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Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

Socialist Equality Party
Samajavadi Samanathmatha Pakshaya
Sinhala name සමාජවාදී සමානතා පක්ෂය
Tamil name சோசலிச சமத்துவக் கட்சி
Founder Keerthi Balasooriya
Secretary Wije Dias
Founded 1968 as Revolutionary Communist League, 1996 as Socialist Equality Party
Split from Lanka Sama Samaja Party (Revolutionary)
Preceded by Revolutionary Communist League
Headquarters 795 1/1, Matiambalama Junction, Kotte Road, Kotte
Newspaper Loka Samajavadi Web Adavi Vimarshana (printed version of its central organ, WSWS), Tholilalar Pathai, Kamkaru Mawatha
Student wing International Students for Social Equality
Ideology Communism
International affiliation International Committee of the Fourth International
Election symbol
Pair of Scissors
Politics of Sri Lanka
Political parties

The Socialist Equality Party is a Wije Dias assumed the leadership. In 1996, it changed its name to the Socialist Equality Party, in line with other members of the surviving ICFI.[1] In the Sri Lankan presidential election, 2005, the party's candidate, Wije Dias, came 11th of 13 candidates, with 3,500 votes (0.04%).

It publishes their analysis on political and economic as well as other issues and run election campaign on World Socialist Web Site.


  • On War in Sri Lanka 1
  • On Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) 2
  • References 3
  • External links 4

On War in Sri Lanka

It has consistently opposed the war in Sri Lanka and according to its own words it opposes "racism, capitalism, imperialism and terrorism". It maintains that the civil war can only be end by uniting working people regardless of their ethnic origin and demanding the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of armed forces from the North and East. Its political program calls for a Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Eelam as part of the Union of Socialist Republics of South Asia.[2]

On Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

It has consistently opposed the LTTE’s demand for a separate state, insisting that the democratic rights of the Tamil masses can only be defended through a united struggle of the Sinhala and Tamil workers for genuine social equality. It maintains that the LTTE's demand for separate state of Tamil Eelam in North and East of Sri Lanka will only gives the LTTE leadership the opportunity to further the interests of a thin layer of the Tamil middle class whose ambition is to act as local agents for investors of major economies in a capitalist statelet and which will not improve the living conditions of masses.[3]


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