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2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony flag bearers


2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony flag bearers

During the closing ceremony in Vancouver, the 82 nations selected one member of their delegation to be the flagbearer. Some countries for example, Albania chose the same athlete (Erjon Tola) as the opening ceremony. On the other hand, some countries such as Algeria had already left the Olympic village, and therefore had its NOC assistant carry the flag.[1]

Countries and flagbearers

Below is a list of all parading countries with their announced flag bearer, sorted in the order in which they appeared in the parade. This is sortable by country name under which they entered, the flag bearer's name, or the flag bearer's sport. Names are given as were officially designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
No. Country Flag bearer Sport
1  Greece (GRE) Vassilis Dimitriadis Alpine skiing
2  Albania (ALB) Tola, ErjonErjon Tola Alpine skiing
3  Algeria (ALG) NOC assistant
4  Andorra (AND) Mireia Gutiérrez Alpine skiing
5  Argentina (ARG) Rubén González Luge
6  Armenia (ARM) Sergey Mikayelyan Cross-country skiing
7  Australia (AUS) Lydia Lassila Freestyle skiing
8  Austria (AUT) Nina Reithmayer Luge
9  Azerbaijan (AZE) Konul Nurullayera Chef de mission
10  Belarus (BLR) Leanid Karneyenka Cross-country skiing
11  Belgium (BEL) Pieter Gysel Short track speed skating
12  Bermuda (BER) Murphy, TuckerTucker Murphy Cross-country skiing
13  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) Marko Rudić Alpine skiing
14  Brazil (BRA) Jaqueline Mourão Cross-country skiing
15  Bulgaria (BUL) Evgenia Radanova Short track speed skating
16  Cayman Islands (CAY) Travers, DowDow Travers Alpine skiing
17  Chile (CHI) Noelle Barahona Alpine skiing
18  China (CHN) Zhao Hongbo Figure skating
19  Colombia (COL) Denzler, CynthiaCynthia Denzler Alpine skiing
20  Croatia (CRO) Ivan Šola Bobsleigh
21  Cyprus (CYP) Papamichalopoulou, SophiaSophia Papamichalopoulou Alpine skiing
22  Czech Republic (CZE) Martina Sáblíková Speed skating
23  North Korea (PRK) (Dem. People's Rep. of Korea) Ri Song Chol Figure skating
24  Denmark (DEN) Johnny Frederiksen Curling
25  Estonia (EST) Kristina Šmigun-Vähi Cross-country skiing
26  Ethiopia (ETH) Teklemariam, RobelRobel Teklemariam Cross-country skiing
27  Finland (FIN) Tanja Poutiainen Alpine skiing
28  Macedonia (MKD) (Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia) Ristevski, AntonioAntonio Ristevski Alpine skiing
29  France (FRA) Sandrine Bailly Biathlon
30   (GEO) Elene Gedevanishvili Figure skating
31  Germany (GER) Magdalena Neuner Biathlon
32  Ghana (GHA) Nkrumah-Acheampong, KwameKwame Nkrumah-Acheampong Alpine skiing
33  Great Britain (GBR) Amy Williams Skeleton
34  Hong Kong (HKG) Han Yueshuang Short track speed skating
35  Hungary (HUN) Erika Huszár Short track speed skating
36  Iceland (ISL) Stefan Jon Sigurgeirsson Alpine skiing
37  India (IND) Tashi Lundup Cross-country skiing
38  Iran (IRI) (Islamic Rep. of Iran) Hossein Saveh-Shemshaki Alpine skiing
39  Ireland (IRL) Shane O'Connor Alpine skiing
40  Israel (ISR) Mykhaylo Renzhyn Alpine skiing
41  Italy (ITA) Giuliano Razzoli Alpine skiing
42  Jamaica (JAM) Kerr, ErrolErrol Kerr Freestyle skiing
43  Japan (JPN) Mao Asada Figure skating
44  Kazakhstan (KAZ) Alexey Poltoranin Cross-country skiing
45  South Korea (KOR) (Rep. of Korea) Mo Tae-bum Speed skating
46  Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) Trelevski, DmitryDmitry Trelevski Alpine skiing
47  Latvia (LAT) Haralds Silovs Short track speed skating
Speed skating
48  Lebanon (LIB) Ghassan Achi Alpine skiing
49  Liechtenstein (LIE) Thomas Duerr Bobsleigh
50  Lithuania (LTU) Mantas Strolia Cross-country skiing
51  Mexico (MEX) Hohenlohe, Hubertus vonHubertus von Hohenlohe Alpine skiing
52  Moldova (MDA) Pinzaru, VictorVictor Pinzaru Biathlon
53  Monaco (MON) Patrice Servelle Bobsleigh
54  Mongolia (MGL) Khürelbaataryn Khash-Erdene Cross-country skiing
55  Montenegro (MNE) Kosić, BojanBojan Kosić Alpine skiing
56  Morocco (MAR) Abdenbi Lerhenane Chef de mission
57  Nepal (NEP) Sherpa, DachhiriDachhiri Sherpa Cross-country skiing
58  Netherlands (NED) Sven Kramer Speed skating
59  New Zealand (NZL) Ben Sandford Skeleton
60  Norway (NOR) Petter Northug Cross-country skiing
61  Pakistan (PAK) Abbas, MuhammadMuhammad Abbas Alpine skiing
62  Peru (PER) Carcelen, RobertoRoberto Carcelen Cross-country skiing
63  Poland (POL) Katarzyna Bachleda-Curuś Speed skating
64  Portugal (POR) Silva, DannyDanny Silva Cross-country skiing
65  Romania (ROU) Tófalvi, ÉvaÉva Tófalvi Biathlon
66  Russia (RUS) (Russian Federation) Ivan Skobrev Speed skating
67  San Marino (SMR) Gian Luca Borgagni Chef de mission
68  Senegal (SEN) Seck, LeytiLeyti Seck Alpine skiing
69  Serbia (SRB) Vuk Rađenović Bobsleigh
70  Slovakia (SVK) Pavol Hurajt Biathlon
71  Slovenia (SLO) Mitja Valenčič Alpine skiing
72  South Africa (RSA) Alex Heath Coach – Alpine skiing
73  Spain (ESP) Laura Orgué Cross-country skiing
74  Sweden (SWE) Marcus Hellner Cross-country skiing
75  Switzerland (SUI) Dario Cologna Cross-country skiing
76  Chinese Taipei (TPE) Ma Chih-hung Luge
77  Tajikistan (TJK) Alisher Qudraton Official
78  Turkey (TUR) Tuğba Karademir Figure skating
79  Ukraine (UKR) Valentina Shevchenko Cross-country skiing
80  United States (USA) Bill Demong Nordic combined
81  Uzbekistan (UZB) Shamaev, OlegOleg Shamaev Alpine skiing
82  Canada (CAN) Joannie Rochette Figure skating


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