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A16 autoroute

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Title: A16 autoroute  
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Subject: Amiens, A26 autoroute, Autoroutes of France, Route nationale 184, Francilienne
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A16 autoroute

The A16 autoroute – also known as L'Européenne and forming between Abbeville and Dunkirk a part of the larger Autoroute des estuaires – is a motorway in northern France.

The motorway, which has a total length of 319 km (198 mi), starts at L'Isle-Adam in Île-de-France and ends at the Belgian frontier near Bray-Dunes, serving en route Beauvais, Amiens and Abbeville in Picardy, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais and Dunkirk in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. From Abbeville, the A16 runs parallel to the English Channel and then the North Sea coast.

The motorway was built in the 1990s to relieve the congested RN1 between Paris and the Côte d'Opale (Boulogne and Calais). Between L'Isle-Adam and Boulogne it is operated by the Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l'Est de la France (SANEF) and is tolled. From Boulogne to the Belgian border the road is managed by the Direction Départementale de l'Équipement (DDE), which does not impose a toll.


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List of junctions

Junction number & name Northbound exits Southbound exits
RN1, RN184, Presles RN1, RN184
RD 922, RN1, L'Île-Adam, Mours, Beaumont-sur-Oise RD 922, RN1, L'Île-Adam, Mours, Beaumont-sur-Oise
RD 924, Persan, Chambly
 13  RD105, Méru RD105, Méru
 14  Beauveais sud RN1, Beauvais RN1, Beauvais
Beauvais RN31, Beauvais RN31, Beauvais
 Aire de repos du Chêne Peuquet
 16 RD930, Breteuil, Hardivillers-en-Vexin RD930, Breteuil, Hardivillers-en-Vexin
 Aire de repos de laVallée de la Selle
 17 A29 A29
 18  RN29, Amiens, Salouël RN29, Amiens, Salouël
 28.1 A29 A29
 19  Amiens Amiens
 20  RN1, Amiens RN1, Amiens
 Aire de repos de Vignacourt
 21  RN1, Ville-le-Marclet RN1, Ville-le-Marclet
 Aire de repos du Haut Clocher
 22  Abbeville est RD925, Abbeville RD925, Abbeville
 23 Abbeville nord A28 A28
 24  Côte Picarde RN1, RD32 Forest-Montiers, Nouvion RN1, RD32 Forest-Montiers, Nouvion
 Aire de repos du Bois de la Commanderie
 25  RD303 Berck-Plage RD303 Berck-Plage
 26  RN39, Le Touquet RN39, Le Touquet
 Aire de repos des Falaises de Widehem
 27  RD308, Hardelot-Plage RD308, Hardelot-Plage
 28  Boulogne sud RN1, Hesdin-l'Abbé RN1, Hesdin-l'Abbé
 29  Boulogne centre RN1, Boulogne-sur-Mer RN1, Boulogne-sur-Mer
 30  RD341, Boulogne-sur-Mer
 31  RN42 RN42
 32  Boulogne nord Boulogne-sur-Mer Boulogne-sur-Mer
 33  RD940, Wimereux RD940, Wimereux
 34  Wacquinghen
 Aire de repos de L'Épitre
 35 RD241, Marquise
 36  RD191, Marquise RD191, Marquise
 37 Saint-Inglevert
 Aire de repos Les Deux Caps
 38  Saint-Inglevert
 39  RD243, Bonningues-lès-Calais RD243, Bonningues-lès-Calais
 40  RD215, Peuplingues, Fréthun RD215, Peuplingues, Fréthun
 41  Channel Tunnel, Coquelles Channel Tunnel, Coquelles
 42  Channel Tunnel, Coquelles Channel Tunnel, Coquelles
 43  RD305, Calais RD305, Calais
 44  Calais Calais
 45  Entrance only
 46  RN43, Calais RN43, Calais
 47 A26 A26
 Aire de repos du Beau Marais
 48  RD247, Marck RD247, Marck
 49  Marck Marck
 Aire de repos d'Offekerque
 50  RD219, Nouvelle-Eglise RD219, Nouvelle-Eglise
 51  RD218, Saint-Folquin RD218, Saint-Folquin
Change of numbering

Future extensions

It is projected to extend the A16 south to the Francilienne, the outer Parisian ringroad. Studies were meant to be finalised in Spring 2006.

Public enquiry will take place during the end of the year 2006. The objective is to begin construction of the extension in 2009 and to open the new extension in 2012. This new 8.5 km (5.3 mi) long section wil be operated by the SANEF.

Street lighting

Since 2007, around 70 km (43 mi) of central reservation lights have been switched off, in particular around the Calais and Dunkerque areas. Authorities claim that the result is a significant decrease in the number of accidents. However, the road is now quite difficult to use at night for those unfamiliar with it, especially around Calais where there are numerous junctions close together serving the Channel Tunnel, the Port of Calais (A26 intersection) and all the hypermarkets and shopping centres in between. The lack of lighting on the motorway, and also to the gantry signs, makes it difficult to navigate. This is made worse by the fact that the lighting on the surrounding roads remains switched on, making the motorway itself seem even darker. Unfamiliar users are urged to be cautious.

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