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Sport Klub

Launched January 2006
Owned by IKO Media [1]
Slogan Sport Emotions
Sister channel(s) Sportklub+
Boom TV (Romania) Channel
Digi TV (Romania, Hungary, Serbia,Croatia) Channel
Dolce (Romania) Channel 306
Focus Sat (Romania) Channel
Total TV (Serbia) Channel 33
Channel 15 (Sport Klub+)
N (Poland) Channel 117
Channel 118 (Sport Klub+)
UPC Direct (Hungary) Channel
RCS&RDS (Romania) Channel 33
UPC Romania Channel 205 (digital with DVR - Romanian edition)
Channel 798 (digital with DVR - Hungarian edition)
Channel 75 (digital)
SBB Digital (Serbia) Channel 211
Channel 212 (Sport Klub+)
UPC Poland Channel 568
iNES (Romania) Channel
MAXtv (Croatia) Channel 400
Channel 401 (Sport Klub+)
Channel 415 (SK Prime)

Sportklub is a European sports channel which has been broadcast in Hungary, Romania, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia since 2006. The Channel commenced broadcasts in Croatia during the autumn of 2007 and in Republic of Macedonia since 2011.

In some markets two channels are operated; Sportklub and Sportklub+.

Sportklub transmits many different sport events including football, ice hockey, basketball, tennis and rugby league. Sportklub+ transmits only football in Serbia and Hungary/Romania but a mix of sports in Poland.


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American Football



Rugby League

Sport Klub Serbia

Sport Klub Serbia is also available in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. In 2007 Sportklub+ began to broadcast exclusively football. Both channels are owned by IKO Media. In May 2011 a third channel called SK Prime started broadcasting Formula 1, GP 2 and GP3 series and attractive Porsche Supercup.







American Football

  • SAAF [1] (Serbian National League)
  • CEFL (Central European Football League)


Ice Hockey

SportKlub Romania

SportKlub is broadcast in Romanian via satellite and cable. In 2007 Sportklub+ began to broadcast exclusively football. Both channels were owned by IKO Media. SportKlub ceased operations in Romania in June 1, 2012.


SportKlub Poland

SportKlub is broadcast in Poland via satellite, cable and IPTV (N - Channel 66, Sport Klub - Channel 67), Aster, UPC Poland (Channel 568), Vectra {Channel 207, Sport Klub+ - Channel 208), Toya, Multimedia Polska and IPTV Jambox. Polish version of SportKlub began to broadcast on 29 July 2006. SportKlub+ has been launched on 19 October 2006.



  1. ^ [.IKO] Media Group

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  • Official Site of Sport Klub+ Poland
  • Official Site of Sport Klub Serbia
  • Official Site of Sport Klub Slovenia
  • Official Site of Sport Klub Croatia
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