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Title: Bekins  
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Subject: Mount Vernon, New York, Impact (film), Sun Tower, Quicksand (1950 film), False Alarms (1936 film)
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Bekins Van Lines, Inc.
Industry Moving and Storage
Founded 1891

[1] Bekins Van Lines, Inc. was founded by brothers John and Martin in 1891. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Bekins offers private and corporate domestic and international household goods relocation services as well as special commodities and logistic services. The United States Military also is one of Bekins' largest customers.

History of Bekins


  • 1891: Bekins Van Lines was founded by brothers John and Martin
  • 1903: First van line in the industry to use motor trucks instead of horse-drawn wagons
  • 1906: First concrete and steel warehouse as built by Bekins
  • 1928: First transcontinental move completed by Bekins
  • 1960: Bekins Company established Bekins Wide World, later known as Bekins International
  • 1964: Bekins Company moves Jay DeFeo's iconic two ton painting, 'The Rose', out of her San Francisco apartment.
  • 1994: Bekins becomes a leader in residential delivery services, later named HomeDirectUSA
  • 1995: Led an industry consortium to develop the CPM (Certified Professional Mover) program, a CD-ROM based training module
  • 1996: Bekins is the first van line to obtain CPM status
  • 1997: Bekins is the first van line to install a nationwide warehouse and storage management system to assist in order management and tracking
  • 2012: Wheaton World Wide Moving acquires Bekins Van Lines, Inc.



  • Household Moves
  • Corporate Relocations
  • Military Moves
  • International Moves
  • Specialized Moves

Industry Endorsements

Pop culture

  • At the end of False Alarms (1936), The Three Stooges drive off in a Bekins van.
  • In Impact (1949), the protagonist stows away in a Bekins van after an unsuccessful attempt on his life.
  • In Step Brothers, The Huff's, played by Mary Steenburgen and Will Ferrell are packed and moved using The Bekins Company.
  • In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, moved to Harvard using The Bekins Company.
  • In The American President, Sydney Ellen Wade moved to Washington, and her things are moved in boxes marked "Benkins".
  • In the film version of the musical Hello Dolly a horse drawn "Bekins Moving & Storage Co" wagon is shown in the opening sequence set at New York City in 1890. As the company did not exist at this time, this reference is an anachronism.
  • In Antitrust, Milo is moved to Portland using The Bekins Company.
  • in the beginning scenes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A Bekins box is in the mothers room as she awakes to get her son Barry.

External links

  • Bekins Van Lines, Inc. website


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