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Shari Redstone

Shari Redstone
Born (1954-04-14) April 14, 1954
Washington, D.C., US
Education Tufts University (B.S.) Boston University (J.D.)
Spouse(s) Yitzhak Aharon Korff (divorced; 3 children)
Children Kimberlee Korff
Brandon Korff
Tyler Korff
Parent(s) Sumner Redstone and Phyllis Gloria Raphael (1944–1999)

Shari Ellin Redstone (born April 14, 1954) is an American media executive with a background in numerous aspects of the entertainment industry and related ventures.[1] She currently serves as the president of National Amusements as well as vice-chairwoman of CBS Corporation[2] and Viacom.[3] Through National Amusements, Shari Redstone and her family are majority owners of CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures.


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Education and personal life

Shari is the daughter of Sumner Redstone and Phyllis Gloria Raphael and sister of Brent Redstone. Her grandfather was Michael Redstone (who changed his name from Michael Rothstein). She holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University, graduating in 1975. She received her law degrees at Boston University School of Law in 1978 (LLB) and in 1980 (LLM). She practiced corporate law, estate planning and criminal law in the Boston area before joining National Amusements.[4]

Redstone married Yitzhak Aharon Korff and had three children but later divorced. Korff is currently the Hasidic Grand Rabbi of ZvhilMezhbizh in Boston, Massachusetts.


Since 1999, she has been President of National Amusements, one of the top 10 movie exhibitors in the United States.[5] Ms. Redstone has expanded the company's international footprint and its exploration of new technologies.[6][7][8][9][10]

In 2000, while at National Amusements, Ms. Redstone entered the Russian theater market, giving patrons there the opportunity to experience high-end luxury theaters.[11] In 2010, Ms. Redstone and her partners purchased the theaters that they had built and formed Rising Star Media,[12] of which she was Chairman, and turned it into the top grossing cinema chain in that country.[13] Shari and her partners sold Rising Star Media in 2011[13][14]

In 2011, Ms. Redstone became Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Advancit Capital, LLC,[15] an investment platform focusing on early stage in media, entertainment and technology.[15] In addition, she is Co-Chairman of,[16] Inc. and is a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the National Theatre Owners Association (NATO).[16]

In 2007, Redstone and her father feuded publicly over issues of corporate governance and the future of the cinema chain.[17] Documents have been made public which verify that, as part of a settlement from Sumner's first divorce, all of Sumner's stock is in irrevocable trusts that will be left to his grandchildren.[18] The trusts are said to make it clear that Shari Redstone, Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Viacom and CBS, is to assume her father's role upon his death.


Shari Redstone is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Board of Trustees at

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