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Athletics at the Friendship Games

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Title: Athletics at the Friendship Games  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Thomas Munkelt, Oleg Protsenko, Aleksandr Krupskiy, György Bakos, Sergey Layevskiy, Abebe Mekonnen, Igor Nikulin (athlete), Valeriy Sereda, Małgorzata Guzowska, Andreas Busse
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Athletics at the Friendship Games

Athletics at the Friendship Games was contested in 41 events, 24 events by men and 17 by women. Men competed at the Grand Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium (now Luzhniki Stadium) in Moscow, Soviet Union between 17 and 18 August, while women's events took place at the Evžen Rošický Stadium in Prague, Czechoslovakia between 16 and 18 August 1984.

One new world record was set, by East German Irina Meszynski in women's discus throw, with 73.36 m. As of 2008, it was still the sixth best result in the history of this discipline.[1]

It was the only Friendship Games competition which saw participation of recent Olympic gold medalists, with American sprinter Alice Brown taking part in women's 100 metre run, and West German Claudia Losch competing in shot put. However, neither won medals.[2][3][4]

In an unusual feat, Alberto Juantorena (Cuba) and Ryszard Ostrowski (Poland) both crossed the finish line at exactly the same moment in men's 800 metres run. After the officials were unable to decide who came first – not even using a photograph – both were declared winners.[5]

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Osvaldo Lara (CUB) 10.17  Attila Kovács (HUN) 10.18  Leandro Peñalver (CUB) 10.21
200 metres  Vladimir Muravyov (URS) 20.34  Aleksandr Yevgenyev (URS) 20.41  Olaf Prenzler (GDR) 20.58
400 metres  Viktor Markin (URS) 44.78  Aleksandr Troshchilo (URS) 45.51  Aleksandr Kurochkin (URS) 45.57
800 metres  Alberto Juantorena (CUB)
 Ryszard Ostrowski (POL)
1:45.68 none awarded  Viktor Kalinkin (URS) 1:45.82
1500 metres  Andreas Busse (GDR) 3:36.65  Anatoliy Kalutskiy (URS) 3:37.35  Igor Lotaryov (URS) 3:38.42
5000 metres  Evgeni Ignatov (BUL) 13:26.35  Dmitriy Dmitriyev (URS) 13:26.85  Wodajo Bulti (ETH) 13:29.08
10000 metres  Valeriy Abramov (URS) 27:55.16  Wodajo Bulti (ETH) 27:58.97  Bekele Debele (ETH) 28:03.06
110 metre hurdles  György Bakos (HUN) 13.52  Vyacheslav Ustinov (URS) 13.57  Thomas Munkelt (GDR) 13.64
400 metre hurdles  Aleksandr Vasilyev (URS) 48.63  Vladimir Budko (URS) 48.74  Toma Tomov (BUL) 49.29
3000 metre steeplechase  Bogusław Mamiński (POL) 8:27.15  Hagen Melzer (GDR) 8:27.43  Jan Hagelbrandt (SWE) 8:32.36
4×100 metre relay  Soviet Union (URS)
Aleksandr Yevgenyev
Sergey Sokolov
Vladimir Muravyov
Nikolay Sidorov
38.32  Cuba (CUB)
Tomás González
Leandro Peñalver
Silvio Leonard
Osvaldo Lara
38.79  Poland (POL)
Krzysztof Zwoliński
Marian Woronin
Czesław Prądzyński
Arkadiusz Janiak
4×400 metre relay  Soviet Union (URS)
Sergey Lovachev
Yevgeniy Lomtev
Aleksandr Kurochkin
Viktor Markin
3:00.16  East Germany (GDR)
Carlo Niestädt
Mathias Schersing
Thomas Schönlebe
Jens Carlowitz
3:00.47  Cuba (CUB)
Lázaro Martínez
Carlos Reyte
Roberto Ramos
Alberto Juantorena
Marathon  Dereje Nedi (ETH) 2:10:32  Abebe Mekonnen (ETH) 2:11:30  Lee Chon Hoen (PRK) 2:11:44
20 km walk  Sergey Protsishin (URS) 1:21:57  Anatoliy Solomin (URS) 1:22:21  Nikolay Polozov (URS) 1:22:40
50 km walk  Andrey Perlov (URS) 3:43:06  Pavol Szikora (TCH) 3:45:53  Viktor Dorovskikh (URS) 3:58:47
High jump  Valeriy Sereda (URS)
 Javier Sotomayor (CUB)
2.25 m none awarded  Dariusz Zielke (POL) 2.20 m
Pole vault  Konstantin Volkov (URS) 5.80 m  Sergey Bubka (URS) 5.70 m  Aleksandr Krupskiy (URS) 5.70 m
Long jump  Konstantin Semykin (URS) 8.38 m  Jaime Jefferson (CUB) 8.37 m  Sergey Layevskiy (URS) 8.22 m
Triple jump  Oleg Protsenko (URS) 17.46 m  Aleksandr Yakovlev (URS) 17.41 m  Khristo Markov (BUL) 17.29 m
Shot put  Sergey Kasnauskas (URS) 21.64 m  Udo Beyer (GDR) 21.60 m  Vladimir Kiselyov (URS) 21.58 m
Discus throw  Yuriy Dumchev (URS) 66.70 m  Juan Martínez (CUB) 66.04 m  Jürgen Schult (GDR) 66.02 m
Hammer throw  Yuriy Sedykh (URS) 85.60 m  Igor Nikulin (URS) 82.56 m  Sergey Litvinov (URS) 81.30 m
Javelin throw  Uwe Hohn (GDR) 94.44 m  Detlef Michel (GDR) 88.32 m  Zdeněk Adamec (TCH) 87.10 m
Decathlon  Grigoriy Degtyaryev (URS) 8523  Torsten Voss (GDR) 8450  Igor Sobolevskiy (URS) 8433


