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2004 NFL draft

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Title: 2004 NFL draft  
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Subject: 2003 NFL draft, Randy Starks, List of NFL starting quarterbacks, Philip Rivers, Isaac Sopoaga
Collection: 2004 National Football League Season, National Football League Draft
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2004 NFL draft

2004 NFL draft
General Information
Date(s) April 24–25, 2004
Location Theater at MSG
in New York City, NY
TV coverage (US) ESPN, ESPN2
255 total selections  in 7 rounds
First selection Eli Manning, QB
San Diego Chargers
Mr. Irrelevant Andre Sommersell, LB
Oakland Raiders
Most selections (13) Tennessee Titans
Fewest selections (4) Washington Redskins

The 2004 NFL draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 24–25, 2004 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.[1][2][3] No teams chose to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year.

The draft was shown on ESPN both days and eventually moved to ESPN2 both days. The draft began with the San Diego Chargers selecting Eli Manning who was later traded to the New York Giants in the Manning-Rivers trade. There were 32 compensatory selections distributed among 16 teams, with the Eagles, Rams, and Jets each receiving 4 compensatory picks.[4] The draft set several records, including the most wide receivers selected in the first round, with seven. Another record set by the draft was the most trades in the first round, with twenty-eight trades. The University of Miami set an NFL record for the most first rounders drafted with 6. Ohio State set an NFL draft record having 14 total players selected through all rounds. As of 2012, this draft also has two other records attached to it: it became the draft with the shortest time between having multiple quarterbacks being drafted and starting for Super Bowl winners (Ben Roethlisberger for the 2005 Steelers, and Manning for the 2007 Giants) and it has become the first draft ever to have produced two QBs who each won multiple Super Bowls (with Roethlisberger winning his second in 2008 and Eli his second in 2011). The 255 players chosen in the draft were composed of:

Player selections

* = compensatory selection
^ = supplemental compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler[5]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard HB Halfback K Placekicker KR Kick returner
LB Linebacker LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman
NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback
RB Running back S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback
TE Tight end WR Wide receiver        
Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 San Diego Chargers Manning, EliEli Manning  QB Ole Miss SEC traded to New York Giants[7]
1 2 Oakland Raiders Gallery, RobertRobert Gallery  OT Iowa Big Ten
1 3 Arizona Cardinals Fitzgerald, LarryLarry Fitzgerald  WR Pittsburgh Big East
1 4 New York Giants Rivers, PhilipPhilip Rivers  QB NC State ACC traded to San Diego[8]
1 5 Washington Redskins Taylor, SeanSean Taylor  S Miami (FL) Big East
1 6 Cleveland Browns Winslow II, KellenKellen Winslow II  TE Miami (FL) Big East from Detroit[9]
