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Centre for Development of Imaging Technology


Centre for Development of Imaging Technology

Industry Software
Founded 1988
Founders Kerala Government
Headquarters Kerala, India
Products Hologram, Software Solutions, Imaging Solutions
Website .org.cditwww

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology(C-Dit) is a unique organization working in the area of convergence and beyond of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Content development and dissemination in multi-media formats. C-DIT is proud of having a talented pool of creative personnel working in close collaboration with qualified and experienced technological work force. C-DIT has reorganized its activities through four functional Groups, each specializing in a core area, viz. Communication Group, Technology Group, Education & Training Group and Operations Group. C-DIT has been functioning as a Total Solutions Provider to the departments and agencies under the Government of Kerala in the areas of ICT applications and in supply of Holography based security products.[1]

Vision and Mission Government of Kerala in the year 1988 established Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT) with a vision to ensure advancement of research, development and training in imaging technology with an implied role in socially relevant science & development communication. C-DIT is situated near the picturesque campus of Chithranjali Hills, beside the Kerala State Film Development Corporation campus.[2]

Uniqueness of C-DIT comes from the rare combination of its human resources - a co-existence of the talented pool of creative personnel with technological work force. In its 19 years of existence C-DIT has successfully completed many prestigious projects of the Government of Kerala. Over the years C-DIT has evolved into a centre of convergence. Currently the organization is in a position to offer a plethora of services covering a wide range of information appliances and deploying all conceivable media formats.

The Mission Statement

“To become the leading service provider and product innovator in new media information technology systems, tools, applications and content development with thrust on deployment of sustainable and appropriate imaging and imaging technology for science and development communication.”

The mission statement of C-DIT has been a guiding light in the successful history of the organization.

The organization has always stood by the guidelines that the mission statement provides. It always has gathered strength from the motivation the statement offered.

Quality Policy

Quality in service and products offered by C-DIT is achieved and sustained when each concerned employee scientifically approaches, continuously monitors and reviews, owns and enjoys tasks assigned to them and continuously strive to achieve customer satisfaction and establish a C-DIT brand image.


Information Systems Division

1 Web Services Team (WST) >>

2 Open Source Technology Team (OST) >>

3 Software Engineering Team (SET) >>

Technical Extension and Image Processing Division

1 Optical Image Processing Team (OIP)>>

2 Technology Extension Team (TET)>>

3 Communication Training Team (CTT)>>

E-Governance and Research & Development Division

1 E-Governance Team >>

2 Research and Development Team ( R & D)>>

3 Computational Linguistic Team (CLT) >>

Visual Communication Division

1 Advertisement Film Team (AFT) >>

2 Video Documentary Team (VDT) >>

3 Sutharykeralam and News Services (SK&NS) >>

4 Educational Informatics and New Media Team (EI & NM)>>



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