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Sooner State League


Sooner State League

Template:MiLB league infobox The Sooner State League was a minor league baseball league that operated from 1947 through 1957. The league owners kept it alive in 1958, anticipating a return to play in 1959. However, when only Ardmore and Paris, Texas, were able to secure working agreements, the League folded on February 12, 1959. It was the last Class D league west of the Mississippi River. The league was based primarily in Oklahoma.

Member teams


The following teams were members of the Sooner State League (in alphabetical order):

  • Ada Cementers – August 3, 1954-season end. Moved to Paris, Texas (the Frogs).
  • Ada Herefords – 1947 – July 31, 1954.
  • Ardmore Cardinals – 1953–57.
  • Ardmore Indians – 1947–51 moved to Sherman 1952. Seminole moved to Ardmore 1952.
  • Chickasha Chiefs – 1948–52 moved to Gainesville, Texas 1953.
  • Duncan Cementers – 1947–48.
  • Duncan Uttmen – 1949–50 moved to Shawnee August 18, 1950.
  • Gainesville Owls – 1953–55 moved to Ponca City May 18, 1955.
  • Greenville Majors – 1957.
  • Lawton Braves – 1954–57.
  • Lawton Giants – 1947–51.
  • Lawton Reds – 1952–53.
  • McAlester Rockets – 1947–56 moved to Greenville, Texas 1957.
  • Muskogee Giants – 1955–57 (formerly of the Western Association, 1954–55).
  • Paris Orioles – 1955–57.
  • Pauls Valley Raiders – 1948–54 moved to Muskogee 1955.
  • Ponca City Cubs – 1955–57.
  • McDuff's Seminole Ironmen – August 2, 1950–51 moved to Ardmore 1952.
  • Seminole Oilers – 1947–49; 1954–57.
  • Shawnee Hawks – August 18, 1950–57.
  • Sherman Twins – 1952.
  • Sherman-Denison Twins – 1953 moved to Seminole 1954 as Tri-City Oilers.

Notable executives

  • Jack Mealey (born 1899) – minor league baseball catcher, who also managed in the minor leagues and served as president of the Sooner State League


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