1 7 Detroit Lions Williams, RoyRoy Williams  WR Texas Big 12 from Cleveland[9]
1 8 Atlanta Falcons Hall, DeAngeloDeAngelo Hall  CB Virginia Tech Big East
1 9 Jacksonville Jaguars Williams, ReggieReggie Williams  WR Washington Pac-10
1 10 Houston Texans Robinson, DuntaDunta Robinson  CB South Carolina SEC
1 11 Pittsburgh Steelers Roethlisberger, BenBen Roethlisberger  QB Miami (OH) MAC
1 12 New York Jets Vilma, JonathanJonathan Vilma  LB Miami (FL) Big East
1 13 Buffalo Bills Evans, LeeLee Evans  WR Wisconsin Big Ten
1 14 Chicago Bears Harris, TommieTommie Harris  DT Oklahoma Big 12
1 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clayton, MichaelMichael Clayton  WR LSU SEC
1 16 Philadelphia Eagles Andrews, ShawnShawn Andrews  G Arkansas SEC from San Francisco[9]
1 17 Denver Broncos Williams, D. J.D. J. Williams  LB Miami (FL) Big East from Cincinnati[9]
1 18 New Orleans Saints Smith, WillWill Smith  DE Ohio State Big Ten
1 19 Miami Dolphins Carey, VernonVernon Carey  OT Miami (FL) Big East from Minnesota[9]
1 20 Minnesota Vikings Udeze, KenechiKenechi Udeze  DE USC Pac-10 from Miami[9]
1 21 New England Patriots Wilfork, VinceVince Wilfork  DT Miami (FL) Big East from Baltimore[9]
1 22 Buffalo Bills Losman, J. P.J. P. Losman  QB Tulane C-USA from Dallas[10]
1 23 Seattle Seahawks Tubbs, MarcusMarcus Tubbs  DT Texas Big 12
1 24 St. Louis Rams Jackson, StevenSteven Jackson  RB Oregon State Pac-10 from Denver via Cincinnati[9]
1 25 Green Bay Packers Carroll, AhmadAhmad Carroll  CB Arkansas SEC
1 26 Cincinnati Bengals Perry, ChrisChris Perry  RB Michigan Big Ten from St. Louis[9]
1 27 Houston Texans Babin, JasonJason Babin  DE Western Michigan MAC from Tennessee[9]
1 28 Carolina Panthers Gamble, ChrisChris Gamble  CB Ohio State Big Ten from Philadelphia via San Francisco[9]
1 29 Atlanta Falcons Jenkins, MichaelMichael Jenkins  WR Ohio State Big Ten from Indianapolis[9]
1 30 Detroit Lions Jones, KevinKevin Jones  RB Virginia Tech Big East from Kansas City[9]
1 31 San Francisco 49ers Woods, RashaunRashaun Woods  WR Oklahoma State Big 12 from Carolina[9]
1 32 New England Patriots Watson, BenjaminBenjamin Watson  TE Georgia SEC
2 33 Arizona Cardinals Dansby, KarlosKarlos Dansby  LB Auburn SEC
2 34 New York Giants Snee, ChrisChris Snee  OT Boston College Big East
2 35 San Diego Chargers Olshansky, IgorIgor Olshansky  DT Oregon Pac-10
2 36 Kansas City Chiefs Siavii, JuniorJunior Siavii  DT Oregon Pac-10 from Detroit[11]
2 37 Detroit Lions Lehman, TeddyTeddy Lehman  LB Oklahoma Big 12 from Cleveland[11]
2 38 Pittsburgh Steelers Colclough, RicardoRicardo Colclough  CB Tusculum SAC from Atlanta via Indianapolis[11]
2 39 Jacksonville Jaguars Smith, DarylDaryl Smith  LB Georgia Tech ACC
2 40 Tennessee Titans Troupe, BenBen Troupe  TE Florida SEC from Houston[11]
2 41 Denver Broncos Bell, TatumTatum Bell  RB Oklahoma State Big 12 from Washington[11]
2 42 Tennessee Titans LaBoy, TravisTravis LaBoy  DE Hawaiʻi WAC from New York Jets[11]
2 43 Dallas Cowboys Jones, JuliusJulius Jones  RB Notre Dame Ind. from Buffalo[12]
2 44 Indianapolis Colts Sanders, BobBob Sanders  SS Iowa Big Ten from Pittsburgh[11]
2 45 Oakland Raiders Grove, JakeJake Grove  C Virginia Tech Big East from Tampa Bay[11]
2 46 San Francisco 49ers Smiley, JustinJustin Smiley  G Alabama SEC
2 47 Chicago Bears Johnson, TankTank Johnson  DT Washington Pac-10
