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CMLL Universal Championship (2012)

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Title: CMLL Universal Championship (2012)  
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Subject: CMLL Universal Championship (2013), CMLL 79th Anniversary Show, CMLL Universal Championship (2009), CMLL Universal Championship (2010), Sport in Mexico
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CMLL Universal Championship (2012)

CMLL Universal Championship (2012)
Hiroshi Tanahashi, defeated in the finals by El Terrible.
Promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
Date August 17, 2012[1]
August 24, 2012[2]
August 31, 2012[3]
Venue Arena México
City Mexico City, Mexico
Event chronology
Infierno en el Ring (2012) CMLL Universal Championship (2012) CMLL 79th Anniversary Show
CMLL Universal Championship tournaments chronology
CMLL Universal Championship (2011) CMLL Universal Championship (2012) CMLL Universal Championship (2013)

The CMLL Universal Championship 2012 (Campeonato Universal in Spanish) was a professional wrestling tournament produced by the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) promotion, which took place over three shows between August 17 and August 31, 2012, in Arena México, Mexico City, Mexico. The CMLL Universal Championship is an annual tournament of CMLL Champions that was first held in 2009.


The tournament featured 15 professional wrestling matches under single-elimination tournament rules, which means that wrestlers were eliminated when they lose a match. There were no specific storylines that build to the tournament, which has been held annually since 2009. All male "non-regional" CMLL champions at the time of the tournament were involved in the tournament with the exception of the reigning CMLL World Mini-Estrella and Mexican National Lightweight Champions, who have never taken part in the tournament. Regionally promoted championships such as the CMLL Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship and the Occidente championships promoted in Guadalajara, Jalisco were not included in the tournament; only titles that have been defended in CMLL's main venue Arena Mexico were included. The tournament was divided into two qualifying blocks, which took place on August 17 and August 24, while the finals took place on August 31, 2012.

2012 Universal Championship tournament

When CMLL announced the 2012 tournament the following champions were eligible to participate:

Participant Championship held
Atlantis CMLL World Tag Team Championship
Black Warrior Mexican National Trios Championship
Diamante Azul CMLL World Tag Team Championship
Dragón Rojo, Jr. CMLL World Middleweight Championship
Marco Corleone CMLL World Trios Championship
La Máscara Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
Máscara Dorada CMLL World Welterweight Championship
Máximo CMLL World Trios Championship
Mr. Águila Mexican National Trios Championship
Negro Casas NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship
Pólvora Mexican National Welterweight Championship
Prince Devitt NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship
Rey Bucanero NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship
Rush CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
CMLL World Trios Championship
El Terrible CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Virus CMLL World Lightweight Championship
Volador Jr. Mexican National Trios Championship
Block A
Máscara Dorada, block A participant.

Block A took place on August 17, 2012, and featured eight champions wrestling for a place in the finals.[1][4]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Black Warrior [1]  
 Máscara Dorada Pin  
   Máscara Dorada [1]  
   El Terrible Pin  
 El Terrible Pin
   Mr. Águila [1]  
     El Terrible Pin
   Rush [1]
   Rey Bucanero [1]  
 Rush Pin  
   Rush Pin
   Atlantis [1]  
 Atlantis Pin
   Negro Casas [1]  

Block B
Máximo, block B participant.

Block B took place on August 24, 2012, and featured eight champions wrestling for a place in the finals.[2][5]

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Tanahashi Pin  
 Marco Corleone [5]  
   Tanahashi Pin  
   Diamante Azul [5]  
 Diamante Azul Pin
   Pólvora [5]  
     Tanahashi Pin
   Volador Jr. [5]
   Dragón Rojo, Jr. [6]  
 La Máscara Pin  
   La Máscara [5]
   Volador Jr. Pin  
 Máximo [5]
   Volador Jr. Pin  

The finals of the tournament took place on August 31, 2012, and saw El Terrible defeat Tanahashi two falls to one to become the 2012 Universal Champion.[3][7]


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