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Casey Carswell

Casey Carswell
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Zoe Henry
Duration 2007
First appearance 16 March 2007
Last appearance 3 September 2007

Kim "K.C./Casey" Carswell was a fictional character in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. She was played by actress Zoe Henry, making her first appearance on 16 March 2007. Casey was one of the women Claire Peacock met through her voluntary phone counselling; she had lost her baby. Her character has noted to the police that her nickname is K.C. not Casey, using the first letter in her first name and second name respectively.


On 1 April 2007, Claire left her new friend Casey babysitting her son, Freddie, while she went out. When she returned, she saw Freddie and Casey were gone so she panicked and called the police, worried that Casey had kidnapped him. She was worried as she had met Casey through her work on the phone lines of a support group for women that had miscarriages. However, Casey explained that she had taken Freddie out for a drive as he wouldn't settle but became upset on learning that Claire had called the police and left just as the police arrived. However in June, Casey was seen stalking Claire, and was believed to be responsible for the fire at 4 Coronation Street. When her photograph appeared in the Weatherfield Gazette and on the news, she went to the police voluntarily but was released without charge and confronted Claire. Casey and Claire Peacock resumed their friendship and Casey showed an interest in Claire's husband Ashley after Claire said she was worried that her marriage was in trouble. On 30 July, Casey made her move on Ashley and they were about to sleep together but Claire came home from counselling earlier than expected.

Audrey Roberts (a friend of Ashley's late father) who was concerned about Ashley and Claire's marriage and saw Casey taking Claire's place with Ashley and Josh, while Claire was away (on Casey's advice). Audrey confronted Ashley, who admitted that he was having an affair with Casey as Claire didn't seem to realise his needs. Ashley told Casey that Audrey knew about their affair and Casey confronted Audrey at the salon, warning her to stay away but Audrey told her that she was just a fling that Ashley would get over. However, Casey stressed that she and Ashley were a proper couple and claimed that they had been having an affair for months. Audrey told Casey she'd betrayed Claire as a friend and that the affair was her way to get revenge. Casey responded by implying that she, Ashley and Josh would soon be a proper family and neither Audrey or Claire would be able to prevent it.

Later, Audrey urged Claire to come home, which she did and Ashley ended his affair with Casey, despite her insistence that she was in control, convinced that Ashley secretly loved her. Claire was shocked to learn that Casey had been visiting regularly, helping out with Josh and cooking Ashley his dinner and even sleeping there. Claire was suspicious and, along with a nervous Ashley, told Casey to leave. Claire asked Ashley if he was sleeping with Casey but he lied and denied the claim. Casey then went to Audrey and told her that she pushed Ashley to break Claire's heart and reveal that they were an item. Later, Claire invited Casey to lunch and Ashley told her to stop stalking him. Casey relished telling Ashley that she's not going anywhere. Casey continued stalking Ashley for some time. One particular day she spotted an opportunity to get his attention when he left Freddie with Kirk Sutherland. Casey grabbed the opportunity, telling Kirk that Ashley had asked her to pick up Freddie and asking Ashley to phone her. She went on to incorrectly inform Audrey that she and Ashley were a couple and will be getting married. Ashley was horrified to learn that Casey had kidnapped Freddie so he phoned her and went to her flat, insisting Kirk keep this from Claire. Audrey, however, told Claire about Casey's behaviour and Kirk told her that Casey had taken Freddie so she and Audrey rushed to Casey's flat after calling the police.

On arriving at the flat, he was horrified to see walls covered with photos of him and see Casey on the balcony, holding Freddie. She admitted starting the fire, explaining that she felt Claire was in the way. Ashley, realising just how insane his "mistress" was, tried convincing her that her feelings for him weren't real. Casey, shocked by Ashley's words, moved closer to the edge of the balcony with Freddie, saying if Ashley didn't love her, she and Freddie might as well be dead. Claire arrived to see this and Casey forced Ashley to tell Claire the truth about their affair and that they were in love and had slept together whilst Claire was at her support group. Claire was silent so Casey went on to demand that Ashley propose to her; worried about Freddie, Ashley did so Casey was elated with joy but Claire challenged her. She reminded Casey of what she had said about the death of her baby, a boy she named Rhys, and all her hopes for him and how she imagined how her baby would grow up. Casey, now irritated, ran toward Claire to make her stop talking, so Claire took Freddie. She ran back to the balcony and tried to jump but Ashley stopped her just as the police burst in to arrest Casey. In a later episode, the policeman in charge of Casey's case, visited the Peacocks and told Ashley and Claire that Casey was mentally unfit to stand trial. She would be sectioned under the Mental Health Act indefinitely as she was a serious danger to other people.


The plot in which featured Casey threatening Freddie, was speculated as being similar to an episode of Tonight with Trevor McDonald. Tragedy mum Natasha Hogan was interviewed to support this. [1]

Zoe Henry revealed that her husband, Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle in Emmerdale, had given her advice on playing a villainous role.

Interviews Zoe provided the Sunday Mirror:

Following the characters departure, Henry had a guest part in The Bill. [3] before taking on the full-time role of Rhona Goskirk in ITV1's Emmerdale.

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