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Canada national netball team

Canada national netball team
Region Americas
Head coach Ann Willcocks
Manager Mary Webb
Canada vs Singapore, 2009 Nations Cup

The Canadian national netball team is the national netball team of Canada. The netball team is selected through a trials process and competes on the world stage through regional AFNA competitions and qualifying tournaments to gain entry into The Commonwealth Games and the World Netball Championships.[1] Based on matches up to 31st October 2014, Canada were 21st in the INF World Rankings. [2] The team participates in the Netball World Championships, considered the highest level of competition for the sport, and its best result came in 1991 when they came 6th.[3] Canada's first netball win was in the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games when they beat Sri Lanka 52–49.[4] The current Team Canada members are below.[5] Canada is a member of the INF Americas region, with Americas Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA) being the lead agency.[6]

The Canadian national team came 5th in the 2012 AFNA Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago. [7]

Six national teams joined Canada in the 2014 AFNA Championship Tournament, held in Calgary. It was the first time that Canada hosted the tournament. The AFNA tournament serves as the INF Americas regional qualifying event for the INF Netball World Cup, where only the top 2 teams qualify. The following national teams took part: Canada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Cayman Islands, Grenada, USA. After 7 days of action, Trinidad & Tobago took the gold medal, Barbados taking silver. Canada's final standing was 4th, thus missing out on the upcoming 2015 Netball World Cup in Sydney, Australia.[8][9]

2012 Canadian team
Players Coaching staff
  • Nicole Benson
  • Kelsey Binns
  • Aleasha Bremner
  • Carolyn Churchland
  • Shawnette Cockburn
  • Jessie Evans
  • Amonda Francis
  • Morgan McLaughlin
  • Amber Sinclair
  • Sandra Tom
  • Sabrina Versteeg
  • Tiffany Wolfe
  • Head coach: Ann Willcocks
  • Asst coach: Lorraine Brown
  • Manager: Mary Webb
2014 Canadian team
Players Coaching staff
  • Sasha Lee Allen
  • Nicole Benson
  • Shawnette Cockburn
  • Melissa Crowe
  • Jessie Deutsch
  • Amonda Francis
  • Maralyn Hope
  • Morgan McLaughlin
  • Michelle Lelik
  • Sheryl Stephens
  • Sandra Tom
  • Tiffannie Wolfe
  • Head coach: Ann Willcocks
  • Asst coach: Lorraine Brown
  • Manager: Mary Webb

2014 AFNA Tournament Results

19 August Canada  58 – 26 Cayman Islands   

20 August Canada  73 – 13 Argentina   

21 August Canada  56 – 38 Grenada   

22 August Trinidad & Tobago  59 – 38 Canada   

24 August Barbados  62 – 37 Canada   

25 August USA  42 – 40 Canada   



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