Akdeniz, Mersin

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Coordinates: 36°48′23″N 34°37′13″E / 36.80639°N 34.62028°E / 36.80639; 34.62028Coordinates: 36°48′23″N 34°37′13″E / 36.80639°N 34.62028°E / 36.80639; 34.62028

Country Turkey
Province Mersin
 • Mayor Mehmet Fazıl Türk (BDP)
 • Kaymakam Bekir Atmaca
Population ()
 • Urban
 • District
Post code 331xx

Akdeniz is a municipality and district governorate in Greater Mersin, Turkey. Mersin is one of the 16 metropolitan centers in Turkey with more than one municipality within city borders. Now in Mersin there are four second-level municipalities in addition to Greater Mersin (büyükşehir) municipality.


Mersin was declared metropolitan center in 1993. In the first phase the city was divided into three parts. The municipality of Akdeniz was established in 1993 as a secondary level municipality and the corresponding district governorate was established in 2008.


Akdeniz compose the center and east of Greater Mersin at about 36°48′N 34°38′E / 36.800°N 34.633°E / 36.800; 34.633. Among the other intercity municipalities Toroslar is in the north and Yenişehir is in the west of Akdeniz. The south is bounded by Mediterranean sea and the west is bounded by Müftü River.[1]


According to 2011 figures the population of Akdeniz is 275 206. ( 138.631 male and 136.575 female citizens.) [2] Approximately, % 33 of Mersin citizens live in Akdeniz.


Most of government offices as well as the seats of Mersin governor and the mayor of Greater Mersin are in Akdeniz. Akdeniz also hosts most of the business quarters of the city. Mersin railway station, harbour, free port and maritime authority, as well as, shipping and customs agencies are in Akdeniz. The port of Mersin is the biggest in Turkey. It is especially used for export. In the port area there is a 100 000 tonnes grain silo and a fertiliser factory. East of Akdeniz is industrial region, with a petrolium refinery and factories of glass, cement, ferrochrome and soda.[3]

Rural area

There are 8 villages in the rural area of Akdeniz. The total population of the district is (urban and rural) 281,157 [2]

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