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Bishop of Augsburg

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Title: Bishop of Augsburg  
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Subject: Ulrich of Augsburg, Catholic League (German), In the news/Candidates/April 2010, April 2010, Henry I (bishop of Augsburg)
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Bishop of Augsburg

For the Prince-Bishop who ruled before 1818, see Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg.
The Bishop of Augsburg is the Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Augsburg in the Ecclesiastical province of München und Freising.

The diocese covers an area of 13,250 km².

The current bishop is Konrad Zdarsa who was appointed in 2010.

List of the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Augsburg, Germany

Tenure Incumbent Notes
5 February 1818 to 9 October 1819 Franz Karl Joseph Fürst von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst Auxiliary Bishop of Augsburg; confirmed 6 April 1818; died in office
6 December 1819 to 10 March 1824 Joseph Maria Johann Nepomuk Freiherr von Fraunberg Priest of Regensburg; confirmed 24 May 1824; appointed Archbishop of Bamberg
4 March 1824 to 15 August 1836 Ignatz Albert von Riegg, OSA Joseph Ignatz Alexius von Riegg ; confirmed 24 May 1824; ordained 11 July 1824; died in office
20 September 1836 to 2 July 1855 Johann Peter von Richarz Bishop of Speyer; confirmed 21 November 1836; installed 22 February 1837; died in office
12 January 1856 to 17 June 1858 Michael von Deinlein Auxiliary Bishop of Bamberg; confirmed 13 July 1856; installed 3 September 1856; appointed Archbishop of Bamberg
16 July 1858 to 8 October 1894 Pankratius von Dinkel Priest of Bamberg; 27 September 1858; confirmed 21 November 1858; died in office
7 November 1894 to 9 March 1902 Petrus von Hötzl, OFM Priest of Order of Friars Minor; confirmed 18 March 1895; ordained 1 May 1895; died in office
18 March 1902 to 31 May 1930 Maximilian von Lingg Priest of Augsburg; confirmed 9 June 1902; ordained 20 July 1902; died in office
17 September 1930 to 9 February 1949 Joseph Kumpfmüller Priest of Regensburg; ordained 28 October 1930; died in office
9 July 1949 to 11 April 1963 Josef Freundorfer Priest of Passau; ordained 21 September 1949; died in office
10 September 1963 to 30 March 1992 Josef Stimpfle Priest of Augsburg; ordained 26 October 1963; retired
24 December 1992 to 9 June 2004 Viktor Josef Dammertz, OSB Priest of the Order of Saint Benedict; ordained 30 January 1993; retired
1 October 2005 - 8 May 2010 Walter Mixa formerly Bishop of Eichstätt; ordained 23 March 1996; Military Bishop of Germany, from 31 August 2000 to 8 May 2010; retired.
8 July 2010 - Konrad Zdarsa formerly Bishop of Görlitz; ordained 23 June 2007;

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