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TNT (band)

TNT on stage in 2012.
Background information
Origin Trondheim, Norway
Genres Heavy metal, power metal
Years active 1982–1992, 1996–present
Labels Vertigo Records, Spitfire
Associated acts Vagabond, Starbreaker, Westworld, Stage Dolls
Website Official website
Members Ronni Le Tekrø
Diesel Dahl
Tony Harnell
Victor Borge
Past members Dag Ingebrigtsen
Steinar Eikum
Morty Black
Kenneth Odiin
John Macaluso
Sid Ringsby
Tony Mills

TNT is a Norwegian power metal band from Trondheim, formed in 1982. The band has released twelve studio albums, three EPs and two live albums while going through numerous line-up changes since its formation. Guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø is the only consistent member of TNT. In 2013 singer Tony Harnell returned to the band after a seven year absence reuniting 3/4 of the band's classic 80s lineup.


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TNT was formed in the Norwegian city Trondheim in 1982, by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dag Ingebrigtsen, guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø, bassist Steinar Eikum and drummer Diesel Dahl.[1] Securing a national record contract with PolyGram subsidiary Vertigo Norway, they released their self-titled debut album the same year — their only album that features Norwegian lyrics — and got a hit with the single "Harley-Davidson". In August 1983 Morty Black replaced Steinar Eikum on bass,[2] and the following year American vocalist Tony Harnell became TNT's new frontman, making his debut on their album Knights of the New Thunder. His unique and powerful 4 octave range was the final element the band needed to break out of Norway and into the world market. The album was a huge success in Scandinavia and the band then was offered a worldwide deal with Mercury/Polygram worldwide out of New York. Knights was then released in the U.S. in 1984 and the video for "Seven Seas" got heavy rotation on MTV and the album entered the billboard charts.

Ronni Le Tekrø
That line-up recorded one more album, Tell No Tales in 1987, before Diesel Dahl parted company from TNT the following year after some turbulent times within the band. Tell No Tales produced TNT's biggest hit, the single "10,000 Lovers (In One)". Tell No Tales marked a slight change in sound from melodic Euro-metal to a more palatable hard rock style, with Le Tekrø and Harnell gaining a reputation as a talented duo. The album was the best selling release in Norway and Sweden that year (outselling hugely popular artists like Michael Jackson and Def Leppard). Tell No Tales also saw the band establishing a mainstream following in Japan and the U.S. Promotional Videos for "Everyone's a Star" and "10,000 Lovers (In One)" were featured on both European and American MTV. They were also featured on Headbangers Ball. The band supported Stryper on a sold out arena tour in the U.S. followed by a tour with Twisted Sister and Great White as well as headlining shows in large clubs in the U.S.

Kenneth Odiin became TNT's new drummer and played on TNT's fourth studio album, Intuition, in 1989. This release marked a more AOR-oriented sound, still maintaining a little of the hard rock edge of the previous album. Intuition was another huge success in Scandinavia and Japan. It was also the band's best received American release and saw the band embarking on their first headlining tour of the U.S. which broke attendance records across the country in small theaters and large clubs, thanks to the prominent display of the video for the title track on MTV.


After completing the touring to support Intuition, Odiin left the band and was replaced by John Macaluso. The band negotiated a new (and generous) record contract with Atlantic Records, and released the studio album Realized Fantasies and the live recording Three Nights in Tokyo, both in 1992. However, Atlantic did a poor job of promoting the album in the States (assuring that TNT would never find huge success in America) and also the rest of the world. The same year they decided to take a break, choosing to focus on various solo projects. In 1996 the compilation Till Next Time – The Best of TNT was released, and Harnell, Le Tekrø and Black reformed TNT with session drummer Frode Lamøy. That line-up recorded two albums, Firefly in 1997 and Transistor in 1999.


