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USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award


USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award

Listed below in chronological order are the Minor League Baseball players chosen by USA Today as recipients of the USA Today Minor League Player of the Year Award. Since 1988, the award has been given annually to the minor-league player who is judged by USA Today baseball experts as having had the most outstanding season. Of the thirteen votes cast each year, two votes go to the player selected by fans in the online voting at[1]


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Winners (by year)

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Year Player Position Organization
1988 Harkey, MikeMike Harkey RHP Chicago Cubs
1989 Zeile, ToddTodd Zeile C/1B/3B St. Louis Cardinals
1990 Martinez, TinoTino Martinez 1B Seattle Mariners
1991 Wohlers, MarkMark Wohlers RHP Atlanta Braves
1992 Delgado, CarlosCarlos Delgado 1B Toronto Blue Jays
1993 Floyd, CliffCliff Floyd OF Montreal Expos
1994 Ashley, BillyBilly Ashley OF Los Angeles Dodgers
1995 Jones, AndruwAndruw Jones (1) OF Atlanta Braves
1996 Jones, AndruwAndruw Jones (2) OF Atlanta Braves
1997 Grieve, BenBen Grieve OF Oakland Athletics
1998 Kapler, GabeGabe Kapler OF Detroit Tigers
1999 Ankiel, RickRick Ankiel LHP St. Louis Cardinals
2000 Hamilton, JoshJosh Hamilton OF Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2001 Beckett, JoshJosh Beckett RHP Florida Marlins
2002 Reyes, JoséJosé Reyes SS New York Mets
2003 Fielder, PrincePrince Fielder 1B Milwaukee Brewers
2004 Francis, JeffJeff Francis LHP Colorado Rockies
2005 Liriano, FranciscoFrancisco Liriano LHP Minnesota Twins
2006 Garza, MattMatt Garza RHP Minnesota Twins
2007 Upton, JustinJustin Upton OF Arizona Diamondbacks
2008 Price, DavidDavid Price LHP Tampa Bay Rays
2009 Heyward, JasonJason Heyward OF Atlanta Braves
2010 Hellickson, JeremyJeremy Hellickson RHP Tampa Bay Rays
2011 Goldschmidt, PaulPaul Goldschmidt[2] 1B Arizona Diamondbacks
2012 Myers, WilWil Myers[3] OF Kansas City Royals
2013 Bogaerts, XanderXander Bogaerts SS Boston Red Sox
2014 Bryant, KrisKris Bryant[4] 3B Chicago Cubs

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