2 48 Minnesota Vikings Thomas, DontarriousDontarrious Thomas  LB Auburn SEC from New Orleans[11]
2 49 Cincinnati Bengals Ratliff, KeiwanKeiwan Ratliff  CB Florida SEC
2 50 New Orleans Saints Henderson, DeveryDevery Henderson  WR LSU SEC from Minnesota[11]
2 51 Baltimore Ravens Edwards, DwanDwan Edwards  DT Oregon State Pac-10
2 52 Dallas Cowboys Rogers, JacobJacob Rogers  OT USC Pac-10
2 53 Seattle Seahawks Boulware, MichaelMichael Boulware  SS Florida State ACC
2 54 Denver Broncos Watts, DariusDarius Watts  WR Marshall MAC
2 55 Jacksonville Jaguars Jones, GregGreg Jones  FB Florida State ACC from Green Bay Packers[13]
2 56 Cincinnati Bengals Williams, MadieuMadieu Williams  FS Maryland ACC from Miami via New England[11]
2 57 Tennessee Titans Odom, AntwanAntwan Odom  DE Alabama SEC
2 58 San Francisco 49ers Spencer, ShawntaeShawntae Spencer  CB Pittsburgh Big East from Philadelphia[11]
2 59 Cleveland Browns Jones, SeanSean Jones  FS Georgia SEC from Indianapolis[11]
2 60 New Orleans Saints Watson, CourtneyCourtney Watson  LB Notre Dame Ind. from St. Louis[11]
2 61 Kansas City Chiefs Wilson, KrisKris Wilson  TE Pittsburgh Big East
2 62 Carolina Panthers Colbert, KearyKeary Colbert  WR USC Pac-10
2 63 New England Patriots Hill, MarquiseMarquise Hill  DE LSU SEC
3 64 Arizona Cardinals Dockett, DarnellDarnell Dockett  DT Florida State ACC
3 65 San Diego Chargers Kaeding, NateNate Kaeding  K Iowa Big Ten from New York Giants[14]
3 66 San Diego Chargers Hardwick, NickNick Hardwick  C Purdue Big Ten
3 67 Oakland Raiders Schweigert, StuartStuart Schweigert  FS Purdue Big Ten
3 68 Indianapolis Colts Hartsock, BenBen Hartsock  TE Ohio State Big Ten from Cleveland[15]
3 69 Indianapolis Colts Gardner, GilbertGilbert Gardner  LB Purdue Big Ten from Atlanta[15]
3 70 Green Bay Packers Thomas, JoeyJoey Thomas  CB Montana State Big Sky from Jacksonville[15]
3 71 Tennessee Titans Starks, RandyRandy Starks  DT Maryland ACC from Houston[15]
3 72 Green Bay Packers Washington, DonnellDonnell Washington  DT Clemson ACC from Washington via Jacksonville[15]
3 73 Detroit Lions Smith, KeithKeith Smith  CB McNeese State Southland
3 74 Buffalo Bills Anderson, TimTim Anderson  DT Ohio State Big Ten
3 75 Pittsburgh Steelers Starks, MaxMax Starks  OT Florida SEC
3 76 New York Jets Strait, DerrickDerrick Strait  CB Oklahoma Big 12
3 77 San Francisco 49ers Hamilton, DerrickDerrick Hamilton  WR Clemson ACC
3 78 Chicago Bears Berrian, BernardBernard Berrian  WR Fresno State WAC
3 79 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cooper, MarquisMarquis Cooper  LB Washington Pac-10
3 80 Cincinnati Bengals Miller, CalebCaleb Miller  LB Arkansas SEC
3 81 Washington Redskins Cooley, ChrisChris Cooley  TE Utah State Sun Belt from New Orleans[15]
3 82 Baltimore Ravens Darling, DevardDevard Darling  WR Washington State Pac-10 from Minnesota[15]
3 83 Dallas Cowboys Peterman, StephenStephen Peterman  G LSU SEC
3 84 Seattle Seahawks Locklear, SeanSean Locklear  G NC State ACC
3 85 Denver Broncos LeSueur, JeremyJeremy LeSueur  CB Michigan Big Ten
3 86 Jacksonville Jaguars Cordova, JorgeJorge Cordova  LB Nevada WAC from Green Bay[15]
3 87 Green Bay Packers Sander, B. J.B. J. Sander  P Ohio State Big Ten from Miami[15]
