The wiseguys

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The Wiseguys
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Electronica, hip hop
Years active 1994 (1994)–2001 (2001)
Labels Wall of Sound
Past members Touche

The Wiseguys was a British electronica and hip hop band that was responsible for creating the song "Start the Commotion" that was in a Mitsubishi TV advertisement, as well as the films Lizzie McGuire, Zoolander and Kangaroo Jack; and "Ooh La La", which was used in Budweiser commercials. Both tracks of which came from The Wiseguys second album, The Antidote.


The band was formed in 1994 with two members, Touche (Theo Keating) and Regal (Paul Eve). They were music production partners from 1990 and released an EP called "Ladies Say Ow!" in 1994 on the Blackmarket record label. The record label Wall of Sound signed the duo and released the double A-side "Nil by Mouth" / "Too Easy" in 1995. Their first album Executive Suite was released in 1996 to critical acclaim, feature downtempo jazz beats and happy optimistic hip-hop numbers, and is now considered a cult classic.

Regal left the band in 1997 to pursue his career as co-founder of the UK's Bronx Dogs, and Touche worked on the second Wiseguys album, The Antidote. This was released in 1998, and contained their two most famous songs "Ooh La La" and "Start the Commotion". "Ooh La La" was a minor UK hit in April 1998, then in March 1999 it was re-released as a single and went to #2 in the UK Singles Chart following its use in a popular TV commercial for Budweiser. In 2001, "Start the Commotion" was shown on a Mitsubishi Motors television commercial in the United States, and the song reached the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

The Wiseguys disbanded in 2001, and Touche worked solo on house music under Fatboy Slim's Southern Fried record label. In July 2006, Regal released his first solo single "Shock Ya Mind" on the Funk Weapons label.

On 31 December 2006, Executive Suite made its way onto the US version of iTunes. Touche is a producer and DJ, half of The Black Ghosts. He produces under several other aliases including Fake Blood.

Regal signed to Unique Records in 2007 and has since released two solo albums and three singles for the label, including his debut solo album Loop Dreams and his latest CD Time Past, which is paired with his "Time Past" 12" remixes sampler, released in late 2009.


  • Ladies Say Ow! (EP) (1994)
    • "Nil By Mouth" / "Too Easy" (1995)
    • "The Sound You Hear" / "We Keep On" (1996)
  • Executive Suite (1996)
    • "Casino 'Sans Pareil'" (1997)
  • The Antidote (1998)
    • "Ooh La La" (1999)
    • "Start the Commotion" (1999)
  • Wall Of Sound Essentials - Mixed By The Wiseguys (2000) (Mix CD)
  • "Dizzy Spell" / "Black Light" (2002) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "Gimme My Money" (2002) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "Ultraviolet" (2002) (DJ Touche, solo) (Mix CD)
  • "Temper" (2003) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "The Paddle" / "The Girl's A Freak" (2004) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "She's at the Club" (EP) (2005) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "The Offspring - Greatest Hits" (2005) (one remix song)
  • "Command Me" / "Calling My Name" (2006) (DJ Touche, solo)
  • "Shock Ya Mind" 12" single (2006, Funk Weapons) (DJ Regal, solo)
  • Loop Dreams CD/LP (2007, Unique Records) (Regal, solo)
  • "The Village Calling" 12" single (2007, Unique Records) (Regal solo)
  • "The Mack" 12" single (2008, Unique Records) (Regal solo)
  • "Time Past" CD (2009, Unique Records) (Regal solo)
  • "Time Past Remixes" 12" single (2009, Unique Records) (Regal solo)

Record track listings

Ladies Say Ow!

Side One

1. "Ladies Say 'Ow'"
2. "If the Style Fits"

Side Two

3. "The Real Vibes"

Executive Suite

Side One

1. "Intro"
2. "Casino 'Sans Pareil'"
3. "The Sound Your Hear"
4. "Room Service"
5. "We Keep On" (featuring Sense Live)

Side Two

6. "Nil by mouth"
7. "Trailblazing"
8. "Cromwell Street"

Side Three

9. "Sweet Baby Truth" (featuring Sense Live & Tito-T)
10. "Poontang"
11. "The Gemini IV Incident"

Side Four

12. "Caribbean Breeze" (featuring Season & Joey Bunsen)
13. "Water"
14. "Dust you off"
15. "Too Easy" (CD bonus track)
  • On the vinyl LP version of Executive Suite, the final track "Too Easy" is missing.

The Antidote

Side One

1. "Re-Introduction"
2. "Ooh La La"
3. "We be the crew"
4. "Experience" (featuring Jerry Beeks, Season & Sense Live)

Side Two

5. "Cowboy '78"
6. "Search's End"
7. "The Grabbing Hands" (featuring Joie Bunsen, L.E.W., Season)
8. "The Temple"

Side Three

9. "Start the Commotion" (featuring Greg Nice)
10. "Face the Flames"
11. "Who The Hell?" (featuring Sense Live)

Side Four

12. "The Executives"
13. "Au Pair Girls"
14. "Production" (featuring Mr. Mojo, Season, Sense Live and Tito-T)
15. "The Bounce"
  • The Japanese version contains a bonus track "Expand on the Topic" which features guest spots from J-Nise, Season and Sense Live, and was the B-side to the "Ohh La La" single.


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