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Bhatkhande Music Institute

Bhatkhande Music Institute
भातखंडे संगीत संस्थान
Established 1926
Vice-Chancellor Shruti Sadolikar
Academic staff Vocal Music, Instrumental, Rhythms, Dance, Musicology & Research, Applied Music
Location 1 Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh
Campus Urban
Former names Marris College of Music
Website Official website

Bhatkhande Music Institute (भातखंडे संगीत संस्थान) now Bhatkhande Music Institute University is a renowned music institute in Lucknow. Established in 1926 by Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, it was declared a deemed university by University Grants Commission (UGC) in 2000,[1] and offers music education in Vocal Music, Instrumental, Rhythms, Dance, Musicology and Research and Applied Music.[2][3]


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The Institute finds its origin in the Marris College of Music,[4] established in 1926 by renowned classical singer and musicologist, Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande with the help of Dr. Rai Rajeshwar Bali, then Education minister of the United Provinces, the institution was formally inaugurated by then Governor of United Provinces, Sir William Sinclair Marris,[5] and was also named after him.

Later, on 26 March 1966, the Government of Uttar Pradesh took over the college and renamed it after its founder as Bhatkhande Music College of Hindustani Music, later and now Bhatkhande Music Institute University, after Government of India through a notification on 24 October 2000, declared the institute a deemed university.[6]

The institution has a glorious distinction of being the most sought after seat for learning North Indian Classical Music since its inception. During the 1970s & 1980s, the institute organized annual festivals in which the most eminent of the country’s musicians performed. In fact, some of the memorable concerts, that included performances by stars like Pd. Ravishanker, Amjad Ali Khan, Zakir Hussain, N Rajam, VJ Jog, Sitara Devi, etc. were part of the Lucknow Festival in the 1970s. During the same period various new courses, like "Thumri" (legendery singer Mrs. Begum Akhtar was the honorary faculty), were introduced.

In 2005, it organised a three-day classical music festival part of the Lucknow Mahotsav.[7]

Primarily teaching vocal, dance, musciology and applied music in Hindustani classical music, the institute also started teaching western classical music in 2009,[6] a move that didn't go well with some chauvinists (not musicians or affiliated to the Institute), who feared that addition of Western classical music could later lead to replacement of Bharatnatyam courses by 'belly dancing' (sic).[8]


  • Vocal (Gayan)- Classical, Semi-Classical and Light Vocal.
  • Instrumental (Vadan)
    • Swaravadya - Sitar, Sarod, Violin, Guitar, Sarangi, Flute and Harmonium or Keyboard .
    • Talavadya - Tabla and Pakhawaj
  • Dance (Nritya)
  • Musicology & Research
  • Applied Music

The institute offers courses in Vocal Music, Instrumental, Rhythms, Dance, Musicology & Research and Applied Music leading up to: Diploma in Music - 2 years, Bachelor of Performing Arts (B.P.A.) - 3 years, Master of Performing Arts (M.P.A.) - 2 years and Ph.D.. Apart from this there are special for the training in Dhrupad-Dhamar, Thumri singing and Light classical music which includes music composition and direction.

Notable alumni

Notable faculty

S. N. Ratanjankar principal]]] Surendra Shanker Awasthi principal


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External links

  • Bhatkhande Music Institute University, Official website

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