3 88 Minnesota Vikings Scott, DarrionDarrion Scott  DE Ohio State Big Ten from Baltimore[15]
3 89 Philadelphia Eagles Ware, MattMatt Ware  FS UCLA Pac-10
3 90 Atlanta Falcons Schaub, MattMatt Schaub  QB Virginia ACC from Indianapolis[15]
3 91 St. Louis Rams Hargrove, AnthonyAnthony Hargrove  DE Georgia Tech ACC
3 92 Tennessee Titans Gardner, RichRich Gardner  CB Penn State Big Ten
3 93 Kansas City Chiefs Fox, KeyaronKeyaron Fox  LB Georgia Tech ACC
3 94 Carolina Panthers Wharton, TravelleTravelle Wharton  OT South Carolina SEC
3 95 New England Patriots Scott, GussGuss Scott  SS Florida SEC
3* 96 Cincinnati Bengals Johnson, LandonLandon Johnson  LB Purdue Big Ten
4 97 New York Giants Torbor, ReggieReggie Torbor  DE Auburn SEC
4 98 San Diego Chargers Phillips, ShaunShaun Phillips  DE Purdue Big Ten
4 99 Oakland Raiders Francis, CarlosCarlos Francis  WR Texas Tech Big 12
4 100 Arizona Cardinals Stepanovich, AlexAlex Stepanovich  C Ohio State Big Ten
4 101 Atlanta Falcons Williams, DemorrioDemorrio Williams  LB Nebraska Big 12
4 102 Miami Dolphins Poole, WillWill Poole  CB USC Pac-10 from Jacksonville via Green Bay[16]
4 103 Tennessee Titans Schobel, BoBo Schobel  DE TCU C-USA from Houston[16]
4 104 San Francisco 49ers Sopoaga, IsaacIsaac Sopoaga  DT Hawaiʻi WAC from Washington via New England and Chicago[16]
4 105 Kansas City Chiefs Parker, SamieSamie Parker  WR Oregon Pac-10 from Detroit[16]
4 106 Cleveland Browns McCown, LukeLuke McCown  QB Louisiana Tech WAC
4 107 Indianapolis Colts Pope, KendyllKendyll Pope  LB Florida State ACC from Pittsburgh[16]
4 108 New York Jets Cotchery, JerrichoJerricho Cotchery  WR NC State ACC
4 109 Buffalo Bills Euhus, TimTim Euhus  TE Oregon State Pac-10
4 110 Chicago Bears Vasher, NathanNathan Vasher  CB Texas Big 12
4 111 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Allen, WillWill Allen  FS Ohio State Big Ten
4 112 Chicago Bears Joe, LeonLeon Joe  LB Maryland ACC from San Francisco[16]
4 113 New England Patriots Reid, DexterDexter Reid  FS North Carolina ACC from New Orleans[16]
4 114 Cincinnati Bengals Askew, MatthiasMatthias Askew  DT Michigan State Big Ten
4 115 Minnesota Vikings Dorsey, NatNat Dorsey  OT Georgia Tech ACC
4 116 Seattle Seahawks Koutouvides, NikoNiko Koutouvides  LB Purdue Big Ten
4 117 Cincinnati Bengals Geathers, RobertRobert Geathers  DE Georgia SEC from Denver[16]
4 118 Jacksonville Jaguars Maddox, AnthonyAnthony Maddox  DT Delta State GSC from Green Bay[16]
4 119 Minnesota Vikings Moore, MeweldeMewelde Moore  RB Tulane C-USA from Miami[16]
4 120 Jacksonville Jaguars Wilford, ErnestErnest Wilford  WR Virginia Tech Big East from Baltimore[16]
4 121 Dallas Cowboys Thornton, BruceBruce Thornton  CB Georgia SEC
4 122 Houston Texans Earl, GlennGlenn Earl  SS Notre Dame Ind. from Indianapolis[16]
4 123 Cincinnati Bengals Andrews, StacyStacy Andrews  OT Ole Miss SEC from St. Louis[16]
4 124 Tennessee Titans Waddell, MichaelMichael Waddell  CB North Carolina ACC
4 125 Indianapolis Colts David, JasonJason David  CB Washington State Pac-10 from Philadelphia via Atlanta[16]
4 126 Kansas City Chiefs Allen, JaredJared Allen  DE Idaho State Big Sky
4 127 San Francisco 49ers Seigler, RichardRichard Seigler  LB Oregon State Pac-10 from Carolina[16]
4 128 New England Patriots Cobbs, CedricCedric Cobbs  RB Arkansas SEC
