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Banswara State

Banswara State
Princely State of British India

Flag of Banswara


 -  Established 1497
 -  Independence of India 1949
 -  1901 4,160 km2 (1,606 sq mi)
 -  1901 165,350 
Density 39.7 /km2  (102.9 /sq mi)

Banswara State was a princely state in India during the British Raj. It was located in what is today the state of Rajasthan. The rulers were of Sisodia clan.


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Banswara state was founded in 1527. Banswara was established by Udai Singh, the ruler of Bagar as a domain for his son Jagmal Singh.

In 1913 a section of Adivasi Bhils revolted under the headship of a social reformer Govindgiri and Punja which was suppressed in November, 1913. Hundreds of Bhils were shot dead at the Mangarh hillock where they were holding a peaceful meeting. The place has become sacred and is better known as the Mangarh Dham. In 1949 Banswara was merged into the Indian Union.[1]


Banswara State was ruled by the Sisodia Rajput dynasty. Its rulers were titled 'Maharawal'.[2]

Name Birth Death Reign Start Reign End
Bhim Singh ... 1713 1713
Bishan Singh ... 1737 1713 1737
Udai Singh II ... 1747 1737 1747
Prithvi Singh ... 1786 1747 1786
Bijai Singh 17… 1816 1786 1816
Umaid Singh 1819 1816 1819
Bhawani Singh 1803 1838 1819 6-Nov-1838
Bahadur Singh 1788 1844 1838 2-Feb-1844
Lakshman Singh 1835 1905 1844 29-Apr-1905
Shambhu Singh 1868 1913 1905 27-Dec-1913
Prithi Singh 1888 1944 3-Jan-14 28-Jul-1944
Chandra Vir Singh 1909 1985 29-Nov-44 15-Aug-1947

The 16 chiefs of Banswara

  1. Thakur of Mola (Chauhan)
  2. Thakur of Metwala (Chauhan)
  3. Thakur of Garhi (Chauhan)
  4. Thakur of Arthuna (Chauhan)
  5. Thakur of Ganora (Chauhan)
  6. Thakur Bhai of Khandu (sisodia)
  7. Thakur Bhai of Surpur (sisodia)
  8. Thakur of Kushalpura (sisodia - shaktawat)
  9. Thakur of Bankuda(Chauhan)- Also seated at Dungarpur
  10. Thakur of Thakurda(Chauhan)- Also seated at Dungarpur
  11. Thakur of Mandwa(Chauhan)- Also seated at Dungarpur
  12. Thakur of Kushalgarh (Rathore)
  13. Thakur of Tilwara (Rathore)
  14. Thakur of Orwara(Rathore)
  15. See also


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