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Title: 129P/Shoemaker–Levy  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Antitail, Comet Ikeya–Murakami, 120P/Mueller, 102P/Shoemaker, 136P/Mueller
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Discovered by Carolyn S. Shoemaker
Eugene Merle Shoemaker
David H. Levy
Discovery date February 7, 1991
1990 XXVII; 1996 U1
Orbital characteristics A
Epoch March 6, 2006
Aphelion 4.676 AU
Perihelion 2.807 AU
Semi-major axis 3.741 AU
Eccentricity 0.2497
Orbital period 7.237 a
Inclination 5.0108°
Last perihelion February 11, 2014[1]
June 5, 2005
Next perihelion 2022-Nov-30[2]

129P/Shoemaker–Levy, also known as Shoemaker–Levy 3, is a periodic comet in the Solar System. It fits the definition of an Encke-type comet with (TJupiter > 3; a < aJupiter),[3] and is a quasi-Hilda comet.[4]

This comet should not be confused with Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 (D/1993 F2), which spectacularly crashed into Jupiter in 1994.


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