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Title: Arhavi  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Artvin Province, Artvin, Laz language, Hopa, Yusufeli
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statue of local folk dancers
statue of local folk dancers
Location of Artvin within Turkey.
Location of Artvin within Turkey.
Arhavi is located in Turkey
Location of Arhavi
Country  Turkey
Region Black Sea
Province Artvin
 • Mayor Coşkun Hekimoğlu (AKP)
 • District 299.39 km2 (115.60 sq mi)
Elevation 19 m (62 ft)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 15,973
 • District 19,602
 • District density 65/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 08200
Area code(s) 466
Licence plate 08

Arhavi (Artvin Province located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. The terrain is hilly and mountainous. Area of the city center is about 6 km2, and the total district area is 314 km2. The length of the coast is about 10 km. In 2011 with 19.362 district population the 5th biggest district population of Artvin province. With 15.622 city population, in Turkey 308th and in Artvin province after Artvin and Hopa the 3rd biggest population.[3] Laz people generate a large portion of the population.[4]

Arhavi is famous by the Culture and Art Festival that celebrated since 1973.


  • Etymology 1
  • History 2
    • Ancient Ages 2.1
    • The Ottoman Period 2.2
    • The Republican Period 2.3
  • Geography 3
    • Landforms 3.1
    • Climate 3.2
    • Vegetation 3.3
    • Population 3.4
  • Management 4
    • Governor 4.1
    • Municipality 4.2
  • Culture and art 5
    • Arhavi Culture & Arts Festival 5.1
  • Tourism 6
  • Education 7
  • Health 8
  • Economy 9
  • Sports 10
  • Well-known citizens 11
    • Arhavili Ismail 11.1
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Arhavi is "Arkabi" in

  • local information (Turkish)

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"Arhavili Ismail" is a poem about the Turkish War of Independence by Nazim Hikmet, it has been recorded by Zulfu Livaneli, music star born into an Artvin family, and by local musician Volkan Konak. One of the most famous people from Arhavi is Efkan Sesen, he is also a singer.

Arhavili Ismail

Well-known citizens






The Arhavi Kültür ve Sanat Festivali is an annual festival which first took place in Arhavi in 1973. The festival which runs for three days is usually held in August. During the festival, popular musicians from all over Turkey perform daily. A regular guest singer is the very famous Arhavi native Cengiz Kurtoglu (born 5 May 1959). Along with the many singers who perform, the local folk dance "Horon" is performed by professional dancers and local school children.

Arhavi Culture & Arts Festival

Culture and art

2009 - Coşkun Hekimoğlu AKP
2004 - Musa Ulutaş CHP
1999 - Vasfi Kurdoğlu ANAP
1994 - Vasfi Kurdoğlu DYP
1989 - Mehmet Çorbacıoğlu SHP
1984 - İ.Fethi Özkazanç SODEP
1977 - Kazım Kurdoğlu AP
1973 - AP
1968 - Rüştü Hatinoğlu AP
1963 - CHP

Elected mayors and political parties by year:


In 1954 the district became the first governor Cemil Aytimur. Bulent Bayraktar is the prefect present.



Year, according to county population data
Years Center Villages Total
2009 15,362 3,770 19,132
2008 15,194 3,995 19,189
2000 14,079 5,268 19,347
1997 13,000 6,000 19,000
1990 10,048 8,303 18,351
1985 9,000 7,000 16,000
1980 8,000 5,000 13,000
1975 7,000 4,000 11,000
1970 6,000 3,000 9,000
1965 5,000 1,300 6,000
1960 4,000 600 4,600

Except as related to district centers connected to the district center, a resort Ortaç downloads, comprises 30 villages and seven quarters.

According to the 2010 census, the population of the district is 19319.[6] 15 610 live in the district center. 96% literacy rate.[7]


From the shore about 750 meters high, the court broad-leaved coastal forest, with lush, dense forest formations is also a rich forest, six formations from the ink of this upgrade step, "Colchicine Flora" with the name that is recognized. This step is the dominant tree trees red beard. Other types of beech, chestnut, linden species, Hornbeam, Elm, and Sycamore creates. And Elm trees along the river valleys of the Red Beard The forests up to the upper limit. Beech communities in common between 600–1200 meters to 1500 meters in height up to. Maroon communities, 500–600 meters in height are seen as rare as the horn up to 1800–1900 meters. The persimmon and wild cherry, but 400–500 feet high up to be seen. Still other species up to this height as karrışık Laurel, Melia azedarach and boxwood tree is seen. Hopa is true in part can be found in yellow pine.


While the rainy season, autumn rainfall from the area is the season of spring is at least fall. But there are no significant differences among seasons. Following up on a regular basis every season rainfall is spread. This applies to regular temperature distribution. However, the sudden temperature drop in some years appears to have caused the frost, it has also damaged local crops quite. E.g. tea plants generally can not stand frost. After the tree developed -4 meters easily and resist the cold. If this continues for a long time, but low temperatures will be obtained will decrease the quality of tea.

Temperature and precipitation within a year distribution when it comes to, in the region (Arhavi 12 m) in the hottest month (July) 's average of 22.1 °C, the coldest month (January)' s average of 80.5 °C. When performing the most rainy months (October) 's average 266.7 mm. At least rainfall of the month (May) 's average is 84.8 mm. Annual temperature of 13.6 °C. amplitütü. Amplitütü annual rainfall is 181.9 mm wide.


Arhavi most dominant topographical features are also especially the mountains to the south will rise up to 3000 meters. The main peaks Kiziltepe (3210 m), Çatkaya (2985 m), Sheep Plateau (2292 m), Mete (2142 m), Sewing (2068 m), Watts (1180 m), Agra (1143 m), top peak (1049 m ), Demirağa (1013 m) is. From north to south within the rapidly rising terrain south of the plateau is in place. 30–2000 meters bulnmaktadır numerous plateaus. Mainly agar, Soguksu, Şenyurt, Summer, of Spring, the Raiders, sunny, Mete Aydin express this village. Glacial erosion in this area is to be effective in large and small lakes are numerous. Their main gadit, Sarıgöl, variegated, Büyükagara, and karagöllerdir Küçükagara.

Very rugged topography of the district and the supply structure is defective in a particular period and it says connecting Şahinkaya Poplar, agar, Fish, and Lome says Çifteköprü and erode the land is deeply split. Therefore, roughly 2,000 feet (610 m) from the area between the flat coastal plain with no backup is not found immediately. Poplar Box and connect to it says the deep valleys that have opened branches in the district but also the most important transportation creates güzergahlarini.

Arhavi's terrain is mountainous and hilly. The surface of the district forms the eastern Black Sea mountains and outlines Poplar (Kapisre) Time course of the river that connects him with deep valleys that constitute half. Districts in the region over the central plains, where the plane is no exception.


The people of Arhavi are mainly Georgia.

Is a typical Black Sea climate prevails in the district. Warm summers, cool winters have passed. In every season rainfall is common in districts with high humidity. Climate, tea, nuts, corn, and is suitable for citrus cultivation.

Arhavi Black Sea Region is located in the eastern Black Sea. In the northern Black Sea, west of Hopa, Yusufeli border in the east and south is surrounded by hazelnut.


The Republican Period

Participated in the Ottoman Empire in 1486.[5]

The Ottoman Period

Ancient Ages


and was formerly known as its river "Kapisre". არქაბი

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