4* 129 Philadelphia Eagles Reed, J. R.J. R. Reed  FS South Florida C-USA
4* 130 St. Louis Rams Chillar, BrandonBrandon Chillar  LB UCLA Pac-10
4* 131 Philadelphia Eagles Darilek, TreyTrey Darilek  G UTEP WAC
4* 132 New York Jets Jones, AdrianAdrian Jones  OT Kansas Big 12
5 133 San Diego Chargers Ball, DaveDave Ball  DE UCLA Pac-10
5 134 Oakland Raiders Morant, JohnnieJohnnie Morant  WR Syracuse Big East
5 135 Arizona Cardinals Smith, AntonioAntonio Smith  DE Oklahoma State Big 12
5 136 New York Giants Wilson, GibrilGibril Wilson  S Tennessee SEC
5 137 Jacksonville Jaguars Scobee, JoshJosh Scobee  K Louisiana Tech WAC
5 138 Tennessee Titans Bell, JacobJacob Bell  G Miami (OH) MAC from Houston[17]
5 139 New Orleans Saints Leisle, RodneyRodney Leisle  DT UCLA Pac-10 from Washington[17]
5 140 Detroit Lions Lewis, AlexAlex Lewis  LB Wisconsin Big Ten
5 141 Indianapolis Colts Scott, JakeJake Scott  G Idaho Sun Belt from Cleveland[17]
5 142 Atlanta Falcons Lavalais, ChadChad Lavalais  DT LSU SEC
5 143 New York Jets Coleman, ErikErik Coleman  S Washington State Pac-10
5 144 Dallas Cowboys Ryan, SeanSean Ryan  TE Boston College Big East from Buffalo[18]
5 145 Pittsburgh Steelers Adibi, NathanielNathaniel Adibi  LB Virginia Tech Big East
5 146 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Terry, JebJeb Terry  G North Carolina ACC
5 147 Chicago Bears Harriott, ClaudeClaude Harriott  DE Pittsburgh Big East from San Francisco[19]
5 148 Chicago Bears Krenzel, CraigCraig Krenzel  QB Ohio State Big Ten
5 149 Cincinnati Bengals Mann, MauriceMaurice Mann  WR Nevada WAC
5 150 Jacksonville Jaguars Thompson, ChrisChris Thompson  CB Nicholls State Southland from New Orleans[17]
5 151 Washington Redskins Wilson, MarkMark Wilson  OT California Pac-10 from Minnesota via New Orleans[19]
5 152 Denver Broncos Shoate, JeffJeff Shoate  CB San Diego State MWC
5 153 Baltimore Ravens Green, RoderickRoderick Green  DE Central Missouri State MIAA from Green Bay via Miami[19]
5 154 San Diego Chargers Turner, MichaelMichael Turner  RB Northern Illinois MAC from Miami[17]
5 155 Minnesota Vikings Davis, RodRod Davis  LB Southern Miss C-USA from Baltimore[19]
5 156 New Orleans Saints Karney, MikeMike Karney  FB Arizona State Pac-10 from Dallas[17]
5 157 Seattle Seahawks Hackett, D. J.D. J. Hackett  WR Colorado Big 12
5 158 St. Louis Rams Shivers, JasonJason Shivers  S Arizona State Pac-10
5 159 Jacksonville Jaguars Bubin, SeanSean Bubin  OT Illinois Big Ten from Tennessee via Houston[17]
5 160 Miami Dolphins Bua, TonyTony Bua  S Arkansas SEC from Philadelphia via Baltimore[19]
5 161 Cleveland Browns Gordon, AmonAmon Gordon  DT Stanford Pac-10 from Indianapolis[17]
5 162 Philadelphia Eagles Tapeh, ThomasThomas Tapeh  FB Minnesota Big Ten from Kansas City[17]
5 163 Carolina Panthers Carter, DrewDrew Carter  WR Ohio State Big Ten
5 164 New England Patriots Sam, P. K.P. K. Sam  WR Florida State ACC
5* 165 Tennessee Titans Reynolds, RobRob Reynolds  LB Ohio State Big Ten
6 166 Oakland Raiders Johnson, ShawnShawn Johnson  DE Delaware A-10
6 167 Arizona Cardinals Leckey, NickNick Leckey  C Kansas State Big 12
6 168 New York Giants Taylor, JamaarJamaar Taylor  WR Texas A&M Big 12
6 169 San Diego Chargers Krause, RyanRyan Krause  TE Nebraska-Omaha NCC
6 170 Houston Texans Duff, VontezVontez Duff  CB Notre Dame Ind.
