Location in Kerala, India

Coordinates: 10°38′53″N 76°32′18″E / 10.64806°N 76.53833°E / 10.64806; 76.53833Coordinates: 10°38′53″N 76°32′18″E / 10.64806°N 76.53833°E / 10.64806; 76.53833

Country  India
State Kerala
District Palakkad
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 678541
Telephone code 04922
Vehicle registration KL-49
Nearest city Palakkad
Lok Sabha constituency Alathur
Vidhan Sabha constituency Alathur

Alathur is a small town in the Palakkad district of Kerala, South India. It is the headquarters of the Alathur Taluk and is situated at the south west end of the district 24 km from the district headquarters at Palakkad. Alathur Taluk is predominantly rural and has an agricultural economy. It is the largerst and one of the 32 villages of Musugundan Community. It is located along the Coimbatore-Cochin national highway NH 47.


The population consists predominantly of Hindus. They belong to many castes with each caste having its own traditional profession. In recent years the traditional system has lost its relevance and people from different castes are seen in the same field. Tamil and Malayalam are the main languages of the taluk with almost even no of speakers. English is also fast becoming a link language in the area.

There are many Muslims in the Taluk and the majority of them are traders. Many members of the local Muslim community have employment in the Arab countries which has given a boost to the economic status of the community in general. They also run many institutions for children such as the Model Central School and the Islamiya College.

The Christians of Alathur are mostly settlers from the Kottayam and Idukki districts. They are farmers and have made their homes in the areas around Vadakkanchery, Kizhakkanchery, Korenchira, Palakkuzy, Odenthode, Vandazhi and Mangalam Dam. Rubber, pepper and cassava are some of the most prominent crops in the Taluk and the local economy is strongly affected by rubber prices.


The main occupation in this area is agriculture. Rubber is grown on hilly land and rice paddies are located on the plains. Ginger, banana, pumpkin, bitter gourd and eggplant are also grown.

There is very little industry in Alathur Taluk. Alathur town was once well known for its beedi cottage industry but production has declined due to anti-smoking efforts. Agarbatti is also produced by a cottage industry. Recently some industrial development such as steel smelting has arisen near Manjalur in Erimayur Panchayat. Historically there were a number of rice mills in the area but their numbers have declined.

Educational institutions

There are a number of schools up to the higher secondary level within Alathur Taluk. There are two colleges for arts and science, and one engineering college.

A S Muhammed Kutty Sahib Memorial Higher Secondary School (A S M M H S S) is a public institution which has been operating in the area for over a centuries. The school also houses a very old Gandhiji statue which has become a landmark. Former students of this school have developed an online community which helps to keep in touch with each other, named as KEAMinfo Muthoot Fincorp Ltd providing Gold loans and other financial services located in Old bus stand.

BSS Gurukulam Higher Secondary School, is also located here.


The National Highway No.47 passes through the entire length of Alathur Taluk. Because of this the region is well connected by road to all parts of Kerala inclulding the state capital. A number of private and government buses ply on this road between Trissur and Palakkad.

Alathur does not have a railway connection due to the presence of the mountainous terrain at Kuthiran towards Trissur. A recent government decision to revive an old plan to construct the Kollengode-Trissur railway line may come as a blessing to Alathur.

Festivals and traditions

The Vela and Pooram festivals of the different villages in the Taluk is a great attraction among the local people. Most prominent amongst them are Padur vela, Kavasseri Pooram, Pudiyankam-Kattusseri Vela, Mangottu Kavu Temple Vela, Kunisseri Kummatti and Karappotta vela (Karappotta Ayappan Kavu Vela).

One of the biggest Lord Siva temples in the region is the 'Azhakotha ambalam' at Coyalmannam and is one of the most famous Shiva temples in the country. In area and size it is in the top 5 shiva temples in the state. Every year during December there is a gala festival called as Azhakoth Arat. The 'Theruvath Palli Nercha' conducted every year at Chungamannam attracts a lot of people from the local area as well as from Tamil Nadu. People come in bullock carts all the way from Pollachi and other places to witness the event.

The cattle race conducted at Chithali every year during Onam period is a unique event. There is stiff competition among the owners of the cattle to bring the best pair for the race.

