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1970 NASCAR Grand National Series

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Title: 1970 NASCAR Grand National Series  
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Subject: Richard Petty, Bobby Isaac, Sam Posey, Dick Trickle, Buddy Baker, Donnie Allison, James Hylton, Pete Hamilton, Brian Keselowski Motorsports, NASCAR Legends
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1970 NASCAR Grand National Series

1970 NASCAR Grand National Series
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The 1970 NASCAR Grand National Series season began on Sunday January 18 and ended on Sunday November 22. Bobby Isaac was the champions of the series as NASCAR transitioned itself from the Grand National era to the Winston Cup era. Only one foreigner was racing that year; a Canadian named Frog Fagan (who finished 96th in the championship standings). It was also the last NASCAR national touring series season to feature a dirt track race until the 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.


Daytona 500

Main article: 1970 Daytona 500

The 1970 Daytona 500 was a stock car automobile race run on February 22, 1970 and was the first race for the winged Plymouth Superbird. Pete Hamilton won the race in a Plymouth Superbird.

  1. Pete Hamilton
  2. David Pearson
  3. Bobby Allison -1
  4. Charlie Glotzbach -1
  5. Bobby Isaac -2
  6. Richard Brickhouse -2
  7. Jim Hurtubise -3
  8. Ramo Stott -6
  9. LeeRoy Yarbrough -7
  10. Dave Marcis -7

Alabama 500

Main article: 1970 Alabama 500

The 1970 Alabama 500 was held on April 12, 1970 at Alabama International Motor Speedway. Pete Hamilton won his second race of the season.

  1. Pete Hamilton
  2. Bobby Isaac
  3. David Pearson
  4. Benny Parsons
  5. Cale Yarborough
  6. Freddy Fryar
  7. Richard Petty
  8. James Hylton
  9. Neil Castles
  10. Coo Coo Marlin

Rebel 400

Main article: 1970 Rebel 400

The 1970 Rebel 400 was a NASCAR Grand National Series race that took place in May 1970 at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina. David Pearson won the race in 3:05:07. Richard Petty had a huge crash on the homestretch, which inspired the window net, that is now mandated by NASCAR.

  1. David Pearson
  2. Dick Brooks -3
  3. Bobby Isaac -7
  4. James Hylton -9
  5. Benny Parsons -11
  6. Buddy Arrington -19
  7. Don Tarr -21
  8. Roy Mayne -24
  9. Jabe Thomas -26
  10. Bill Dennis -30

Georgia 500

Main article: 1970 Georgia 500

The 1970 Georgia 500 is a NASCAR Grand National race that took place on November 8, 1970 at Middle Georgia Raceway in Macon, Georgia. Richard Petty (racing for Petty Enterprises) defeated Bobby Isaac in fourteen seconds.

  1. Richard Petty
  2. Bobby Isaac
  3. Dick Brooks -2
  4. Bobby Allison -3
  5. John Sears -13
  6. James Hylton -15
  7. Benny Parsons -15
  8. Elmo Langley -17
  9. Jabe Thomas -18
  10. Cecil Gordon -25

American 500

Main article: 1970 American 500

The 1970 American 500 was a 500-mile race that took place on November 15, 1970 at the North Carolina Motor Speedway in Rockingham, North Carolina. Cale Yarborough was the winner of the race.

  1. Cale Yarborough
  2. David Pearson
  3. Bobby Allison -3
  4. Donnie Allison -6
  5. Buddy Baker -7
  6. Richard Petty -11
  7. Bobby Isaac -14
  8. James Hylton -23
  9. Friday Hassler -28
  10. Buddy Young -28

Tidewater 300

Main article: 1970 Tidewater 300

The 1970 Tidewater 300 was the final NASCAR race held during its Grand National era. Held at the Langley Field Speedway in Hampton, Virginia (.395 mile paved oval track), the race was decided in a time of one hour and forty minutes with Bobby Allison (a driver/owner sponsoring Coca-Cola) as the race winner. There were 2 cautions (for 10 laps) and 3200 people attended this race.

  1. Bobby Allison
  2. Benny Parsons
  3. Pete Hamilton -1
  4. John Sears -2
  5. James Hylton -3
  6. Neil Castles -5
  7. Elmo Langley -7
  8. J.D. McDuffie -7
  9. Frank Warren -10
  10. Jabe Thomas -10
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