6 171 Denver Broncos Luke, TriandosTriandos Luke  WR Alabama SEC from Washington[20]
6 172 Detroit Lions Butler, KellyKelly Butler  OT Purdue Big Ten
6 173 Indianapolis Colts Hutchins, VonVon Hutchins  CB Ole Miss SEC from Cleveland[21]
6 174 Miami Dolphins Hadnot, RexRex Hadnot  G Houston C-USA from Atlanta[20]
6 175 Houston Texans Lord, JammalJammal Lord  RB Nebraska Big 12 from Jacksonville[21]
6 176 Cleveland Browns Chambers, KirkKirk Chambers  OT Stanford Pac-10 from Buffalo[21]
6 177 Pittsburgh Steelers Lacy, BoBo Lacy  OT Arkansas SEC
6 178 New York Jets Cavka, MarkoMarko Cavka  OT Sacramento State Big Sky
6 179 Green Bay Packers Williams, CoreyCorey Williams  DT Arkansas State Sun Belt from San Francisco[21]
6 180 Washington Redskins Molinaro, JimJim Molinaro  OT Notre Dame Ind. from Chicago[21]
6 181 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lawrie, NateNate Lawrie  TE Yale Ivy
6 182 Oakland Raiders Spencer, CodyCody Spencer  LB North Texas Sun Belt from New Orleans via Dallas[21]
6 183 Cincinnati Bengals Brooks, GregGreg Brooks  CB Southern Miss C-USA
6 184 Minnesota Vikings Eiland, Deandre'Deandre' Eiland  S South Carolina SEC
6 185 Philadelphia Eagles Hall, AndyAndy Hall  QB Delaware A-10 from Green Bay[21]
6 186 Atlanta Falcons Pruitt, EtricEtric Pruitt  S Southern Miss C-USA from Miami[21]
6 187 Baltimore Ravens Harris, JoshJosh Harris  QB Bowling Green MAC
6 188 San Francisco 49ers Lee, AndyAndy Lee  P Pittsburgh Big East from Dallas via Green Bay[21]
6 189 Seattle Seahawks Terrill, CraigCraig Terrill  DT Purdue Big Ten
6 190 Denver Broncos Sewell, JoshJosh Sewell  C Nebraska Big 12
6 191 Tennessee Titans Fleming, TroyTroy Fleming  FB Tennessee SEC
6 192 Philadelphia Eagles Wynn, DexterDexter Wynn  CB Colorado State MWC
6 193 Indianapolis Colts Sorgi, JimJim Sorgi  QB Wisconsin Big Ten
6 194 Pittsburgh Steelers Kranchick, MattMatt Kranchick  TE Penn State Big Ten from St. Louis[21]
6 195 Kansas City Chiefs McIntyre, JerisJeris McIntyre  WR Auburn SEC
6 196 Carolina Panthers Tufts, SeanSean Tufts  LB Colorado Big 12
6 197 Pittsburgh Steelers Caylor, DrewDrew Caylor  C Stanford Pac-10 from New England[21]
6* 198 San Francisco 49ers Lewis, KeithKeith Lewis  S Oregon Pac-10
6* 199 Baltimore Ravens Moore, ClarenceClarence Moore  WR Northern Arizona Big Sky
6* 200 Houston Texans Anderson, CharlieCharlie Anderson  LB Ole Miss SEC
6* 201 St. Louis Rams Smoker, JeffJeff Smoker  QB Michigan State Big Ten
7 202 Arizona Cardinals Navarre, JohnJohn Navarre  QB Michigan Big Ten
7 203 New York Giants Strojny, DrewDrew Strojny  OT Duke ACC
7 204 San Diego Chargers Bingham, RyonRyon Bingham  DT Nebraska Big 12
7 205 Dallas Cowboys Jones, NathanNathan Jones  CB Rutgers Big East from Oakland[22]
