Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000

Eurovision Song Contest 2000
Country  Belgium
National selection
Selection process Finale Nationale Concours
Eurovision de la Chanson
Selection date(s) 18 February 2000
Selected entrant Nathalie Sorce
Selected song "Envie de vivre"
Finals performance
Final result 24th, 2 points
Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest

Belgium was represented by Nathalie Sorce, with the song '"Envie de vivre", at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Stockholm on 13 May. Sorce was the winner of the Belgian national final for the contest, held in Brussels on 18 February.


French-language broadcaster RTBF was in charge of the selection of the Belgian entry for the 2000 Contest. The national final was held in Studio 6 of RTBF, hosted by Jean-Pierre Hautier. Ten songs competed to become that year's Belgian entrant, to be chosen by public televoting. For the purposes of announcing the results, the country was split into six regions: Brussels, four in the Francophone provinces (the votes from the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg were combined and announced together) and one termed the "Rest of Belgium", covering the five Dutch-speaking provinces where viewing figures were likely to be much lower. Each region announced the actual number of televotes received, rather than converting them into the Eurovision 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-12 format. Sorce emerged the winner by a margin of over 3,500 votes.[1]

Although it did not affect the outcome, there was initially some degree of uncertainty about the disproportionately high number of votes to Sabrina Klinkenberg from the province of Liège, but RTBF subsequently confirmed that it was correct, citing the fact that Klinkenberg was a native of that province as the most probable explanation, and pointing out that Sorce had also received an exceptionally high number of votes from her home province of Hainaut.

Final - 18 February 2000
Draw Artist Song Lyrics (l) / Music (m) Televotes Place
1 Maria Canel "Et si..." Maria Canel Ferreiro (m & l), Patrice de Matos de Morais (m) 2,518 10
2 Géraldine Cozier "Ma voie" Geraldine Cozier (m & l), Cécile Delamarre (m & l), Pascal Noel (m & l), Philippe Libois (m & l) 8,371 5
3 Gerlando "Rêve" Fernando de Meersman (m), Hughes Maréchal (l) 4,002 9
4 Sabrina Klinkenberg "Tout ce que je suis" Alexis Vanderheyden (m), Jacques Broun (l) 11,085 3
5 La Teuf "Soldat de l'amour" Alec Mansion (m & l) 6,216 6
6 Mezzo Mezzo "Belgicanos" Silvio Pezzuto (m & l), Michel Ianiri (m), Juan Gonzalez (m) 10,750 4
7 Christel Pagnoul "Pour la vie" Francis Goya (m), Ralph Benatar (m), Christel Pagnoul (l), Valérie Weyer (l) 6,066 7
8 Frédéric Reynaerts "Le nomade m'a dit" Frédéric Reynaerts (m & l) 17,774 2
9 Nathalie Sorce "Envie de vivre" Silvio Pezzuto (m & l) 21,362 1
10 Triana "Donne" Roberto D'Angelo (m & l), Filippo di Maira (m & l) 5,270 8
Song Walloon
Hainaut Namur &
Liège Rest of
Brussels Total
Et si... 163 63 142 68 48 2035 2518
Ma voie 368 2042 2782 1072 228 1879 8371
Rêve 103 1313 263 360 563 1427 4002
Tout ce que je suis 292 809 393 7906 114 1571 11085
Soldat de l'amour 290 727 731 1489 146 2833 6216
Belgicanos 424 3962 848 1109 497 3910 10750
Pour la vie 340 681 221 742 456 3626 6066
Le nomade m'a dit 956 2497 1988 3137 2225 6971 17774
Envie de vivre 910 8305 2243 3360 950 5594 21362
Donne 91 629 211 3361 47 931 5270

At Eurovision

On the night of the final Sorce performed 10th in the running order, following Russia and preceding Cyprus. A somewhat shrill and at times off-key vocal performance, combined with a much-criticised choice of outfit, contributed towards an ignominious result, with only 2 points received (from the unlikely source of Macedonia) and a last place finish of the 24 entrants, the eighth time that Belgium had finished at the foot of the Eurovision scoreboard. The 12 points from the Belgian televote were awarded to Latvia.[2]

Points Awarded by Belgium

12 points  Latvia
10 points  Denmark
8 points  Netherlands
7 points  Russia
6 points  Germany
5 points  Sweden
4 points  Ireland
3 points  Turkey
2 points  Estonia
1 point  Malta

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