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Turks in Kyrgyzstan


Turks in Kyrgyzstan

Turks in Kyrgyzstan
Total population
50,000[1] to 70,000[2]
plus 3,200 Turkish nationals[3]
Regions with significant populations

Turks in Kyrgyzstan are ethnic Turks who live in Kyrgyzstan.


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The majority of Turks were deported from Central Asia in 1944, where they were employed largely in the agricultural sector in grain and livestock production. Of the 207,500 Meskhetian Turks registered in the 1989 Soviet census there were 21,294 Turks in Kyrgyzstan.[4]

Turks in Kyrgyzstan according to Soviet Censuses and 1999, 2009 National Censuses[5]
Year Population
1970 3,076
1979 5,160
1989 21,294
1999 33,327
2009 39,133


Turks in Kyrgyzstan are often called Fergana Turks due to their large presence in the Fergana valley.[6]


The Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was established in Jal district of Bishkek in 1995 and has around 2,000 students. It is one of the leading universities in the country. The Krygyz-Turkish Anatolian High School, Krygyz-Turkish Anatolian Girls Vocational School, Bishkek Turkish Primary School and Turkish Language Teaching Center are run by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

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