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3M-51 Alfa

P-900A 3M51 Alfa AFM-L
Type Anti-ship missile
Place of origin  Russia
Service history
In service project , experimental
Used by  Russian Navy
Production history
Designer OKB-52/NPO Mashinostroyeniya Chelomey
Designed atleast within 2004
Manufacturer NPO Mashinostroyeniya , NPO Novator ; KTRV others ?
Produced under development project

2,600 kg (5,730 lb.) ship, submarine and coastal ? ;launched variants

1,600 kg. (3,527 lb.) air-launched variant ?
Length 8.0 m ?
Warhead 300 kg (661 lb) , 200 400 or more , HE TB FAE , TNW (100 <600 kt my estim) , other HE warhead type

Engine scramjet , ramjet , maybe with solid \ liquid rocket , turbofan version can be made , Turbojet + Rocket ?
Propellant Liquid , solid
250 km
Speed hypersonic (M 4 6 to < 10 15 M +-) , atleast in terminal phase (gs source cruise subsonic, attack Mach 2.5 - 700 m/s)
Active Radar (also can be TERCOM , sensors like IR , CCD TV camera Electro-Optical ,other)
naval ships, submarines, Transporter erector launchers ; can be Air Launched like for other SLCM , AShM

The P-900 Alfa (or also P-900A Alfa ) П-900 3М51 Альфа Alfa AFM-L , GRAU designation 3M51 , anti ship missile (with LACM capabilities) development from 3M14 3M51 SS-N-30 with P-800 Oniks P-700 Granit engine type , sub ships coastal . , can be operated on new Yasen submarine class , can be loaded on ships , coastal versions AShM . Developed at NPO Mashinostroyeniya . Alfa is designated also Novator KTRV Morinform Agat 3M54 3M54E P-900


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