Alathur town is famous for its banana chips which are cooked in coconut oil with the most popular being S.N.R. Chips. It is a common sight to see people in passing buses making purchases when the buses stop in front of the shop. People who are employed outside the state always take a few packets as gifts to their friends and colleagues.

Every Saturday there is a weekly market at Kuzhalmannam where cattle are traded in large numbers. Cattle are brought from Tamil Nadu to be sold in Trissur district and beyond. The southern districts of Kerala are major consumers of beef.

Every day in the Parakatu temple there is a deeparathana and during the pooram the village looks like a big Sunday market.

Nearby places and events

The forest area near Choolanur called Mayiladumpara has a considerable population of peafowl and the Forest Department has declared the area a sanctuary.

There is an irrigation dam at Mangalam Dam which is the main source of water for the crops in areas like Vandazhi, Kizhakkencheri, Mudappallur and Vadakkenchery.

Malamalmukku is 0.5 km from Alathur.

Kunissery is 7 km from Alathur. Kunissery's famous festival is Kummatti, which is celebrated on the birthday of Goddess Pookulathi on the Punartham Star of Meenam.

Mudappallur is 10 km from Alathur. Mudappallur's famous festival is azhikulangara bhagavathy vela which is celebrated on May 21 or 22.

Padur is around 8 km from Alathur. The festival of Padur is Padur Vela.

Vanoor is another place in Alathur. There is a big hill called Veezhumala and the legend from the Ramayana is that when Hanuman went to take mrithasanjivani a small part from the hill he was carrying fell down which became the Veezhumalla (Fallen Mountain in Malayalam language). Paddy fields and rubber are the main agriculture in Vanoor.

Kavassery is a small village, 4 km from Alathur. Parakkattu Kavu is a small temple situated in this village with pooram the main festival which falls on Pooram star in the Malayalam month Meenam (March–April).

Athipotta 8 km from Alathur is famous for its Mangottu Kavu Temple.

Arangattu Parambu is a small village on the way to Puthiyankam from Alathur. It is a part of the Pudiyankam Desam. There are some remnants of an old Shiva temple. A legend is that it was a very big temple demolished during Tippu Sultan's aggression. There is a small mount nearby called Pallikkunnu and a pond near to the remnants of the temple called Pallikkulam. The word "Palli" is always related to something royal or religious.

Kattussery village forms part of Alathur and lies between Vanoor and Puthiyankam villages. Because of the lack of any employment opportunities, the youth of the village have migrated to far-away cities in search of jobs. The village population is therefore predominantly of older people. Kattussery-Puthiyankam Vela is a famous festival which falls on the Atham Star in the Malayalam month of Meenam (March–April). Vettakoruman temple of pudiyankom is one of famous old age temples and trippalur shiva temple one of 101 shiva temples in India has its own old splendour. pudiyankom has one of old nair thara.

There is good view Mountain Vezhumala, this mountain has its own history, which is the part of Indian epics Ramayana

Panchayats in Alathur Taluk


The Alathur assembly constituency is part of the Alathur Loksabha constituency.[1]

Notable people

Alathur has been home to some famous personalities including:

  • K.P.Kesava Menon the first editor of the Mathrubhumi newspaper
  • Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar
  • Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi
  • Swami Tapovan Maharaj
  • G. P. Pillai
  • A. Muhammad Ali the former editor of the Madhyamam Daily
  • Ramakrishnan Nair District Judge
  • K.K.Nair the late editor of The Times of India.
  • K. P Udhayabhanu - Music Director & singer.
  • Maythil Radhakrishnan - Famous writer in Malayalam
  • Pudiyankam Murali - Lyricist
  • GS Srinivasa Iyer - late Principal of Alathur NE High School and noted author of religious texts in Malayalam
  • Alathur R Krishnan - Communist Leader who represented Alathur Assembly for a substantial time.
  • Dr. Sashi Tharoor - Member of Parliament.
  • Dr.Rahul (Resident Gen.Medicine) Crescent Hospital, Alathur.
  • K.Narayanan(Krishna Kripa) - Rtd Assistant Director, Survey and Land Records(In Tamil Nadu Government)
  • Methil Ravi ( Mathematicain , Maths Teacher and former Headmaster of BSS Gurukulam Higher Secondary School and KCPHSS KAVASSERY).
  • Palakkad Sriram(musician)
  • Kuzhalmannam Ramakrishnan(Musician)


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