Vivian Hsu discography

This is the discography of Taiwanese pop singer Vivian Hsu.

As a member of Shaonu Dui

  • December 25, 1990 Merry Christmas (PS I Love You) single
  • 1991 我的心要出旅行 (py. Wǒ de Xīn Yào Chǔ Lǔxíng, en. My Heart Must Go Travel)
  • June 1992 偏愛你的心 (py. Piānài Nǐ de Xīn, en. Prefer Your Heart)

As a member of Black Biscuits

  • September 1997 1997-09 Stamina single (ZH), BMG
  • December 19, 1997 Stamina single (JP), BMG: BVDR-5001
  • April 1998 Timing single (ZH, JP), BMG: BVDR-5002
  • October 1998 Relax single (ZH, JP), BMG: BVDR-5003
  • May 1999 Bye-Bye single (ZH, JP), BMG
  • May 26, 1999 Life, BMG: 74321-66897-2 90732

As a member of The d.e.p

  • April 1, 2001 Mr. No Problem single, Sony: SRCL-5047
  • May 15, 2001 地球的病気 -We Are the d.e.p-, Sony: SMD 8419
  • August 2001 Itai single, Sony

As Vivian or Kazuma

  • January 29, 2003 Moment single, Sony SME: SRCL 5537
  • July 7, 2004 Moment Remixes single, Sony SME: SECL 108

Solo albums and singles

  • August 1995 Whisper Message single
  • October 25, 1995 Kuchibiru no Shinwa single, Toshiba: TODT-3557
  • March 6, 1996 Kyohansha single, Toshiba: TODT-3637
  • April 10, 1996 天使想 (py. Tiānshǐ Xiǎng, jp. Tenshi Sou, en. Angel Dreaming), Toshiba: TOCT-9375
  • July 31, 1996 Hachigatsu no Valentine single, Toshiba: TODT-3765
  • October 10, 1996 天使美少女 (kr. Cheonsa Misonyeo, py. Tiānshǐ Měishàonǔ, jp. Tenshi Bishoujo, en. Angel Prettygirl), SAMPONY
  • April 29, 1998 大麻煩 (py. Dà Máfán, en. Big Trouble), BMG: 74321585252-0 9054-2
  • October 26, 1998 想 New Edition a.k.a. 1st. Album (a reprint of Tianshi Xiang plus two new tracks), Toshiba: TOCT-10587
  • October 18, 1999 不敗の戀人 (py. Bùbài de Liànrén, en. Undefeatable Lover), BMG: 74321 726702
  • March 23, 2000 Fuhai no Koibito (Japanese version of Bubai de Lianren, with some track substitutions), BMG: BCVR-11018
  • May 23, 2000 Happy Past Days (Taiwanese version of Fuhai no Koibito plus two new tracks), BMG: 74321 761012
  • September 19, 2000 假扮的天使 (py. Jiǎbàn de Tiānshǐ, en. Pretend Angel), BMG: 74321-796722-2
  • March 2001 愛の瑄言 *精選輯 (py. Ài de Xuān Yìn *Jīngxuǎn Jì) compilation album, BMG: 74321-855092
  • November 7, 2001 (as "Lil' Viv") Marry Me? single, EMI: TOCT-4336
  • August 2003 決定愛你 single (py. Juédìng Ài Nǐ, en. Decide to Love You), Avex
  • September 28, 2003 我愛你 x4 the secret to happiness is love Avex: AVTCD-90034 (limited), AVTCD-95723 (regular)
  • April 1, 2005 狠狠愛 (py. Hěn Hěn Ài), Avex: AVCCD90063A
  • September 19, 2006 Vivi and... Avex: AVTCD95920
  • March 9, 2007 Love Vivian 最愛是V 新歌+精選 (py. Love Vivian Zui Ai Shi V XinGe + Jingxuan) compilation album, Avex: AVTCD95948
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