of your great heart
as we wish (you) victory, hurrah!

Lyrics during World War II

ข้าวรพุทธเจ้า เอามโนและศิระกราน
นบพระภูมิบาล บรมกษัตริย์ไทย
ขอบันดาล ธ ประสงค์ใด
จงสิทธิดั่ง หวังวรหฤทัย
ดุจถวายชัย ชโย

Thai Latin words

Kha Wora Phuttha Chao
Ao Mano Lae Sira Kran
Nop Phra Phummiban
Borom Kasat Thai
Kho Bandan
Tha Prasong Dai
Chong Sit Dang
Wang Wora Haruethai
Dutcha Thawai Chai


  1. ^ Nicholas Grossman; Dominic Faulder, eds. (2011). King Bhumibol Adulyadej – A Life's Work: Thailand's Monarchy in Perspective. Singapore: Editions Didier Millet. p. 359.  

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