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Boxing at the Friendship Games

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Title: Boxing at the Friendship Games  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Boxing at the 1984 Summer Olympics, Friendship Games
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Boxing at the Friendship Games

Boxing at the Friendship Games took place at the Ciudad Deportiva in Havana, Cuba. The boxing schedule began on 18 August and ended on 24 August 1984. Twelve boxing events (all men's individual) were contested.

Notably, Cuba – the host nation – won 11 out of 12 gold medals.

Medal table

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Light flyweight
(-48 kg)
 Juan Torres (CUB)  Karimzhan Abdrakhmanov (URS)  Janusz Starzyk (POL)
 Dietmar Geilich (GDR)
(-51 kg)
 Pedro Reyes (CUB)  Zbigniew Raubo (POL)  János Váradi (HUN)
 Ivan Filchev (BUL)
(-54 kg)
 Ramon Ledon (CUB)  Yuriy Alexandrov (URS)  Galin Kolev (BUL)
 Klaus-Dieter Kirchstein (GDR)
(-57 kg)
 Adolfo Horta (CUB)  Serik Nurkazov (URS)  Dimitar Slavchev (BUL)
 Jo Ryon-Sik (PRK)
(-60 kg)
 Angel Herrera Vera (CUB)  Nergüin Enkhbat (MGL)  Ramon Gil (VEN)
 Ingo Benske (GDR)
Light welterweight
(-63,5 kg)
 Candelario Duvergel (CUB)  Vyacheslav Yanovskiy (URS)  Siegfried Mehnert (GDR)
 Imre Bácskai (HUN)
(-67 kg)
 Torsten Schmitz (GDR)  Jose Hernandez (CUB)  Luis Garcia (VEN)
 Serik Konakbayev (URS)
Light Middleweight
(-71 kg)
 Angel Espinosa (CUB)  Mikhail Takov (BUL)  Sandor Hranek (HUN)
 Michael Timm (GDR)
(-75 kg)
 Bernardo Comas (CUB)  Henryk Petrich (POL)  Ján Franek (TCH)
 Zoltán Füzesy (HUN)
Light heavyweight
(-81 kg)
 Pablo Romero (CUB)  Vladimir Shin (URS)  Liu Gol Hen (PRK)
 Milan Picka (TCH)
(-91 kg)
 Hermenegildo Baez (CUB)  Gyula Alvics (HUN)  Deyan Kirilov (BUL)
 Alexander Yagubkin (URS)
Super heavyweight
(+91 kg)
 Teófilo Stevenson (CUB)  Valery Abadshyan (URS)  Ulli Kaden (GDR)
 Petar Stoimenov (BUL)

Medal table

      Host nation (Cuba)

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Cuba 11 1 0 12
2  East Germany 1 0 6 7
3  Soviet Union 0 6 2 8
4  Poland 0 2 1 3
5  Bulgaria 0 1 5 6
6  Hungary 0 1 4 5
7  Mongolia 0 1 0 1
8  Czechoslovakia 0 0 2 2
8  North Korea 0 0 2 2
8  Venezuela 0 0 2 2
Total 12 12 24 48

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