Tony Mills
Diesel Dahl returned to TNT in 2000,[3] and the band started working on new material. Their eighth studio album,
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Year Title Label
1982 TNT PolyGram
1984 Knights of the New Thunder
1987 Tell No Tales
1989 Intuition
1992 Realized Fantasies Atlantic Records
1997 Firefly Norske Gram
1999 Transistor
2004 My Religion MTM
2005 All the Way to the Sun
2007 The New Territory Bonnier Amigo
2008 Atlantis
2010 A Farewell to Arms TNT Records



Band members

The band has announced several dates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Japan from January through to August 2014 and these shows will be the first with singer Tony Harnell since 2006.[29]

[28] In August 2013 Tony Mills announced that he had decided to leave TNT to pursue solo projects, stating, In a personal statement published on his official website, Mills stated, At the same time, Tony Harnell confirmed that he had had discussions with Ronni Le Tekrø and Diesel Dahl about a reunion. When asked whether this would only be a one-off reunion, Harnell answered, On October 17, 2013 Harnell confirmed that he had rejoined TNT, stating, Shortly after Tony Harnell long time bassist Victor Borge also rejoined the band after a years absence.[23] In March 2013 TNT announced that bassist Sid Ringsby was back in the band.[22]Victor Borge left TNT in December 2012 to pursue another project.

TNT's concert at Sala Heineken in Madrid on September 17, 2011 was filmed for a future DVD release.[18] TNT celebrated its 30th anniversary by playing one concert at the Clarion Hotel in Trondheim on June 2, 2012, where they performed with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra as well as both former vocalists, Dag Ingebrigtsen and Tony Harnell,[19] and one concert at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo on November 17, 2012, where they performed with Ingebrigtsen and original bassist Steinar Eikum.[20] The Trondheim concert will be released on DVD in the fall of 2013.[21]

On April 27, 2011 keyboardist Dag Stokke, who had toured with TNT since April 1987 and appeared on every album from Realized Fantasies to A Farewell to Arms,[14] died of cancer.[15][16] He was replaced by Roger Gilton.[17]

TNT's twelfth studio album, A Farewell to Arms, was released in Japan on December 15, 2010. Diesel Dahl has said that the album is an attempt to recapture the old TNT sound. Bård Svendsen, who provided keyboards and backing vocals on Knights of the New Thunder and Tell No Tales, worked on the album as well.[11] The album was mixed by Tommy Hansen, and has been described by him as "Def Leppard on speed". It was released in Europe in January 2011. The album has been retitled as Engine for the Scandinavian and American release. In Norway the album was released as an exclusive joint publishing deal between the Narvesen chain of convenience stores and TNT on December 27.[12] In an interview on the Norwegian radio show Stjerneklart in January 2011, Ronni Le Tekrø stated that it might be TNT's last album. "I can promise that it will be the very last TNT album," he said, "It might not be fully decided, but we might feel that this album is an honorable end to albums [being released] from the band. TNT will not split up, but I can't see that we're going to make a new studio album for many years."[13]


In 2007 TNT released their tenth studio album, The New Territory to mixed reviews and controversy amongst the fans. Their eleventh studio album, Atlantis, was released on September 22, 2008 in both Norway and Japan. The album was influenced by The Beatles and Queen, and was mixed by Tommy Hansen, who also worked on My Religion and All the Way to the Sun. On December 12, 2008, the original TNT line-up, consisting of Dag Ingebrigtsen, Ronni Le Tekrø, Steinar Eikum and Diesel Dahl, did a one-off reunion during a concert that was done to celebrate Ingebrigtsen's 50th birthday.[10]

Tony Harnell left the band in April 2006 for both personal and professional reasons,[7] although his final show was on June 30, when TNT played the Polar Rock Festival in Storsteinnes, Norway.[8] He was replaced by British hard rock singer Tony Mills (of UK act Shy, coincidentally supporting TNT for Harnell's farewell show).[9] Despite leaving the band, Harnell collaborated with iMagic Films and producer Darren Paltrowitz on a live DVD featuring his performance with the band in Madrid, Spain from April 1, 2006. The Live in Madrid CD + DVD package was released in Japan in August 2006 and elsewhere in the world in September.

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