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres  Marlies Göhr (GDR) 10.95  Lyudmila Kondratyeva (URS) 11.02  Anelia Nuneva (BUL) 11.10
200 metres  Bärbel Wöckel (GDR) 22.15  Svetlana Zhizdrikova (URS) 22.75  Nadezhda Georgieva (BUL) 22.79
400 metres  Marita Koch (GDR) 48.16  Tatána Kocembová (TCH) 48.73  Olga Vladykina (URS) 49.52
800 metres  Irina Podyalovskaya (URS) 1:57.31  Zuzana Moravcíková (URS) 1:58.06  Nadezhda Olizarenko (URS) 1:58.10
1500 metres  Nadezhda Ralldugina (URS) 3:56.63  Ravilya Agletdinova (URS) 3:58.70  Yekaterina Podkopayeva (URS) 4:01.61
3000 metres  Tatyana Kazankina (URS) 8:33.01  Natalya Artyomova (URS) 8:40.53  Olga Bondarenko (URS) 8:43.74
100 metre hurdles  Yordanka Donkova (BUL) 12.55  Sabine Paetz (GDR) 12.60  Lucyna Kałek (POL) 12.61
400 metre hurdles  Marina Stepanova (URS) 53.67  Yekaterina Grun (URS) 54.42  Margarita Ponomaryova (URS) 54.65
4×100 metre relay  Bulgaria (BUL)
Pepa Pavlova
Anelia Nuneva
Nadezhda Georgieva
Liliyana Ivanova
42.62  Soviet Union (URS)
Lyudmila Kondratyeva
Maia Azarashvili
Svetlana Zhizdrikova
Olga Antonova
42.71  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Eva Murková
Taťána Kocembová
Renata Černochová
Jarmila Kratochvílová
4×400 metre relay  Soviet Union (URS)
Irina Baskakova
Irina Nazarova
Mariya Pinigina
Olga Bryzgina
3:19.12  Czechoslovakia (TCH)
Alena Bulířová
Zuzana Moravčíková
Jarmila Kratochvílová
Taťána Kocembová
3:21.89  Bulgaria (BUL)
Galina Penkova
Katia Ilieva
Radostina Shtereva
Rositsa Stamenova
Marathon  Zoya Ivanova (URS) 2:33:44  Lucia Belyayeva (URS) 2:33:54  Raisa Smekhnova (URS) 2:33:59
High jump  Lyudmila Andonova (BUL) 1.96 m  Galina Butusova (URS) 1.96 m  Tamara Bykova (URS) 1.96 m
Long jump  Heike Drechsler (GDR) 7.15 m  Helga Radtke (GDR) 7.11 m  Galina Chistyakova (URS) 7.11 m
Shot put  Natalya Lisovskaya (URS) 21.96 m  Helena Fibingerová (TCH) 21.33 m  Nunu Abashidze (URS) 21.18 m
Discus throw  Irina Meszynski (GDR) 73.36 m
 Galina Murašova (URS) 72.14 m  Zdenka Šilhavá (TCH) 70.14 m
Javelin throw  Petra Felke (GDR) 73.30 m  Antoaneta Todorova (BUL) 65.40 m  María Caridad Colón (CUB) 64.34 m
Heptathlon  Natalya Gracheva (URS) 6477  Nadezhda Vinogradova (URS) 6357  Heike Tischler (GDR) 6290

World records broken

1 new world record was set.

Event Name Nationality Result
Women's discus throw Irina Meszynski  East Germany 73.36 m

Medal table

      Host nations (Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union)

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union 24 20 19 63
2  East Germany 8 7 4 19
3  Bulgaria 4 1 5 10
4  Cuba 3 3 3 9
5  Poland 2 0 3 5
6  Ethiopia 1 2 2 5
7  Hungary 1 1 0 2
8  Czechoslovakia 0 5 3 8
9  North Korea 0 0 1 1
9  Sweden 0 0 1 1
Total 43 39 41 123

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