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2015 Haiti Carnival stampede


2015 Haiti Carnival stampede

2015 Haiti Carnival stampede
Time 2:48 AM
Date February 17, 2015 (2015-02-17)
Location Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Deaths 18 (15 men + 3 women)
Non-fatal injuries 78
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On February 17, 2015, starting at around 2:48 AM,[1] a stampede occurred during the traditional Mardi Gras parade on Champ de Mars in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. Initial reports stated that at least 16 people had died in the accident.[2] The number was revised to 18 dead (15 men and 3 women) according to the Haitian Minister of Communications, Rotchild François Junior.[3] Nadia Lochard, of the Department of Civil Protection, stated that 20 people were killed in the accident.[4] In addition, 78 people were injured, according to Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul.[4]

The stampede occurred after a man participating on top of a Carnival float during the Mardi Gras was shocked by high-voltage wires. Video footage of the incident shows visible sparks that triggered the stampede.[5] The man, known by his stage name Fantom, and part of the Haitian hip hop band Barikad Crew, survived the shock[4] and was in stable condition.[6]


Prime Minister Paul declared three days of official mourning for Haiti in response to the accident, and government officials announced a state funeral and vigil for the victims, which was held on February 21, 2015.[4] Paul also said that a silent parade would be held along the Champ de Mars, where the accident occurred.[7]

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