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AFAS Stadion

AFAS Stadion
Victorie Stadion
Full name AFAS Stadion
Former names DSB Stadion (2006–2009), AZ Stadion (2009-2010)
Location Alkmaar, Netherlands
Capacity 17,023[1]
Opened August 4, 2006
Construction cost €38 million[2]
AZ (Eredivisie)

AFAS Stadion, formerly called DSB Stadion is a stadium in Alkmaar, Netherlands. It is used for football matches and is the home stadium of AZ. The stadium is able to hold 17,023 people and it officially opened on August 4, 2006 with a friendly against Arsenal. AZ lost the match 3–0, with Gilberto Silva scoring the stadium's first ever goal. The first Eredivisie game against NAC Breda was won 8–1 by the home team with the German midfielder Simon Cziommer scoring a hat-trick.

AFAS Stadion replaces the club's former ground, Alkmaarder Hout. The main stand is called Victorie Tribune, the stand with the fanatic supporters is called Van der Ben Tribune (Ben-Side), the stand behind the other goal is called Westzijde, and the stand opposite to the main stand is called Molenaar Tribune after the brothers Cees and Klaas Molenaar, founders of AZ.[3] The official name is AFAS Stadion, but some supporters call it Victorie Stadion, a name that alludes to the turning point victory over Spanish troops besieging Alkmaar during the Eighty Years' War.

In order to further grow the club’s budget the AZ Board decided to extend the capacity of the new stadium to minimum 30,000 seats. The extension will be realised to construct a 2nd tier to three of the four stands. The main stand with all technical areas, VIP & sponsor and media facilities will remain in place. The club planned to start construction in the 3rd quarter of 2010 in order for the stadium to be commissioned in time for the 2011–2012 season. But as of 2015, none of the planned construction has taken place.


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  • (Dutch) AZ official site on the stadium, general information

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Panoramic view of the DSB Stadion

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