7 206 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jones, MarkMark Jones  WR Tennessee SEC from Washington via New Orleans and Dallas[22]
7 207 Buffalo Bills McFarland, DylanDylan McFarland  OT Montana Big Sky from Detroit[22]
7 208 Cleveland Browns Echemandu, AdimchinobiAdimchinobi Echemandu  RB California Pac-10
7 209 San Diego Chargers Olivea, ShaneShane Olivea  OT Ohio State Big Ten from Atlanta[22]
7 210 Houston Texans Orr, RaheemRaheem Orr  LB Rutgers Big East from Jacksonville[22]
7 211 Houston Texans Thomas, SloanSloan Thomas  WR Texas Big 12
7 212 Pittsburgh Steelers Taylor, EricEric Taylor  DE Memphis C-USA
7 213 New York Jets McClover, DarrellDarrell McClover  LB Miami (FL) Big East
7 214 Buffalo Bills Smith, JonathanJonathan Smith  WR Georgia Tech ACC
7 215 Chicago Bears Marshall, AlfonsoAlfonso Marshall  CB Miami (FL) Big East
7 216 Dallas Cowboys Crayton, PatrickPatrick Crayton  WR NW Oklahoma State CSFL from Tampa Bay[22]
7 217 San Francisco 49ers Pickett, CodyCody Pickett  QB Washington Pac-10
7 218 Cincinnati Bengals Bramlet, CaseyCasey Bramlet  QB Wyoming MWC
7 219 Atlanta Falcons Wilson, QuincyQuincy Wilson  RB West Virginia Big East from New Orleans via Miami[22]
7 220 Minnesota Vikings Dugan, JeffJeff Dugan  TE Maryland ACC
7 221 Miami Dolphins Pape, TonyTony Pape  OT Michigan Big Ten
7 222 Miami Dolphins Pope, DerrickDerrick Pope  LB Alabama SEC from Baltimore[22]
7 223 Dallas Cowboys Reeves, JacquesJacques Reeves  CB Purdue Big Ten from Dallas via Oakland[22]
7 224 Seattle Seahawks Jones, DonnieDonnie Jones  P LSU SEC
7 225 Denver Broncos Mauck, MattMatt Mauck  QB LSU SEC
7 226 San Francisco 49ers Ferrara, ChristianChristian Ferrara  DT Syracuse Big East from Green Bay Packers[22]
7 227 Philadelphia Eagles Clarke, AdrienAdrien Clarke  G Ohio State Big Ten
7 228 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cramer, CaseyCasey Cramer  FB Dartmouth Ivy from Indianapolis[22]
7 229 Indianapolis Colts Kimball, DavidDavid Kimball  K Penn State Big Ten
7 230 Tennessee Titans Clauss, JaredJared Clauss  DT Iowa Big Ten
7 231 Kansas City Chiefs Sampson, KevinKevin Sampson  OT Syracuse Big East
7 232 Carolina Panthers Gaines, MichaelMichael Gaines  TE UCF MAC
7 233 New England Patriots Morton, ChristianChristian Morton  CB Illinois Big Ten
7* 234 New York Jets Johnson, TrevorTrevor Johnson  DE Nebraska Big 12
7* 235 New York Giants Ward, DerrickDerrick Ward  RB Ottawa (Kan.) KCAC
7* 236 New York Jets Washington, RashadRashad Washington  SS Kansas State Big 12
7* 237 St. Louis Rams Jensen, ErikErik Jensen  TE Iowa Big Ten
7* 238 St. Louis Rams Turner, LarryLarry Turner  G Eastern Kentucky OVC
7* 239 Tennessee Titans Amano, EugeneEugene Amano  C SE Missouri State OVC
7* 240 New Orleans Saints Bockwoldt, ColbyColby Bockwoldt  LB BYU MWC
