Alive and transported

Alive and Transported
Released May 27, 2008 (2008-05-27)
Recorded 2007
Genre Christian hip hop
Christian rock
Label ForeFront Records
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Portable Sounds
Alive and Transported
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Christian Music Review 9/10 stars[1]
Jesus Freak Hideout 4/5 stars[2]

Alive and Transported is a live album by Christian hip hop artist tobyMac. It was released on May 27, 2008 and debuted at No. 112 on the Billboard 200,[3] and also placed at No. 4 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart. It is currently sold as a CD/DVD combo (audio tracks on the CD and videos of the live show, along with other special features, on the DVD). The live show recorded for the album was also played on Monday, June 9, 2008, in movie theaters.[4] The film was filmed at the Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center in Cypress, Texas.

At the 51st Grammy Awards of February 2009, Alive and Transported won the Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album award.[5] TobyMac said, "It's an honor to win my first Grammy as a solo artist. I still can't believe it, it's truly humbling. My band and I worked hard on this project and it really is the culmination of diverse people collaborating."

Track listing

Album release
No. TitleWriter(s)Original studio recording on Length
1. "Intro"  Toby McKeehan- 0:50
2. "Ignition"  McKeehan, Trevor McNevan, Christopher StevensPortable Sounds 3:26
3. "Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)"  McKeehan, Solomon Olds, Joe BaldridgeWelcome to Diverse City 3:07
4. "Boomin'"  McKeehan, StevensPortable Sounds 3:36
5. "No Ordinary Love"  McKeehan, Randy Crawford, Dave WyattPortable Sounds 2:26
6. "J Train"  McKeehan, R. Crawford, Jeff SavageMomentum 4:40
7. "Gone"  McKeehan, StevensWelcome to Diverse City 3:23
8. "Irene"  McKeehan, George Crawford, SavageMomentum 4:03
9. "I'm for You"  McKeehan, Cary Barlowe, Aaron RicePortable Sounds 3:57
10. "In the Light" (Charlie Peacock cover)Charlie PeacockJesus Freak 1:57
11. "Yours"  McKeehan, Pete StewartMomentum 3:54
12. "The Slam"  McKeehan, Stevens, Joe Weber, Rene SotomayorWelcome to Diverse City 4:47
13. "Love is in the House"  McKeehan, StewartMomentum 2:52
14. "Atmosphere"  McKeehan, G. Crawford, SavageWelcome to Diverse City 2:18
15. "Lose My Soul"  McKeehan, Michael Ripoll, StevensPortable Sounds 4:47
16. "Diverse City"  McKeehan, StevensWelcome to Diverse City 3:17
17. "Made to Love"  McKeehan, Barlowe, Jamie Moore, RicePortable Sounds 4:10
18. "Burn for You"  Toby McKeehan, Robert Marvin, Josiah BellWelcome to Diverse City 4:32
19. "Jesus Freak" (dc Talk cover)McKeehan, Mark HeimermannJesus Freak 3:40
20. "Extreme Days"  McKeehan, Jamie Rowe, Michael-Anthony TaylorMomentum 3:37
21. "Made to Love" (Reprise)McKeehan, Barlowe, Moore, RicePortable Sounds 4:15

Music videos

  • "Ignition"
  • "Boomin'"
  • "Gone" (iTunes only)
  • "The Slam"
  • "Made to Love" (iTunes only)

Artists who contributed


  • Toby "TobyMac" McKeehan - Lead Vocals
  • Nirva "Nirvessence" Dorsaint-Ready - Vocals
  • Gabriel "GabeReal" Patillo - Vocals, Trumpet, Beatbox
  • Deshon "Shonlock" Bullock - Vocals
  • Tim Rosenau - Guitars, Trumpet, Vocals
  • Brian "Dabomb" Haley - Drums
  • Dave "D-dubb" Wyatt - Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
  • Todd "Toddiefunk" Lawton - Bass
  • Mike "DJ Maj" Allen - Turntables, Percussion, Trombone
  • Mandisa - Vocals on Lose My Soul
  • Becca Barlow - Guitar on Jesus Freak



  • 2009: Best Rock or Rap Gospel album of the year – Won


  • 2009: Long Form Music Video of the Year – Won


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