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1957 NBA Playoffs

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Title: 1957 NBA Playoffs  
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Subject: Bill Russell, 1956–57 NBA season, 2012 NBA Playoffs, List of Philadelphia 76ers seasons, 2009 NBA Playoffs
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1957 NBA Playoffs

The 1957 NBA Playoffs was the postseason tournament of the National Basketball Association's 1956-57 season. The tournament concluded with the Eastern Division champion Boston Celtics defeating the Western Division champion St. Louis Hawks 4 games to 3 in the NBA Finals.

It was the first title in Celtics history; as of 2012, they lead the NBA in titles won with 17.

The Celtics and Hawks met in 4 out of 5 NBA Finals from 1957–1961, with the Celtics winning 3 out of 4. While the Hawks' dominance of the Western Division was succeeded by the Los Angeles Lakers afterward, Boston missed the NBA Finals just once between 1957–1969, and win the NBA title in every year but two.

In the division semifinals, the Philadelphia Warriors were swept by the Syracuse Nationals 2–0. This was the first time in NBA history that the defending champions were swept in the opening round. The next time the defending champions were swept in the opening round was in 2007.

  Division Semifinals Division Finals NBA Finals
  1  St. Louis 3  
Western Division
    2  Minneapolis 0  
3  Fort Wayne 0
  2  Minneapolis 2  
    W1  St. Louis 3
  E1  Boston 4
1  Boston 3
Eastern Division
    2  Syracuse 0  
3  Philadelphia 0
  2  Syracuse 2  

Western Division Tiebreakers

St. Louis Hawks vs. Minneapolis Lakers: Hawks win series 1-0

  • Game 1 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 114, Minneapolis 111 (OT)

St. Louis Hawks vs. Fort Wayne Pistons: Hawks win series 1-0

  • Game 1 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 115, Fort Wayne 103

St. Louis defeats Fort Wayne & Minneapolis for #1 seed in West. Minneapolis gets #2 seed, Fort Wayne #3.

Western Division

Champion: St. Louis Hawks

Division Semifinals

(1) St. Louis Hawks have division semifinals bye.

(2) Minneapolis Lakers vs. (3) Fort Wayne Pistons: Lakers win series 2-0

  • Game 1 @ Minneapolis: Minneapolis 131, Fort Wayne 127
  • Game 2 @ Fort Wayne: Minneapolis 110, Fort Wayne 108

Last Playoff Meeting: 1955 NBA Western Division Finals (Fort Wayne won 3-1)

Division Finals

(1) St. Louis Hawks vs. (2) Minneapolis Lakers: Hawks win series 3-0

  • Game 1 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 118, Minneapolis 109
  • Game 2 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 106, Minneapolis 104
  • Game 3 @ Minneapolis: St. Louis 143, Minneapolis 135 (2OT)

Last Playoff Meeting: 1956 NBA Western Division Semifinals (St. Louis won 2-1)

Eastern Division

Champion: Boston Celtics

Division Semifinals

(1) Boston Celtics have division semifinals bye.

(2) Syracuse Nationals vs. (3) Philadelphia Warriors: Nationals win series 2-0

  • Game 1 @ Philadelphia: Syracuse 103, Philadelphia 96
  • Game 2 @ Syracuse: Syracuse 91, Philadelphia 80

Last Playoff Meeting: 1956 NBA Eastern Division Finals (Philadelphia won 3-2)

Division Finals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (2) Syracuse Nationals: Celtics win series 3-0

  • Game 1 @ Boston: Boston 108, Syracuse 90
  • Game 2 @ Syracuse: Boston 120, Syracuse 105
  • Game 3 @ Boston: Boston 83, Syracuse 80

Last Playoff Meeting: 1956 NBA Eastern Division Semifinals (Syracuse won 2-1)

NBA Finals

(1) Boston Celtics vs. (1) St. Louis Hawks: Celtics win series 4-3

  • Game 1 @ Boston: St. Louis 125, Boston 123 (2OT)
  • Game 2 @ Boston: Boston 119, St. Louis 99
  • Game 3 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 100, Boston 98
  • Game 4 @ St. Louis: Boston 123, St. Louis 118
  • Game 5 @ Boston: Boston 110, St. Louis 104
  • Game 6 @ St. Louis: St. Louis 96, Boston 94
  • Game 7 @ Boston: Boston 125, St. Louis 123 (2OT)

Last Playoff Meeting: This is the first meeting between the Hawks and Celtics.

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