7* 241 Tennessee Titans McHugh, SeanSean McHugh  TE Penn State Big Ten
7* 242 Philadelphia Eagles Perry, BruceBruce Perry  RB Maryland ACC
7* 243 Philadelphia Eagles Furio, DominicDominic Furio  C UNLV MWC
7* 244 Baltimore Ravens Abney, DerekDerek Abney  WR Kentucky SEC
7* 245 Oakland Raiders Anderson, CourtneyCourtney Anderson  TE San Jose State WAC
7* 246 Baltimore Ravens Rimpf, BrianBrian Rimpf  G East Carolina C-USA
7* 247 Denver Broncos Miree, BrandonBrandon Miree  RB Pittsburgh Big East
7* 248 Houston Texans Symons, B. J.B. J. Symons  QB Texas Tech Big 12
7* 249 Jacksonville Jaguars McCray, BobbyBobby McCray  DE Florida SEC
7* 250 Denver Broncos Van Pelt, BradleeBradlee Van Pelt  QB Colorado State MWC
7* 251 Green Bay Packers Wells, ScottScott Wells  G Tennessee SEC
7* 252 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Williams, LennyLenny Williams  CB Southern SWAC
7^ 253 New York Giants Hilton, IsaacIsaac Hilton  DE Hampton MEAC
7^ 254 San Diego Chargers Joseph, CarlosCarlos Joseph  OT Miami (FL) Big East
7^ 255 Oakland Raiders Sommersell, AndreAndre Sommersell  LB Colorado State MWC

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler[5]
Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Baltimore Ravens Muhlbach, DonDon Muhlbach  LS Texas A&M Big 12 Longtime long snapper for the Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens Sams, B.J.B.J. Sams  WR McNeese State Southland
Buffalo Bills Greer, JabariJabari Greer  CB Tennessee SEC
Buffalo Bills Peters, JasonJason Peters  TE/OT Arkansas SEC
Chicago Bears Cain, JeremyJeremy Cain  LS Massachusetts A-10
Dallas Cowboys Copper, TerranceTerrance Copper  WR East Carolina C-USA
Dallas Cowboys Fowler, RyanRyan Fowler  LB Duke ACC
Dallas Cowboys Polite, LousakaLousaka Polite  FB Pittsburgh Big East
Denver Broncos Clabo, TysonTyson Clabo  OT Wake Forest Demon ACC
Detroit Lions Wilson, GeorgeGeorge Wilson  S Arkansas SEC
Green Bay Packers Leach, VontaVonta Leach  FB East Carolina C-USA
Kansas City Chiefs Lilja, RyanRyan Lilja  G Kansas State Big 12
Kansas City Chiefs Sapp, BennyBenny Sapp  CB Northern Iowa Gateway
Minnesota Vikings Herrera, AnthonyAnthony Herrera  G Tennessee SEC
Minnesota Vikings Johnson, SpencerSpencer Johnson  DT Auburn SEC
New England Patriots Gay, RandallRandall Gay  CB LSU SEC
Oakland Raiders Kelly, TommyTommy Kelly  DT Mississippi State SEC
Pittsburgh Steelers Parker, WillieWillie Parker  RB North Carolina ACC
San Diego Chargers Floyd, MalcomMalcom Floyd  WR Wyoming MWC
San Diego Chargers Welker, WesWes Welker  WR Texas Tech Big 12
San Francisco 49ers Adams, MikeMike Adams  S Delaware A-10
Seattle Seahawks Babineaux, JordanJordan Babineaux  S Southern Arkansas GSC

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