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2011 Chaozhou riot

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Title: 2011 Chaozhou riot  
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Subject: 2011 in China, 2011 Zengcheng riot, 2008 Tibetan unrest, Chaozhou, History of Guangdong
Collection: 2011 in China, 2011 Riots, Chaozhou, History of Guangdong, Protests in China, Riots and Civil Disorder in China
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2011 Chaozhou riot

The 2011 Chaozhou riot (Chinese: 潮州6·6事件) began on the night of Duanwu Festival June 6, 2011 in Guxiang (古巷镇) Chao'an County, Chaozhou, Guangdong, People's Republic of China.[1][2]


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On June 1 a wage dispute took place at the Huayi Ceramics Factory (华意陶瓷厂) in Chao'an.[3] A Sichuan migrant worker couple and their son surnamed Xiong (熊), from Zhongjiang County Sichuan, went to the factory demanding unpaid wages of about 2,000 yuan.[2][3]

The father argued with the boss of the factory and was hurt in the forehead.[2] His 19-year old son Xiong suffered cuts to the feet and hands after being attacked by two employees of the factory.[4]

The boss of the factory surnamed Su (苏), surrendered Saturday and confessed to the crime.[3] He owed 61 workers 800,000 yuan in unpaid wages.[4] The other two suspects who carried out the attack were also arrested by the police.[3][5]


By June 2 more and more Sichuan citizens from nearby areas began gathering for a movement.[2] A few people in the beginning increased to thousands of people.[2]

By June 6 a protest was held at Guxiang involving 200 migrant workers at around 10pm.[6] This turned into a riot with 18 people injured, 9 detained. One vehicle was set on fire, 3 cars were destroyed and 15 cars were damaged during the clash.[7]

The tension between Chaozhou and Sichuan citizens have escalated to the point where the situation has been described as "Battle of Chaozhou".[8] Different community groups have come out to protect themselves. There are fears of Sichuan citizens bombing their gas stations in Chaozhou. And fears of Chaozhou citizens in Sichuan getting attacked.[8]

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