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Title: Arcadiopolis  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Huns, Theme (Byzantine district), Bleda, Impalement, Walls of Constantinople, Hunnic Empire, Thomas the Slav, Theodoric Strabo, Battle of Arcadiopolis (970)
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Coordinates: 41°24′20″N 27°21′25″E / 41.40556°N 27.35694°E / 41.40556; 27.35694Coordinates: 41°24′20″N 27°21′25″E / 41.40556°N 27.35694°E / 41.40556; 27.35694

Country Turkey
Province Kırklareli
 • Mayor Emin Halebak (CHP)
 • Kaymakam Lütfullah Gürsöy
AreaTemplate:Turkey district areas
 • District Template:Turkey district areas km2 (Formatting error: invalid input when rounding sq mi)
Elevation 30 m (100 ft)
Population (Template:Turkey district populations)Template:Turkey district populations
 • Urban Template:Turkey district populations
 • District Template:Turkey district populations

Lüleburgaz, (Turkish: [lyˈlebuɾɡaz]; Thracian: Bergula, Bulgarian: Люлебургас or popularly Беркулен, Greek: Αρκαδιούπολις/Αρκαδιούπολη) is a town and district of Kırklareli Province in the Marmara region of Turkey.


The city has a population of 100,412 (2010 census) and is the largest district center in Kırklareli Province.

Lüleburgaz is known for its sixteenth-century mosque and bridge, both named after the Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmet Paşa and purportedly designed by the Ottoman chief architect Mimar Sinan.


The economy of Lüleburgaz is mainly based on the industrial sector. There are various factories around the city.


The ancient name of the city was Bergula; Emperor Theodosius I changed it to Arcadiopolis (Greek: Αρκαδιούπολις) in honour of his son and successor Arcadius.

The Battle of Arcadiopolis (970) saw Byzantine forces defeat an invading Kievan-Pecheneg-Magyar force who were aiming to capture Constantinople, 100 miles (161 kilometres) to the east. The Battle of Lule Burgas (1912) was here in the First Balkan War.

Lüleburgaz is the seat of the Roman Catholic titular arch-bishopric of Arcadiopolis in Europa.


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