Ambassadors and high commissioners from canada

This is a list of ambassadors, high commissioners and Consul Generals from Canada to other countries and entities:

Organization Current Historic
United Nations Guillermo Rishchynski See list
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Yves Brodeur See list
Organization of American States Allan Culham[1] See list
European Union David Plunkett[2] See list
Country Current Historic
Afghanistan William Crosbie[3] See list
Albania James Fox See list
Algeria Patrick Parisot[4] See list
Angola Barbara Richardson See list
Argentina and Paraguay Yves Gagnon See list
Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau and Nauru Michael Small See list
Bangladesh Robert McDougall See list
Barbados Ruth Archibald See list
Belgium, Luxembourg Denis Robert See list
Botswana Barbara Richardson See list
Brazil Jamal Khokhar[5] See list
Brunei Marcel Gaumond See list
Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova Philippe Beaulne See list
Burkina Faso Louis-Robert Daigle See list
Chile Patricia Fuller See list

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Guy Saint-Jacques

J. Ian Burchett ††

See list
Colombia Geneviève des Rivières See list
Cuba Matthew Levin See list
Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua Wendy Drukier See list
Denmark André François Giroux See list
Dominican Republic Todd Kuiack See list
Ecuador Pamela O'Donnell See list
Egypt Ferry de Kerkhove See list
El Salvador Stéphanie Allard-Gomez See list
Estonia John Morrison See list
Finland Christopher Shapardanov See list
France Lawrence Cannon See list
Germany Vacant See list
Guatemala Kenneth M. Cook See list
Guyana François Montour See list
Iceland Stewart Wheeler See list
India, Bhutan Stewart Beck [2] See list
Indonesia See list
Iran Vacant See list
Iraq Mark Gwozdecky See list
Ireland, Republic of Loyola Hearn See list
Israel Paul Hunt See list
Italy James Fox See list
Jamaica, The Bahamas Stephen Hallihan See list
Japan Mackenzie Clugston See list
Jordan Mark Gwozdecky See list
Kenya, Republic of David Angell See list
Latvia John Morrison See list
Lebanon Hilary Childs-Adams See list
Lithuania Kevin Hamilton See list
Malaysia David Summers See list
Mali Louis de Lorimier See list
Mexico Guillermo Rishchynski See list
Moldova Philippe Beaulbe See list
Mongolia J. Gregory Goldhawk See list
Netherlands James Lambert See list
New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Fiji Caroline Chrétien See list
Pakistan Greg Giokas Pakistan, Republic of
Panama Patricia Langan-Torell See list
Philippines Robert Desjardins See list
Portugal Anne-Marie Bourcier See list
Poland Alexandra Bugailiskis See list
Romania Philippe Beaulne See list
Russia John Sloan See list
Serbia Roman Waschuk See list
South Africa Gaston Barban See list
South Korea See list
Spain and Andorra Jon Allen See list
Sweden See list
Switzerland Roberta Santi See list
Syria Vacant See list
Thailand See list
Trinidad and Tobago Karen L. McDonald See list
Ukraine Troy Lulashnyk See list
United Kingdom Gordon Campbell See list
United States Gary Doer See list
Uruguay Claire Poulin See list
Venezuela See list
Socialist Republic of Vietnam Deborah Chastis See list

See list
† - High Commissioner

†† - Consul General

See also


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  • [3]
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