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Tobu Koizumi Line

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Title: Tobu Koizumi Line  
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Subject: Chūgen Railway, Narushima Station (Gunma), List of railway lines in Japan (J to P), Ōta Station (Gunma)
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Tobu Koizumi Line

The Tōbu Koizumi Line (東武小泉線 Tōbu Koizumi-sen?), operated by the private Tōbu Railway company, runs from Tatebayashi Station located in Tatebayashi city, Gunma Prefecture to Nishi-Koizumi Station located in Ōizumi town, Gunma Prefecture as well as Higashi-Koizumi Station in Ōizumi town to Ōta Station in Ōta city, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


The first section of the line from Koizumimachi Station to Tatebayashi Station was opened for passenger service on March 12, 1917 operated by the Chūgen Railway company, which was purchased by Tobu Railway company in 1937.

The line was connected to Sengokugashi Freight Line (仙石河岸貨物線?) on April 13, 1939, which ran from Koizumimachi Station to Sengokugashi Station (仙石河岸駅?) for freight service, opened Shin-Koizumi Station between.

The purpose of transportation between Nakajima Aircraft Company Ōta plant and Koizumi plant extended the line from Ōta Station to Higashi-Koizumi Station on June 1, 1941 as well as made Nishi-Koizumi Station, which was the nearest station for Koizumi plant, to open on December 1, 1941 between Koizumimachi Station and Shin-Koizumi Station.


Name Connections Location
Tatebayashi Tōbu Isesaki Line, Tōbu Sano Line Tatebayashi Gunma
Hon-Nakano Ōra
Higashi-Koizumi Tōbu Koizumi Line For Ōta Station Ōizumi

Name Connections Location
Higashi-Koizumi Tōbu Koizumi Line
(For Tatebayashi / Nishi-koizumi)
Ōizumi Gunma
Ryūmai Ōta
Ōta Tōbu Isesaki Line, Tōbu Kiryū Line

Abandoned stations

  • Shin-Koizumi Station - Sengoku-Kashi Station
  • Kobugannon Station (between Higashi-Koizumi Station and Shinozuka Station)

Connecting rail services

  • Tatebayashi Station:Isesaki Line
  • Ōta Station:Isesaki Line, Kiryū Line


External links

  • History of tobu Railway in Japanese
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