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Book of Chen

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Title: Book of Chen  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Emperor Fei of Chen, Chen Shubao, Yao Shu, History of the Southern Dynasties, New Book of Tang
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Book of Chen

The Book of Chen or Chen Shu (simplified Chinese: 陈书; traditional Chinese: 陳書; pinyin: Chén Shū) was the official history of the Chen dynasty, one of the Southern Dynasties of China. It ranks among the official Twenty-Four Histories of imperial China, and was compiled by the Tang dynasty historian Yao Silian, completed in 636.

Similar to Book of Liang, it heavily relied on Yao Silian's father Yao Ca's original manuscript.

The book is one of the more complete extant records of the Chen dynasty. However, it has been criticised for attempting to cover up the wrongdoings of the royal family. A commentary by the Tang prime minister Wei Zheng, which is also included in the book, contradicts some of the claims made in the book.


Annals (紀)

# Title Translation Notes
Volume 1 本紀第1 高祖上 Emperor Wu
Volume 2 本紀第2 高祖下 Emperor Wu
Volume 3 本紀第3 世祖 Emperor Wen
Volume 4 本紀第4 廢帝 Emperor Fei
Volume 5 本紀第5 宣帝 Emperor Xuan
Volume 6 本紀第6 後主 Houzhu

Biographies (列傳)

# Title Translation Notes
Volume 7 列傳第1 皇后 Empresses
Volume 8 列傳第2 杜僧明 周文育 侯安都 Du Sengming; Zhou Wenyu; Hou Andu
Volume 9 列傳第3 侯瑱 歐陽頠 吳明徹 裴子烈 Hou Tian; Ouyang Wei; Wu Mingche; Pei Zilie
Volume 10 列傳第4 周鐵虎 程靈洗 Zhou Tiehu; Cheng Lingxi
Volume 11 列傳第5 黃法𣰰 淳于量 章昭達 Huang Faqu; Chunyu Liang; Zhang Zhaoda
Volume 12 列傳第6 胡穎 徐度 杜稜 沈恪 Hu Ying; Xu Du; Du Leng; Shen Ke
Volume 13 列傳第7 徐世譜 魯悉達 周敷 荀朗 周炅 Xu Shipu; Lu Xida; Zhou Fu; Xun Lang; Zhou Jiong
Volume 14 列傳第8 衡陽獻王昌 南康愍王曇朗 Chen Chang; Chen Tanlang
Volume 15 列傳第9 宗室 Imperial Family
Volume 16 列傳第10 趙知禮 蔡景歷 劉師知 謝岐 Zhao Zhili; Cai Jingli; Liu Shizhi; Xie Qi
Volume 17 列傳第11 王沖 王通 袁敬 Wang Chong (Chen); Wang Tong (Chen); Yuan Jing
Volume 18 列傳第12 沈眾 袁泌 劉仲威 陸山才 王質 韋載 Shen Zhong; Yuan mi; Liu Zhongwei; Lu Shancai; Wang Zhi (Chen); Wei Zai
Volume 19 列傳第13 沈炯 虞荔 馬樞 Shen Jiong
Volume 20 列傳第14 到仲舉 韓子高 華皎 Dao Zhongju; Han Zigao; Hua Jiao
Volume 21 列傳第15 謝哲 蕭乾 謝嘏 張種 王固 孔奐 蕭允 Xie Zhe; Xiao Qian (Chen); Wang Gu; Kong Huan; Xiao Yun
Volume 22 列傳第16 陸子隆 錢道戢 駱牙 Lu Zilong
Volume 23 列傳第17 沈君理 王瑒 陸繕 Shen Junli; Wang Yang (Chen); Lu Shan (Chen)
Volume 24 列傳第18 周弘正 袁憲 Zhou Hongzheng; Yuan Xian
Volume 25 列傳第19 裴忌 孫瑒 Pei Ji (Chen); Sun Yang (Chen)
Volume 26 列傳第20 徐陵 Xu Ling
Volume 27 列傳第21 江總 姚察 Jiang Zong; Yao Cha
Volume 28 列傳第22 世祖九王 高宗二十九王 後主諸子 Nine Princes of Wen; Twenty-nine Princes of Xuan; Princes of Houzhu
Volume 29 列傳第23 宗元饒 司馬申 毛喜 蔡徵 Zhuang Yuanrao; Sima Shen; Mao Xi; Cai Zhi
Volume 30 列傳第24 蕭濟 陸瓊 顧野王 傅縡 Xiao Ji (Chen); Lu Qiong; Gu Yewang; Fu Zai
Volume 31 列傳第25 蕭摩訶 任忠 樊毅 魯廣達 Xiao Mohe; Ren Zhong; Fan Yi (Chen); Lu Quanta
Volume 32 列傳第26 孝行 Filial Piety
Volume 33 列傳第27 儒林 Confucian Scholars
Volume 34 列傳第28 文學 Writers
Volume 35 列傳第29 熊曇朗 周迪 留異 陳寶應 Xiong Tanlang; Zhou Di; Liu Yi; Chen Baoying
Volume 36 列傳第30 始興王叔陵 新安王伯固 Chen Shuling; Chen Bogu

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